SteamCloud Mini Vape Pen for Oil Cartridges Review

Pen style vapes are popular. And they’re problematic. They roll right off the table the second you put them down and they can speak a hole in your pocket when you sit down. Plus they’re all pretty much big and cumbersome. So if you’re looking for something more cool you might just be stoked on the SteamCloud Mini 2.0 by NY Vape Shop.

Unlike the clunky pen format the Steam Cloud is sleek and slick. Just about any 510 threaded oil cartridge tucks on in the side of the unit featuring a long-lasting 650mah battery for super stealth hits in the palm of your hand and easy portability. This might be the best oil cart vape battery out there, man.

Look and Feel
Our test unit looks dope. It’s all matte-black with a screened logo and shiny silver rectangular button on the side. It feels sturdy and slightly heavy for is size which is a good thing. The fact that cart fits neatly along the side makes this thing super compact—no wonder it’s called a mini. It’ll fit in the palm of your hand allowing you to take some really discreet hits.

The cartridge stays in place via strong magnets. There are two circular magnets in the box (just in case you lose one) that screw onto the bottom of any 510 threaded vape cart. Just drop the cart in and CLINK—you’re ready to go.

How’s it perform?
It worked great. We were able to get really nice sized vape clouds with this unit. The vapor was never too scorching hot. It seemed to heat up almost immediately and deliver a smooth hit.
Charging the thing didn’t seem to take forever and the battery lasted more than a couple days worth of use.

Bottom Line
We dig the SteamCloud Mini 2.0. It’s compact and square and fits easily in your palm, pocket or pierce rather than a typical long spear-like vape pen. We also like the use of the magnet to keep the cart in place as well. It runs just $39.99 so head on over to NY Vape Shop if you’re interested and tell ‘em that stuff stoners like sent ya.

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