BREAKING NEWS–Global Marijuana March Underway


Today, all over the world people are marching in the name of marijuana! No, no, no…we’re not talking about the march to the refrigerator that stoners take daily at 4:21. We’re talking about a far-reaching annual event where passionate  stoners across the globe unite under the common cause of bringing attention to marijuana’s health properties and the legal issues keeping it out of the hands of those who need, depend on, and adore it.

Yes, today marks the day that marijuana supporters get up off the couch and march in order to free the weed!  In case you don’t know…the Global Marijuana March, happening today, is an annual tradition where stoners from all walks of life demonstrate their overwhelming love of weed and celebrate en mass the Stuff Stoners Like! So, yeah, of course, we’re really big fans of this special event.

Currently, supporters are gathering all across the world without you, because you’re reading this post. Don’t worry, there’s still time. So, if you’d like to get involved and see a list of areas where the March is taking place.

We here at Stuff Stoners Like encourage you all to step outside today and get involved, or at least spread the word…you’ll be helping a great cause. We can only hope that with this demonstration today and with your involvement, people who are suffering, those who depend on medication to function normally, those who are law-abiding recreational users, will ahieve the goal of legalization globally. Today is OUR day!

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  1. Dale Clark

    Man, I would love to hit a j that big. That thing would knock me out!

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