BREAKING NEWS–Marijuana Activists Seek Higher Education Programs

wcjA new Petaluma, California lobby group known as the Treatments, Herbs and Cannabis Foundation is lobbying for a “Marijuana Business Program” over at Sonoma State University. The group is reaching out to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, San Francisco D.A. Kamala Harris and Petaluma Police Chief Steve Hood, to support their mission to establish a Statutory Cooperative, Marijuana Business Program, California Marijuana Research Program and University Operated Production Facility. white_widow_feminisedAs the Great State of California moves closer to legalization there’s mounting anticipation that jobs will need to be filled and soon. The suggested courses are geared towards students interested in getting involved in the quickly evolving marijuana industry. The program would initially offer a bachelor of science degree in business administration. Nearly two years ago Petaluma’s city council voted to ban medical marijuana dispensaries. The foundation looks to change that. Currently, the’re looking for a CEO. They turned to Craigslist in their search and have had nearly 200 responses according to spokesman Joseph Tremolada. “Approximately 60 from well established corporate executives,” he added.  Get involved!

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