Budda Box DabStar Edition Giveaway

Budda Box GiveawayWin a Budda Box DabStar Edition

BuddaBox is Stuff Stoners Like. What self-described stoner doesn’t dig scoring a monthly surprise box filled with weed paraphernalia and the dopest stoner accessories? A stoner box delivered right to your door, dude, that hella beats a pizza. If you have FOMO on a monthly mystery box filled with the newest and bestest weed accessories and staple weed gear like rolling papers, pipes and hemp wicks then listen up—we’re giving away a Budda Box—FREE to one lucky-ass stoner. This is the DabStar edition and filled with some dope shit for erl lovers.


    1. Like our Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter or Instagram
    2. Like the Budda Box Facebook Page or follow them on Twitter or Snapchat (@buddabox420)
    3. Leave a comment below telling us you’ve completed steps 1 and 2 and let us know what you’d love to see in a Budda Box

We’ll pick a random winner at 4:20 pm West Coast time on August 5th 2016.

The Buddha Box Weed Kit prize includes the following cool schwag:

  • Custom Hand Blown Oil Rig
  • Healthstone Pipe
  • Kandy Pens vape pen
  • Dab King hat pin
  • Dab Star stickers and Dab Mat
  • Custom carb cap
Buddha Box Monthly Weed Kit
This custom glass rig comes is pretty dope

Buddha Box Monthly Weed Kit

Scoring surprise boxes rules—especially when they’re filled with stoner supplies. Even better? When you sign up for one, get hella stoned and forget it’s coming. A BuddaBox also makes an awesome gifts for pot smokers. What’s cool is you can either choose between a 420 goody box geared towards flower freaks or for those that dig to dab you can get ’em the 710 monthly surprise box. That makes sending a weed box to your fave weed head easy-peasy.

Smoke Box 101
This healthstone pipe is definitely Stuff Stoners Like

Smoke Box 101

The are lots of cheap monthly subscription boxes filled with stoner stuff, but only the Budda Box dudes can lay claim to being the largest monthly marijuana-themed mystery box company. They have more than 10k subscribers for their box of the month. And get this—they’ve only been in business less than a year. Why’s the Buddha Box like the dopest subscription smoke box ever? It comes down to two things basically—killer customer service and even better products—all at a good price. Plus the BuddaBox is always filled with high quality 420 supplies, dude, none of that cheap glass from China. In fact they guarantee a sick piece of weed paraphernalia in each and every box—even their lowest priced one that only costs $19 a month.

Get this dude, the Budda Box is the only subscription stoner box to come with free shipping, a money back guarantee and complete discretion. If you run into any snags they’ve got FB messaging, phone and email support ready to go so they can quickly take care of all your monthly cannibox needs. And believe us—you do have monthly cannabox needs.

Ever received a Buddha Box or any other Smoke Box in the mail? Tell us what ya thought about it in the comments below…

69 Responses to “Budda Box DabStar Edition Giveaway”

  1. dawn Losch

    Done 1 and 2..love to win this deal!!!!

  2. RealMrWakeNBake

    Completed 1&2, would love to see ceramic nail, pulsar tap tray, 420 science jars in budda box

  3. Julio

    Step 1&2 DONE! Followed you guys on Facebook,Twitter,Intagram and Snapchat!
    A new Rig to my collection could be pretty sweet, one of those healthstone pipes, a new slick would be nice, a de-bowler some lighters and weed socks. And definetely that DabKing Pin ! #420 #710 #DabUp

  4. splinkster

    Did steps 1&2 4 drawing adding some incense sitcks n maybe a stonner CD from an independent band would also B cool perhaps a recipe 4 making some munchies

  5. William Frisby

    All steps done, pages liked. Would be pumped to get pretty much anything.

  6. Ryan Cho

    Completed steps 1 and 2, how about some titanium nail to go along with? Haven’t had a chance to dab yet so would love to get my cherry popped with this Budda Box!

  7. Christian Alarcon

    Step’s 1 and 2 completed

  8. MrBobDobalina

    1 & 2 complete. Cheers for the competition.

  9. Jason

    Completed both steps 1 & 2 and would like too see your guys hemp rolling papers in there, they work amazingly. I’m gonna share this on Facebook so everyone can enter. Well good luck everyone and cheers in advance to the lucky winner. PEACE!

