Best LED Grow Lights for Weed on Amazon

best led grow lights for weedTop 5 LED Grow Lights on Amazon

Using an LED grow light to cultivate cannabis instead of the Traditional HID (high intensity discharge) lighting can cut your energy usage. In fact using LED grow lights to flower weed will cut energy use nearly in half. Marijuana growers can save even more energy during veg time by using LED lights as well. If you’re interested we put together a really helpful post with a great chart that’ll spell out exactly how much energy do LED grow lights save.

In addition to saving energy, LED grow lights also reduce the operating costs and the carbon footprint of growing weed indoors. That’s because consuming a lot of electricity isn’t the only drawback of using High Intensity Discharge lights. (How much energy do LED grow lights Save?) HID lighting also gives off a ton of heat. Excess heat in a grow room, especially in a flowering room, can wreak a ton of havoc—anything from facilitating mildew to mite explosions. As a result growers need to instal fans to cool traditional grow lights as well as air conditioners to keep their grow rooms at a constant temperature and humidity. All that added electricity adds to costs.

LED grow lights don’t use as much energy to operate. Another bonus? They don’t emit any heat either? But are they any good? We asked an expert grower: How Well Do LED Lights Work for Growing Marijuana? You might want to check it out.

We can tell ya that LED lights still have yet to win over a very picky market but we’ve done some research, read a ton of LED grow light reviews and forum posts about the best LED grow lights for weed as well as talked to a few experts. Sure you can cruise on over to your local grow store to get one of the best LED grow lights out there, but why not just smoke a bowl and click on a few links and let the best LED grow lights on the market meet you at your place in a few days?

5 Best LED Grow Lights for Weed on Amazon

best led grow lights
Apollo Horticulture GL100LED grow lamp

Apollo Horticulture GL100LED
Apollo Horticulture LED Grow Lights come with an impressive average life span of 50,000 hours and a limited 2 Year Warranty. These LED grow lights are ideal for all phases of cannabis plants, both growth and flowering stages. This system is suitable for grow tents, greenhouses and most Hydroponic systems. It’s only $115 and on Amazon got a 4.3 out of 5 stars rating based on 420 customer reviews—that alone should tell ya something, eh?

best led grow lights 2
Galaxyhydro 180W UFO LED Grow Light

Galaxyhydro 180W UFO LED Grow Light
We hear that the dudes over at GalaxyHydro deliver some killer customer service. And they are apparently making a name for themselves in the weed world over the last 5 years by making some pretty awesome LED grow lights. Their 180W UFO LED grow lights provide the proper light spectrum needed for both a vegetative and flowering weed plant. It comes with a power cord, a stainless steel hanging kit, a timer and a 2 year warranty. If you hang these grow lamps between 20″ – 60″ (depending on which stage of growing your plants are in) it will cover an area of 8-9 square feet. This one only runs $102.99 and also includes free shipping. GalaxyHydro also sells a dimmable 300W LED grow lightfor $129.99 and a 600W LED grow lightfor $199.99.

best led grow lights
Advanced Platinum P150 LED grow light

Advanced Platinum P150
Advanced Platinum is a relative newcomer to the weed-growing game. But they make some great products. This 150W light covers a grow space of 1.5’x2′ with a complete 11 band spectrum. What we like most about this LED grow light is that it has separate modes for flowering and vegging your plants. It consumes 50W while in vegetative and 100W in flowering to save you money. It’s 11 bands of light will work equally well for  works for veg and flowering. This light would be perfect for small to medium sized grows. It’s only $299 and includes free shipping and a 5 year warranty. Advanced Platinum also sells 300w a LED grow light system for $369, a 450w LED grow light system for $539, and 900w LED grow light system for $949.

best led grow lights 4
HydroGrow LED SOL-6 LED grow light

HydroGrow LED SOL-6
The SOL-6 is a 300 watt LED grow light is pretty high tech, dude. It’s comprised of 50W integrated LED chips and square fusion reflectors. What the hell does that mean? It means that this light only consumes 300W of electricity but has a PAR output that matches 600W HPS lights. It covers a 3′ x 4′ area when used as a primary light, or you can use it as a supplemental light source and cover an are as big as 12′ x 15′. The LED lights that HydroGrow uses are Top BIN LEDs which are graded as the best quality LEDs on the market. Each unit comes with either a 110V or 120V power supply. The light spectrum emitted by this system has five separate frequencies and breaks down to approximately 10% blue, 15% green and 75% red. We dig the HydroGrow LED SOL-6 because it’s modular that means you can move it easily and use it anywhere including the side of your garden. You can also combine several lights together and create a maximum of 1200W. These aren’t cheap LED grow lights they’re run you at least $895, but you get what you pay for, man.

