Study Proves Smoking Marijuana Protects Against Cancer

Study Proves Smoking Marijuana Protects Against CancerSmoking marijuana does not cause cancer. It actually protects against it. But, don’t take our word for it, however, check out this Cancer Prevention Research Journal which has a study demonstrating that chronic, long term use of cannabis actually reduces the incidence of head and neck cancer. The report states that10 to 20 years of marijuana use was associated with a significantly reduced risk of HNSCC or head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.

But, what’s amazing is that this news is not news at all. Back in 1974 researchers at the University of Virginia determined that weed had an unexpected result on cancer, it inhibited the growth of lung cancer cells. Unfortunately, the Carter administration discouraged all follow-up studies, except those that would prove otherwise, and the discovery went virtually unnoticed in the States. But, there was research being conducted outside the US by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, in Israel, and Dr. Manuel Guzman in Spain. Even more amazing was that the US Government was secretly conducting follow-up studies during the 90’s and were able to prove that THC, when administered to mice, protected them against malignancy. Never heard that? Of course you didn’t because the Gov decided to burry the information. Luckily, the study was leaked to the journal, AIDS Treatment News, and the media covered the story. An excellent article by Paul Armentano, Deputy Director of NORML, details the bullshit.

Study Proves Smoking Marijuana Protects Against CancerStill, governments fund research to prove that cannabis causes cancer. What a waste of money. One such waste is an extremely flawed study that attempted to link cannabis smoking with testicular cancer. There was also a very flawed recent study conducted by researchers in New Zealand that claimed cannabis led to an increased risk of lung cancer. You’ll remember that the leading lung specialist in the world, Dr. Donald Tashkin released a report last year that showed that not only does cannabis not cause lung cancer, but appears to protect against it! Already three highly-respected cannabis research doctors have written letters to the European Respiratory Journal debunking the study.

So put those Reefer Madness fears to rest, finally, because smoking marijuana doesn’t cause cancer…in fact it helps fight it!

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  1. dhjs\gjsgj

    Fuck yeah! Legalize it now, before thousands of people are thrown into jail for not wanting cancer!

  2. Kevin Long

    Lung Cancer runs in my family. So if I chose to use it to PREVENT lung cancer I will go to jail. WTF is wrong with this country anymore? I am starting to really get upset over the laws and stripping of liberty… Am I the only one? LEGALIZE IT !!! Or we’ll play your game, DE-CRIMINLIZE IT!!!

  3. Steve Ashwell

    Yes I’ve heard of a lot of research into this. Cannabis is an excellent anti-cancer medicine. If your unfortunate enough to develop cancer then what happens is that our cb1 and cb2 receptors surround the malignant tumour ready for the medicine….cannabis. They will then shrink the tumour until it’s eventually just scar tissue. It is the pharma corporates that don’t want us to know this, so it stays under prohibition and we pay for our chemo and radiotherapy which now is big business. Also it is indeed a preventative. It’s all greed in this strange world, so I doubt it will ever be legalized. We just have to keep on growing and educating our kids as they are the future and when they are older and told the truth, maybe then common sence will prevail and legalization will happen.

  4. Brinna Nanda

    Glad to see this story getting more coverage.

  5. Samantha

    Not only did Donald Tashkin admit to finding to link between heavy longterm Cannabis use, but he has come out in favor of legalization, a fact which was ignored. If he had found or said anything negative about Cannabis, it would have been in the news nonstop for days…

  6. Samantha

    sorry… I meant NO link between Cannabis and cancer.

  7. BlackLungs

    I’ll smoke to that!

  8. Luke B

    If they could only create a strain of weed that has all of the “good” side effects and that doesn’t get you stoned (some consider this a good side effect). I would also look at the difference between smoking it and using a vaporizer. I find that one of the negative side effect of smoking it causes my lungs to perform worse when SCUBA diving or any other physical activity so I use the vaporizer more often. And I have never smoked cigarettes in my life.

  9. Smokey Bongman

    My father has a malignant glioblastoma that is inopperable. It is the worst kind of brain cancer that you can get. As a former geneticist, having worked on cancer therapies, I became acutely aware of the studies going on about cancer and cannabis. The physicians, in an effort to mitigate the risk of malpractice, or because they have strong political views about cannabis, will often prescribe ‘safe’ THC analogs and purified extracts. But, if they actually read the research and acted like a scientist and not a politician, they would recognize that the purified extracts DO NOT have NEARLY the same effect that smoking [crude] marijuana has. But they still oppose it. It just SEEMS wrong… its against their training to prescribe a plant instead of a pill… and to smoke it?! after years of training on the harmful effects of smoking?!… all they can see is ‘unhealthy unhealthy unhealthy’.
    But the one thing you learn as a scientist is that, with chemistry, especially biochemistry, is that there is only one constant… everything has an exception.
    So don’t get mad at the docs that avoid it. They are trained to think that way. But because of their policies, my father is dying.
    To all physicians: READ THE RESEARCH!! Stop acting by ‘gut’ and act like a !@#$ scientist! Go to to find more.

  10. admin

    Thanks for the thoughtful post, man. We really appreciate it. And, our condolences about your father. We wish you both peace, love and happiness.

  11. christine

    i always knew it wasnt true…..smh

  12. christine

    i always knew it wasnt true…..smh, im happy now

  13. Dta

    I agree with the lady who made a reference to using the “know side effect analogy”pot.this woul require other canabinoids to be significantly increase.I don’t mind feeling a little stoned,just enough to take the edge off.But, the stuff now days is 20to1 in thc’s favor .The one cannibinoid to be explores and lifted to even out the nonphsycoactive part would be cannabidiol as it is already being studied as an anti anxiety,depression and a very powerful antioxident that crosses the blood brain barrier in addition I might add that I am a huge believer in legalizing pot as well as other drugs to with limitation on how much you can buy.Actually with pot it should be freely smoked,eaten,drank and other ways as well as often as desired just like booze which kills brain causes cell apoptis for shit sake and that stuff is legal everywhere.WE Want freedom

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