Global Marijuana March Building Momentum

350px-protests_madrid_2004_2Even though it doesn’t happen on 4/20, the Global Marijuana March is an annual tradition where stoners from all walks of life demonstrate their overwhelming love of weed and celebrate en mass the Stuff Stoners Like! So, yeah, of course, we’re really big fans of this special event.

On this joyous special day, May 2, 2009–a veritable stoner holiday– smiling, glassy-eyed stoners  will gather in different locations all across the globe to unite under the all mighty weed, participate in public events; rallies, concerts, festivals, etc. and get stoned publicly.

The smoke-out, er, uhm…we mean event happens each year around the first Saturday in May.  It began in like ’99 or something and has had like more than 485 different cities participate worldwide.

So, now’s your chance to get involved, man. Stoners are always turning to us for ideas on how they can help promote legalization or learn more about the movement. Well, man, this is a purty fucking good place to start.  Step outside on May 2nd and get involved…you’ll help a good cause, meet some stoners and probably get a free contact high…what better way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon, right?

The Global Marijuana March is happening right now! Read the update here

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  1. grlbhvingbadly

    Happy holiday!!! I’m sending readers your way today 😉

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