Spectrum King Series 300 LED grow light
Spectrum King Series 300 LED grow light

Spectrum King LED Series 300
Spectrum King makes some of the best LED grow lights in the industry. This 300W light is truly full spectrum white light and comes in a rugged, adjustable and washable housing. These are incredibly powerful grow lamps but don’t throw off much heat meaning that if you run these grow lights you won’t need the same kind of fans and ventilation as you’d need using HPS lighting. Many growers say these are the best led grow lights for growing marijuana. First these grow lamps produce a true full spectrum of white light—ideal for all stages of the growing cycle. It’s adjustable, well-built, washable and bit more rugged than the rest of the LED grow lights on the market. So it won’t break as easily and it should outlast many other LED grow lights out there. Plus its large heatsinks make it possible to run a powerful light without much energy consumption. These aren’t cheap LED grow lights either. They’re $995 but again you get what you pay for, man.

Have you tried growing marijuana using LED grow lights? Let us know about your experience and your recommendation on a quality LED grow light in the comment section below…

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  1. Jonathan Warren

    Thanks for the post! I’m a big fan of Platinum LED grow lights, for the price point they are very effective.

  2. Lawrence

    Personally I like the Advanced Platinum Series, worked great.

  3. Jill J. Flores

    Advanced Platinum is always my best choice

  4. Selma LaFrance

    Apollo Horticulture is a good pick. Great list. Thanks

  5. Bowden

    I like Platinum Series P450 because performance and Platinum is the top companies of the United States. Their products are always the best quality,reliable and powerful lights

  6. numan ali

    Oh my gosh this is perfect. I grew up in a family of gardeners.. literally everyone in my family has their own garden and it’s all they talk about!!

  7. Nathan

    Galaxyhydro 180W UFO LED Grow Light is one of my favorite. I like their design and build quality.

  8. Adam

    yeah the advance platinum series led light bulbs are great IMO , i have used them for my small 4×4 tent and they work as intended and got great results.

  9. Steven

    Of these, the Advanced Platinum is definitely my favorite, but I think I would have added the Kind LED lights to this list as well. They’re a bit more expensive than the other lights on Amazon, but they also enjoy a reputation (some would say undeserved, but that’s a matter for a different article) as one of the top brands in the industry.

  10. jacob

    awesome list guys. id have to say i still like the apollo horticulture gl100. it was my first grow light ever. still works fine to this day. i use it for veg mainly but very good for the money.

  11. Aleem

    Thanks for sharing awesome and detailed led guide

  12. Darryl

    LEDs are the way to go fro growing indoors. Saves you money on you energy bill and way less heat! Surprised the Diamond series wasn’t listed but that one ain’t cheap! For an affordable LED I like using the Advanced Platinum series.

  13. Peter K

    Definitely some awesome picks in there. thanks for sharing!

  14. Bud Durden

    There are many LEDs available on the market today that I’ve tested that produce as much yield as HIP. My top of the top pick is still the Advanced Platinum series. Those babies grow weed like well… weed.


    Definitely some awesome picks in there. thanks for sharing!

  16. SGR

    Bud Durden was right, there are lots of LEDs available on the market now, especially on Amazon.
    For the cheapo, many growers go to ViparSpectra and Advanced Platinum.
    However, we prefer the last one.
    Please feel free to look at our review here:

  17. Patel

    Thnxx for sharing good job keep it up…

  18. Michelle Light

    The Apollo is a personal favorite of mien especially for growing vegetables. Excellent list of options. Thank you for the informative guide.

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    +1 for Galaxy Hydro. Thanks for helpful list!

  20. Earl Hoffman

    Personally I like the Galaxy Hydro, worked great.

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