The Best Desktop Vaporizers 2018

The Best Desktop Vaporizers 2018If you are looking for new ways to enjoy your dry herb or can’t get enough from a pen or portable, then a desktop vaporizer is a great move. But with so many makes and models on the market, which offer the best for your money?

Volcano Vaporizer

In top place is the iconic Volcano vaporizer, widely considered the best model with many users giving top marks for quality and value.

For the last number of years, the Volcano vaporizer has been incredibly popular. With its easy to use interface, you have a few choices when choosing the right one for you;

  • Style – with two styles to choose from, you’ll bound to fall in love with one of them.

The classic style opt for analogue controls whilst the Volcano digital vaporizer has a digital display that allows the user to set the temperature exactly as they want it.Volcano Vaporizer

  • High-grade components – the balloon bags are surgical grade meaning that each can be re-filled up to 100 times with your choice of vapor. The Volcano vaporizer comes with five bags, plenty to get you started.
  • Precision operation and control – precision is key to getting the correct vape. The vacuum system within the Volcano vaporizer draws in fresh air, heating it to the precise temperature you’ve asked for. This precision within the Volcano Vaporizer ensures there is no combustion.

It’s a fantastic design and a great unit at a great price. It’s hard to find anyone with a bad word to say about the Volcano vaporizer.

Arizer Extreme Q

Another great desktop vaporizer that delivers exceptionally well is the highly rated Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer.

Touted as being fast and reliable, it is an exceptional model that many users highly rate. A statuesque column, this remotely controlled desktop vaporizer is multi-purpose, perfect for both dry herbs and aromatherapy.

Arizer Extreme Q vaporizerIt uses convection heating along with a precise digital temperature control to produce the results you want. The ceramic heating element means a fast warm-up times and it also easy to clean.

The food and medical grade components are bolstered by borosilicate glass parts too. With a convenient remote control, there is an adjustable shut off timer too. The three-speed fan is quiet and you can change the display too, from Celsius to Fahrenheit, depending on your preference.

This is also a sharing vaporizer, with a 360° swivel action. The kit comes complete with everything that you need. User rate it highly suggesting that for the price, the Arizer Extreme Q is definitely worth it.

Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizer

Designed by the 7th Floor, this plain but portable desktop vaporizer is also fast-becoming a firm favourite.

The Da Buddha vaporizer is of the same high quality as the other vaporizers on the list and comes with the same great functionality and durability too.

Da Buddha Desktop VaporizerThe intelligent design brings glass on glass components for great flavour and vapor quality. It is also easily cleaned.

Like the other models, you can set the temperature to your chosen specification, as well as your own personal inhale speed.

Constructed using aircraft-grade aluminium housing, it is a desktop vaporizer that is incredibly durable and robust. It comes with its own storage bag to ensure that when you do move it, it is as protected as possible,

It boasts a quick heat up time and you don’t need to hold it in place when you use it. The Da Buddha vaporizer is an all-round, effective and popular vaporizer.

Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Not to be confused with the famous comic book character of the same name, the Silver Surfer Vaporizer is available in a range of snazzy colours but it is the distinct design that makes it instantly recognisable.

As a desktop vaporizer, it has made a name for itself from its high-quality finish and operation, with most of the unit made from ceramic and silicone.

Different from any other desktop vaporizer out there, you’ll be up and running within minutes of switching the unit on.

A dual-unit, great for dry herbs and aromatherapy, it takes some practice to get the temperature control right but when you do, you won’t look back.

Its ceramic heating units make sure you get the best tasting vapor and the fact that the heating element is isolated from other components is what marks this vaporizer as different from the others.

This is not the cheapest model on the list but users who have bought it say that it outlasts all others. You see how its design contributes to its longevity and although some people reported it needed regular cleaning, this in itself is not a con, but an opportunity to ensure you get the best from it, each time you use it.

Coming it at a fantastic price point, it is great for heating herbs, oils and wax too. The high-quality craftsmanship cannot be denied and if that isn’t enough, the temperature range is exceptional, perfect for when you have different uses for the vaporizer.

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