Giants Lincecum Pays Drug Fine on Arbitration Day

Before he hits up-the San Francisco Giants for a TON of cash, our favorite stoner pitcher, Tim Lincecum, had to kick-down a few bucks to a Washington courthouse today. If you remember correctly, the ace originally faced two misdemeanor charges of marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession stemming from that Vancouver Washington traffic stop on October 30, 2009.

Anyhow, Lincecum appeared in Clark County District Court before Judge Darvin Zimmerman along with Giants managing partner Bill Neukom for a li’l support.  Yeah, $513 later (he paid for the  speeding ticket separately) and the two-time NL Cy Young Award winner’s charges were dropped to a li’l civil infraction.

Now that this weed shit is out of the way, Lincecum and the Giants are expected to exchange arbitration numbers… meaning he’s going to ask the Giants for a fat raise…a record $13 million a year raise! If it goes through it’ll be the highest first-year arbitration award in MLB history! If Lincecum and the Giants don’t settle, an arbitration panel will hold a hearing next month and pick one of the salaries.  Either way…minus any more unforeseen traffic stops, it’s business as usual for Lincecum–get stoned and torment Dodgers’ hitters.

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