Announcing Ask A Stoner Scientist

stoner scientistAnnouncing “Ask A STONER Scientist”

We’re super psyched to tell you guys about a new partnership with Brite Labs. They’re based in Oakland (just like Stuff Stoners Like) and specialize in making supercritical CO2 marijuana extracts. They then transform those extracts into medications like vape carts and dab wax. And get this. Not only are they offering to kick down vape pen starter kits to SSL readers they’re also penning Ask A STONER Scientist—a new column for the mighty Stuff Stoners Like—concentrating on cannabis concentrates!

So Brite Labs has a great philosophy—don’t re-engineer nature. With all the crazy cannabis concentrates being concocted nowadays that’s good to hear, right? What sets these guys apart is that their CO2 oil is all-natural and additive-free. Consider this stuff the very “essence of cannabis.” Using a warehouse of CO2 extraction equipment they take all the cannabinoids (like THC CBD and CBG) and other beneficial compounds in cannabis and distill them into a pure and healthy extract that goes great in your vape pen or dab rig. It will also get you high as fuck. Oh and did we mention the flavor? A lot of CO2 oil guys use additives to thin their oil. Why pay for that extra stuff? And why add anything to pot in the first place? Because our buddies over at Brite use no adulterants to cut the cannabis oil in their carts the flavor is incredible—just as tasty as their ultra pure wax.

Anyhow to inject some expertise into the cannabis concentrate landscape we’re starting a weekly column called Ask A STONER Scientist guest-hosted by Brite Labs scientists. It’s focused squarely on answering your questions about all things extracts—we’re talking everything from what is CO2 extraction, to how is CO2 different from BHO, to are CO2 concentrates safe…to whatever the hell you can throw at ’em. So ask away. The more complex the cannabis question the better.

Wait…it gets better. To get those extract questions flowing like errl—Brite’s kicking down CO2 oil and a free vape pen starter kit, dude…

Co2 oil from Brite LabsFREE VAPE PEN STARTER KIT

When it comes to cannabis concentrates what are you curious about? To help get this Q & A column started Brite Labs is giving away a free vape starter kit with a vape cart, battery and USB charger to anyone who wants to participate. Check out the offer at

So getting in on the game is as easy as 1-2-3…

  1. Get your free vape pen
  2. Try out Brite’s CO2 oil
  3. Tweet (@stoner_stuff) or email (askastonerscientist at your questions for Ask A STONER Scientist

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  1. Weldon Parr

    Hello guys,
    I understand that if we apply under the askastonerscientist program we are eligible for a starter kit?

  2. Weldon Parr

    Your oils are out of this world! I haven’t tried your waxes yet though but I HAVE been telling everyone I know about them so I should hopefully have enough referral credits by now.

  3. Weldon Parr

    I hear a lot about “Live Resin” and how it’s SOOOOOO much better. What is it? Is it just a fad or what?

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