BREAKING NEWS–US Permits On-site Pot Smoking For the First Time

If you’ve ever been to the parking lot of a Grateful Dead show, then you’ve pretty much already experienced the 1st International Cannabis and Hemp Expo which gets the credit of the first US trade show to permit on-site pot smoking.

Over the weekend, allegedly more than 15,000 stoners made it to Daly City’s legendary Cow Palace, which once featured the amazing Evel Kinevel and was the place where Keith Moon fell off his drum stool mid-gig as a result of too many horse tranquilizers. Apparently, it took four years for the organizers to negotiate an approval with a venue that would officially allow people to get stoned in a “medication tent”. Thanks Keith.

Much like any other trade show there were hundreds of companies hawking their shit. Some were cool like Subcool Seeds and the Sensi Seeds company and some were completely lame and went the full-on tits and ass route to make up for their lacking wares. There was tons of free schwagg of course and lots of shit for sale; from bongs and pipes and vaporizers to ridiculously expensive grow rooms on wheels. There were a few really information-packed speeches by politicians, experts and activists and fortunately, a bunch of compassionate folks and organizations were present like, the Berkeley Patients Group, NORML, ASA the MPP. But, nobody really came to see that shit. Everyone was there to get stoned together in public and that’s just what they did…including us!

We met up with our hero and one of the hosts of the event, Ngaio Bealum, in the “Prop 215” section where the crowd was allowed encouraged required to smoke weed. Earlier that day we told Ngaio we had a joint with his name on it, sent him a Twitpic and let the anticipation build. At 4:20 Ngaio lit that shit up…hundreds of others did the same and we all puff…puff…passed in honor of the late and great Jack Herer, enjoying some of California’s finest under the warm California sun.

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