  10. Loretta Hart

    I’ve completed steps 1 and 2. Good luck everyone!!

  11. Alison Huffaker

    Completed steps 1 and 2 , the only thing I could think to add to such an awesome box is maybe a tshirt or hat , good luck everyone !!

  12. Ruy M.

    Following Stuff Stoners Like & Budda Box on FB, Twitter & Instagram. Anything dab related is always nice.

  13. L dowling

    Id like new grinder medium size, a new titanium dab rig torches a glass piece bong and bong flavor drops and 1 sativa vape pen and 1 indica vape pen

  14. William

    Step 1 nd 2 are done i hope to see some rollers papers anything you feel is a must in the box 🙂 good luck yall.

  15. William Russell Anderson Jr

    I’ve completed 1 & 2

  16. brian

    I’ve completed the steps, I’ve already had these facebook pages liked and twitter pages followed for some time now lol, I’d love to win anything but of course like always I wont, Either way I’m about to smoke up. Hope everyone is having a good day! : )

  17. Mirelba

    Finished 1 & 2. My SC: mimi_ambraige780
    Insta: Ambraige780 Twitter: mirelbajulia
    The custom glass and look so freaking beautiful that I’d be happy to win both and anything else that comes with the win.

  18. Jeffro

    Done and done.

  19. Jeffro

    1 and 2 complete.

  20. Susan

    Done. I’d like to see a good vape in the box. Something for dry herb would be great.

  21. Dustin

    I believe I did it

  22. Ian

    Have “liked” and loved your page for ages, now I like BuddaBox! Steps 1 and 2 done! 😛

    Would love to see plenty of wick and stickers (practical idea?).

  23. Gail Browne-McDonald

    Done and done. Rolling papers and a t-shirt would be cool

  24. KurbyTHC

    Steps 1 and 2 completed! I would love anything that’s 420/710 friendly! Oh and also munchies would be nice also! Who doesn’t love munchies?

  25. berger

    I never had the chance to use a Healthstone Pipe and would love to have the chance to use one! Completed 1 and 2.

  26. Sara Schwab

    I did steps #1 and #2 .i would love to see a hemp necklace with a pot leaf on it a pipe with Rolling Stones design the band and who love to see some munches in it

  27. Kimberly

    Done and done! Would b a great bday(8/6/86 yep it’s the dredded 30) gift for me would love to see more collabs maybe with snoop or something. Tank top for us girls and Stickers are always great too! Good luck everyone fingers crossed

  28. Leah Cosentino

    Was already on the follow of instagram and twitter, liked you before and again! Buddabox is the shit! Got my 420 and 710 boxes on the way, been promoting up in Omaha too! I would love to see any of the dabstar products and dabbers from Goober Gabe! Can’t wait!!!!!!

  29. rodgersouth

    Did steps 1 and 2 looks like got everything except a torch lighter

  30. Stephanie Lindsey

    Completed 1 and 2.

  31. Mo'Malley

    I’ve completed steps 1 and 2. What I believe a budda box should have is all the above with a grinder!

  32. Ryan Lamb

    Completed one two and now three, a titanium dabber and a torch would be sweet!

  33. Kevin Weist

    I’ve done steps 1&2. I’d like to see a mini bubbler pipe in the box.

  34. Christopher Delgado

    I did steps 1 and 2

  35. Mike zeigler

    Steps 1 and 2 complete..

  36. Gerald Atkins Jr

    Done and done! I want to see some blunts in that bad boy.

  37. Sharon ODell

    Stoner stuff yo

  38. Mark carter

    Completed 1&2 smokus focus jars, glass blunt

  39. Kristian Arellano

    Done & Done maybe some glass filters or joint rollers would be awesome. Or a Grinder

  40. Kristian Arellano

    Did both steps, a glass jar would be dope! P.s this would be a perfect gift for my birthday on friday!

  41. Obrien T.

    Completed step 1 and 2 (twitter) and how about some honeycomb glass screens included in the Bubba Box. Not the flower or jumping jack glass screens! #Quality

  42. Lisa

    I completed steps 1&2 and I would love to see a sweet vape in my buddabox!

