stuff stoners like stickers and papersSTONER GIVEAWAY ALERT!!

The dudes from Screwpop sent us over a couple Lighter Holders. They’re pretty dope, man, because you can drop one of those mini bic lighters in it and then fit it on keyrings, cords or in the eyelets of zippers for maximum transportation. No hoodie is complete without one. It’s also a bottle opener. Dude, how many times have you searched the hotel room for something you could use as a bottle opener? With this thing you won’t have to go through that shit any longer and you won’t have to search for fire because you can clip this shit to your belt loop and you’re good. We’ve got 2 to kick down. One’s in a bag and the other’s loose—we had to use its bag to transport a few grams of weed.

Included in the prize pack is a pack of our 1-1/4 size ROLLING PAPERS and a couple STUFF STONERS LIKE STICKERS, one with our black metal logo that was created by the Lord of the Logos Christophe Szpajdel who created the logo for the seminal Norwegian black metal band Emperor. Our STICKERS are ALWAYS FREE. Click here to find out how to get ’em.

Contest ends tomorrow, Wednesday January 28 at 4:20 PST. Must be 18 to be eligible. Share this post on our Facebook page or reblog it on our tumbr to win. Two random STONERS will get win—if you live in the US we’ll cover shipping, if you don’t…shipping’s on you, dude…but it should be pretty cheap since it’s so compact and light.

Danks to Screwpop for the goods. Check out all their other handy gadgets, including a cool Travel Stash thing.

8 Responses to “STONER GIVEAWAY ALERT!!”

  1. Colt DeMorris

    Yeah buddy! Like the new stickers. I’ve done what was requested. Have a good one, ONE LOVE!

  2. Walter Evans

    Love the death metal style sticker!

  3. debbie mcgranahan

    i meed me them skins 😛

  4. tracy

    Im the most unlucky human being on this planet so a prize would b fucking brilliant!*

  5. harrison Willard

    Sure could use a sticker how about showing a fellow stoner some love

  6. harrison Willard

    How about kicking down a sticker

  7. Stoner Stuff get one! They’re FREE!

  8. Stoner Stuff is where to get the FREE SSL STICKER

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