Can Bubble Hash Be Used In A Vape Pen?

Can Bubble Hash Be Used In A Vape Pen

Can Bubble Hash Be Used In A Vape Pen?

QUESTION: I’m interested in making my own concentrates. I don’t really like the idea of using explosive chemicals to make BHO or any of the popular waxes and shatters, so I’m wondering if I can make water or bubble hash that’s pure enough to use in a vape pen or oil rig type set-up.

Jay Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy: To answer your question, yes, you can make pure hash from ice water extraction that you can use in a vape pen. One way to do it is to use Mila the Hash Queen Jansen’s Pollinator—the first commercially available machine for making hash. It’s basically a small washing machine the helps extract all the trichomes—the good stuff—for the hash. You filter out that icky-smelling water through bubble bags, Bubble Man up in Canada makes great ones, and you can make amazing water hash. We’ve done it lots of times. You can vape that and it’s very clean and pure.

Bubble hash is not the same as BHO however—nothing against BHO or none of that, but just to answer the question you can definitely make pure ice water hash that you can vape. But there are other products too. You can also make kief, or dry sift—that’s a whole art form in itself, but it’s doable. And finger hash is always the best. That’s classic. Plus one really good thing you can do with hash when you get it is cook with it. The flavor of hash in food is not as overpowering as the flavor of buds, but it depends on how you cook it.

“Speaking of cooking with hash, let me tell you a little story about Jay,” says Tweezy. “This cat here, his cookies will fuck you up. One day Jay gave me some cookies and shit and I brought ’em home and left them on the table and bounced. And my moms came through. You can’t leave shit around like that, you know, and mama had one of the cookies. Man, I came back and I’m chilin’ and shit and my mom says, ‘boy them cookies you got are good!’ And I was like what cookies and she was like, ‘the ones you had on the table.’ Just then my moms looked zooted! I never saw my mama like that before in my life! I was like, oh shit. The thing about it was once that I told her what kind of cookie it was that’s when she started feeling crazy and shit. Let me tell you I had to stay with her for like two days. She slept, woke up, went to the bathroom, slept, woke up, went to the bathroom. It knocked her out!

After the whole shit was over she was like, ‘yo listen don’t ever let me have no shit like that again. But I’m gonna tell you one thing, I ain’t had sleep like that never ever in my fuckin’ life!”

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