  43. Arthur B

    I’ve done #1 & #2. Would like some Oakland raiders tickets in my box or movie tickets

  44. Riannamarie

    I finished steps 1 & 2! I would love to see a “budda-ful” glass pipe in this cannabox 🙂

  45. Brittany

    Finished step one and two and I’d love to get a nice honey pot or some sort of nectar collector

  46. josh

    Pick me please !did 1&2

  47. Erin Garcia

    I have completed steps 1 and 2 . I would love to see a helix pipe in the box

  48. Anonymous

    I’ve completed steps 1&2

  49. Anonymous

    I completed 1 and 2 what’s up

  50. Alexander

    I completed one and two # buddabox #custom glass rig

  51. Gee

    I completed steps 1& 2. I’ve never won anything before. Would be great if I get picked. I’m a huge stoner. It’ll definitely break my bad luck streak. Good luck everyone🍀✌❤

  52. Stoner Stuff

    sorry, man, but this contest is over. stay tuned for more tho.

  53. Wallydog

    I think there should be a quartz banger for ya bong, dab cap dabbed, raw cones 1 and a quarter and stoner lighter.

  54. Anon

    Did would love to win

  55. Alex Stuck

    I was on the 420life show on Facebook and won! I picked box C that’s C for Chronic! How do I get my prize delivered?

  56. Alex Stuck

    I was watching The Carl Denali Show tonight on 420life Facebook and I won, I would like to claim my prize, C for Chronic!

  57. Alex Stuck

    Its been 4 days and I havent heard back from any of you guys.

  58. Stoner Stuff

    We are not buddabox. Sorry dude

  59. Alex Stuck

    Wow.. They send me to you guys..

  60. Anonymous

    @Alex Stuck can you help me understand the logic of your brain man? Nothing personal because no one is perfect but did either you or @Stoner Stuff understand what has been done here hahaha. Well cheers @Stoner Stuff and @Alex Stuck for making me laugh. BTW, @Stoner Stuff hook me up with a Job we both reside in 510 😀 dude I met Coral at Harborside Oakland. Such a beautiful soul to meat wait is is meat or… Ah fark it you get what I’m saying haharight? told ya @Alex Stuck know one of us is perfect haha. Cheers guys PEACE!

  61. Jason

    Damn I forgot to include my name and email in the post I just made too @Stoner Stuff and @Alex Stuck hahaha damn too medicated right meow 😛

  62. Alex Stuck

    I’ll help your weak mind understand my logic and i mean no offense.. The link that i got from budda box sent me here, understand now? They are using your sight for people to claim their prized.. Get what I’m saying now? Go to Google and type in giveaway@buddabox.com and you will see what I mean.

  63. Alex Stuck

    Let me help your weak mind understand my logical point, and I mean no offense. Everytime I type in giveaways@buddabox.com it send me to your sight.

  64. Jason

    @Alex Stuck dude I don’t even work for SSL (would love to though don’t get me wrong) haha and why belittle me mate? I don’t give two shit tbh and in order for a troll (like yourself) to feel better you belittle people like myself and others like @Stoner Stuff to to be honest it’s no sweat off my balls man. Cheers to everyone who this guy is funny, either that or I’m just too damn medicated haha.

  65. Alex Stuck

    Haha thats then first time I’ve ever been called a troll. Fact is If you don’t work for them so why are you even commenting back? If I wanted to talk to a peon I would have messaged you personally through email. Fact is like I said before, the url link i got sent me here. So if people are getting sent here by the url given then it’s a mistake and you admins may want to contact them. I’m sorry budda box sent me here and I complained, it was only to try to claim my prize. Sorry SSL.

  66. Alex Stuck

    That’s funny, never been called a troll before. So why are you commenting back when you don’t work for them? If i wanted to speak with one of their peons I would have emailed you right away. Fact is the Url that BuddaBox gave me sent me here, SSL I’m sorry i even commented. But like I said the url I was given sent me straight here so that’s why I commented. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  67. Brittany Carter

    Steps 1 & 2 complete would love to see a nice small portable glass dab pipe

  68. Marcy Taylor

    I have followed your instructions oh Mighty High One and I am waiting for further communication from you Most Stonerific Cannabus. I would like to see a totally ripped vape pen included in your Smokealisous box Thank You for the opportunity to win a bodayiously blazeramic time.

  69. Marcy Taylor

    I have followed your instructions oh Mighty High One and I am waiting for further communication from you Most Stonerific Cannabus. I would like to see a totally ripped vape pen included in your Smokealisous box Thank You for the opportunity to win a bodayiously blazeramic time.

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