The Three Best Smoking Pipes: A Buyer’s Guide, 2018

Best Smoking Pipes The internet, dispensaries and related shops are full of brightly colored, well-marketed and novelty smoking pipes; but for the more discerning customer who values smoking experience over gimmicky equipment, it can be difficult to find the perfect product through all of the hype and buzz. Look no further! We bring you 2018’s top three best smoking pipes in our guide right here – with no novelty or nonsense in sight.

The Genius Pipe, $89.95
A quality herb pipe with a design like no other, The Genius Pipe offers bong-like filtration and fantastic cooling properties. The three-piece design is self-containing and portable for ease of use. The air patch is built directly into the anodized aluminum body and as air flows in, it flows across its dimples to cool your hit and filter out up to 95% of tar and resin, even in such a compact package and without any water!

Best Smoking Pipes It can be pulled apart and wiped clean easily, and pre-packed with a bowl before transporting. The magnetic and slimline design is just over six inches long (that’s not much bigger than a smartphone!) so will fit snugly into a pocket and isn’t an obvious smoking pipe to the untrained eye.

Basic Bubbler Glass Hand Pipe, $47.99
A classic, this Basic Bubbler Glass Hand Pipe is manufactured by Grav Labs. These glass bubblers are made with borosilicate and is 32mm in diameter with a built-in bowl and x-cut diffuser down-stem to create bubbles and cool the hit somewhat.

Best Smoking Pipes Whilst obviously a smoking pipe, its size still delivers a top-quality hit when you need it and is available in a variety of color accents for different aesthetics.

Bud Bomb Pipe, $24.99
A compact and durable dry herb smoking pipe, the Bud Bomb pipe is virtually indestructible and easily transported around. It breaks down into four pieces – the mouthpiece, the internal cooling helix, the main chamber and the bowl – for easy cleaning and assembly.

Best Smoking Pipes The cooling within the Bud Bomb pipe comes as you intake and the smoke passes through an airtight corridor. For added smoothness and a better cool, the Bud Bomb can be popped in the freezer for further efficiency! It’s also easily cleaned and can be simply rinsed with clean water as and when required. The ultimate in convenience, the Bud Bomb pipe offers fast and easy hits on-the-go in a small package that looks extra premium with a metallic finish.

There’s a smoking pipe for all types of smoker and all budgets, so be sure to research carefully into what will suit you best before you settle on a purchase. Lots of information is available online and those in shops and dispensaries should be able to offer advice once you let them know your personal requirements for a smoking pipe.

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