BREAKING NEWS–Barney Frank Introduces Bill To Legalize Medical Cannabis

barney-frankThere’s something so very similar to admitting to being a homosexual and admitting publicly that you support the legalization of marijuana. One of our favorite (D) Congressmen, openly out-of-the-closet, Barnett “Barney” Frank known as “one of the brightest and most energetic defenders of civil rights issues”, representing the Fourth Congressional District of Massachusetts, has done both many times. And, he has just introduced a bold new bill into congress that would allow states to make their own medical marijuana laws free of federal interference. Finally!

The bill, HR 2835, would move marijuana from the FDA’s Schedule I to Schedule II. Currently, that Schedule I designation allows the Feds to keep their heads in the sand and pretend that cannabis has no medical value, has a high risk of abuse and is extremely harmful. By keeping marijuana in Schedule I, the federal government makes research impossible. Now, porting weed over to a Schedule II designation would recognize its medical value, allow safe access to weed for research and would set in motion some regulatory framework so the Feds could begin a drug approval process for marijuana.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Well, it gets even better. Frank’s legislation would also explicitly protect patients from federal arrest in state’s where medical marijuana is legal.

5 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS–Barney Frank Introduces Bill To Legalize Medical Cannabis”

  1. Tony Sparks

    Everyone has to understand that the powers of government don’t lay in the peoples hands. Get your license and grow your own! Stay away from co-ops without compassion and DO NOT TRUST cops or your government! This is just another bill to screw with the freedom they gave us by being able to be exempt.. If you don’t believe then look up illegal dispensary raid on youtube and I am sure you will come up with a ton.. Thats just one instance of the “LAW”, being ABOVE the law. Enjoy.

  2. @dnkc

    this seems too good to be true.

  3. mc

    Even though it sounds too good to be true it’s much needed, at least getting it moved from a schedule I to schedule II will be a huge improvement and will hopefully advance this movement and maybe states such as the one I live in will see marijuana for what it really is…that is a safe way to relax and a substance that is much safer than tobacco and alcohol.

  4. stonerscolony

    RE: Tony Sparks

    You obviously didn’t read the text at moment any states “legal” dispensary’s could be raided under federal law, this bill prevents that by taking away over ruling laws and leaving it too the independent states to make their own decisions.

    I don’t live in the USA but it sounds like a step in the right direction finally.

  5. Jerald

    Good jod “Barney keep going

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