Arizer Air 2 Vs Arizer Solo 2 | Which One Is Best?

Arizer Air 2 Vs Arizer Solo 2They are both popular portable vaporizers and now there are new versions for vapes to choose from but between the Arizer Air 2 and the Arizer Solo 2, which one is best? Here, we will try to explain which of these offer the best vaping experience.

First up, let’s have a look at the vapor quality produced by these excellent products. They both have similar vapor pathways and heaters but one produces slightly denser vapor to enjoy. That’s the Arizer Solo 2 which features a better airflow than the original model and the new, improved unit is excellent for vapor.

However, both deliver excellent flavors and the flavor remains strong throughout a vaping session than many of their rival products. Next, let’s look at the manufacturing quality since neither of these vaporizers are the cheapest on the market.

Manufacturing quality is excellent

Thankfully, the manufacturing quality of the Arizer vaporizers is excellent itss nice to see a digital screen and temperature control on them. The buttons are also slightly larger on the Solo 2 and both offer flexibility when selecting temperature. Again, the functionality is very similar in offering the temperature range.

Both models are comfortable to use and portability is impressive, along with a short heating time.

The chamber in both models holds the same amount of dry herb material which is between 0.1 g and 0.15 g, so it’s enough for a full session of vaping. The result is an economical vaporizers which should save money on herbs.

The heating system is a hybrid, which means it uses a combination of convection and conduction with an extended glass mouthpiece.

The resulting vapor is not only smooth and full of flavour, but gentle to the user’s throat. For the amount of vapr being produced, the Arizer Solo 2 produces more than the Air 2 but that’s probably down to the model having a stronger heating element.

For example, if you like producing clouds when you vape then the Arizer Solo 2 will produce the largest amount of steam.

Arizer Air 2

Longer vaping sessions with a quality product

Having mentioned the prospect of enjoying longer vaping sessions with a quality product, it helps that both have improved battery life.

This means that the rechargeable Arizer Air 2 will deliver a battery charge of 1.5 hours but the Solo 2 uses an internal battery which will deliver three hours of continuous use.

A three hours charge should equate to around 20 inhalations but it needs to be appreciated that the battery cannot be replaced by the owner in the Solo 2 whereas the Air 2 uses rechargeable batteries, so you could have a spare set to deliver power in a long vapor concession.

Users also need to appreciate that the Arizer Air 2 uses a micro-USB port for its charging, while the Solo 2 has a dedicated wall charger for ease of use but between them the Arizer Air 2 probably offers more flexibility even though it has a shorter operation time (if you have extra batteries!)

Another aspect to underline just how well made these products are is that they both heat up quickly; it takes less than 30 seconds before they are up to speed. For the question of manufacturing quality, the winner is the Solo 2.

Arizer Solo 2Portability of the Arizer vaporizers devices

One of the joys of vaping is the portability of the Arizer vaporizers devices and while the Solo 2 is slightly larger, the Air 2 offers the better portability. Both units are reliant on glass stems and the Arizer Solo 2 offers a short stem option.

Many vapor lovers want to vape discreetly and the Arizer Air 2 delivers this functionality but since the models are similar in size there’s not a lot between them. Both of the new models are easy to use and the setup is quite similar between the pair. Both have screens for viewing and selecting the temperature, both are easy-to-use and handle so it’s a tie for ease of use.

If we had to choose a winner between the Arizer Air 2 and the Arizer Solo 2, then the Solo 2 is the one that wins the competition for a number of reasons. Along with offering an excellent vaping experience, the battery life offers a winning combination of delivering a long vaping session and helps the unit deliver a strong vapor. There’s also the durable production values in the Solo 2 which should lead to lots of enjoyable use.

Arizer Air 2 and Arizer Solo 2 are among the best vaporizers available

Essentially, both the Arizer Air 2 and Arizer Solo 2 are among the best vaporizers available, so each will make for a sound investment and while they are ideal choices for meeting every need for those who enjoy vaping, the Solo 2 probably just edges it.

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