Caviar Weed: What Is It and How Do You Make It

caviar weedCaviar weed has nothing to do with fish eggs. But like the fishy delicacy sharing the same name (which  also costs hundreds of dollars an ounce) caviar weed is known for being high quality. It’s also know for its legendary ability to deliver a serious potency punch. We’re talking all-over body stone, a serious head high or both. Take your pick because this fancy schmancy stuff is only gaining in popularity as access to cannabis sweeps the nation. Nowadays there are product lines of this stuff distributed all over the West Coast and beyond. Caviar weed is near ubiquitous but in case you haven’t heard about it yet we’re here for you. So what is it exactly? Who makes it? And where can you get it?

What is caviar weed

No there’s not a caviar weed strain out there. No Caviar Kush or Purple Caviar or anything. Sorry dude there just isn’t a caviar strain. Yet. It’s crazy to consider that so far nobody that we know of has named a strain of weed caviar. Not to say that it’s not a great name or anything but whatever. Anyhow this stuff is an exquisite treat. It combines three different preparations of marijuana—the bud itself, hash oil and trichomes,those dazzling little crystals clinging to buds—into one stoney, uber-potent, little orb. It’s a delicacy that’s as powerful as it is tasty. Sure some people find the flavor a little intense. Those people are called posers. Sorry not sorry.

Marijuana caviar is created by soaking cannabis buds in hash oil and then rolling them in kief. As with anything it’s all about the quality of your starting ingredients. The better the ingredients the better the caviar weed in the end. Sure you could use inferior ingredients or a combination of schwag weed with some killer, bomb-ass oil, or combine some fire aka good weed with some poop soup to compensate for a lesser ingredient. Compromise, compensating and settling is not part of the program man. It defeats the purpose of making a delicacy. Although it’s not a bad idea if you want to try adding more THC to your body. But the whole fancy concept here is to create something that’s connoisseur quality and then turn it up a notch. After all staunch rich assholes associate caviar with superiority so now’s as good a time as any to whip out your best shit and make some killer caviar bud.

Start with high-quality pesticide-free bud that clocks in at as close to 20% THC you can find. Grow it yourself to ensure no contaminants. Next use high-quality, pesticide and solvent free hash oil that clocks in around the 80 percent rate. Now score some high-quality kief (those stickly little crystals that cling to cannabis and contain all the good stuff)  and you’ve got everything you need to make some top-notch caviar weed that will completely kick all of your ass.

Of course we like to encourage you and every other stoner in the world to use only pesticide-free bud and solvent-less concentrates. There’s no need to consume that stuff. Gas huffing sucks anyhow. You avoided that as a kid. Why start now?

In today’s marijuana market—if you’re lucky enough to be in a state that’s open to the idea that is—you can be discriminating while sourcing ingredients if you choose to make your own dank caviar. Be picky about what you vape or smoke, dude. It’s your stoner birthright. We’ll get to how to make your own cannabis caviar at the end of the article so stay tuned. But first keep in mind that when marijuana is concentrated typically so are the chemicals used to grow it. The chemicals used to ward off pests are also concentrated. That stuff may be innocuous in small doses but when it’s concentrated or combusted it’s a whole different story. So just be careful out there. Marijuana is not harmful but those other adulterants sure can be.

Because pot caviar is gaining such popularity many dispensaries are marking it themselves or sourcing it from small time vendors. We’re talking both recreational and medicinal places here. You can find strain specific caviar where the bud, oil and kief are all sourced from the same cannabis. Fancy some Champagne caviar or maybe some Purple Kush? The options are pretty much endless at this point. But strain-specific caviar offers users the ability to anticipate effects and flavors. However when all those cannabinoids are combined you may have a different experience than you would have if they weren’t.

Some caviar is only indica or sativa specific. So this stuff is made from different strains of weed that all have similar genetics. Sometimes you’ll of course find caviar that’s just a combination of several different buds and oils. With that you’ll get a super mix of cannabinoids. Talk about an entourage effect, eh?
Caviar weed price

How much does this stuff cost? Well back in 2010 Westword in Denver published an article about caviar weed Denver saying that the “new kind of top-shelf marijuana popping up at Colorado dispensaries that sells for the astronomical price of $1,400 an ounce — nearly four times the average price of other high-grade strains.” Now that’s a lot of cash. Today you can score caviar weed for a fraction of that price. Not to mention there are at least a few name brand caviar weed companies around as well. It’s still an expensive product but with demand and increase supply comes lower prices.

Westword also goes on to say that Cannabis Caviar has also been called “California Raisins,” but “That name is falling out of favor in the ongoing weed war between Colorado and California.” So far we’ve never heard of it being called that, but whatever. If you’ve ever heard of anyone use the term California Raisins to refer to cannabis let us know in the comments section below.

caviar gold weed

Caviar Gold

One of the name brand caviar weed companies on the market is called Caviar Gold. They claim that their unique product is the world’s strongest. If you’ve can confirm that this is the strongest weed in the world tell us in the comments below. Anyhow their caviar weed can be found on the west coast in places like California, Nevada and Washington. What makes these guys awesome is that they use high quality indoor bud that’s infused with oil all the way down to the stem. It’s then coated completely with a generous sprinkling of kief. They look very similar to Moon Rocks weed.

Like Moon Rock weed Caviar Gold weed has a deep earthiness that some describe as almost smelling like fresh-brewed coffee with bold spices. When the Gold caviar weed is blazed it delivers a rich and thick smoke that has a slight coffee taste. That’s probably because the oil that they use to coat the bud also comes from the same plant. However they also enhance the oil “with dehydrated fruit – keeping it 100% all-natural.” That might be what give it that distinctive golden caviar look?

You can buy this stuff in bulk or buy the gram or cool little product called a Cavi Cone. These things are pre-rolled joints filled with their exclusive caviar. The CaviCone is awesome but given its opulence its a little on the expensive side of course. Cavi Cone price? About fifteen to twenty bucks at most places here in California

Another pretty popular caviar weed brand is Dragon Caviar. These dudes first hit dispensary shelves in 2011. They started out with strain specific flower drenched in their signature hash oil and topped with kief. They sell their stuff in in bulk ounces, single gram packages and like the Caviar Gold cone they sell their shit twisted up into long-lasting 1.5 gram cone as well.

That’s one thing we should mention really quick. Because the flower in caviar marijuana is drenched in oil it’s very moist. That moisture translates into a long-lasting smoke. Burn a normal joint and a joint rolled with some herbal caviar and it’s no contest which one will finish faster. How much faster will the regular joint burn than one wrapped around cannabis caviar? Only one way to find out and that’s to roll a few yourself, burn ‘em down and then leave us a comment. Oh yeah maybe use STUFF STONERS LIKE papers and videotape it all for us.

Caviar weed denver 2How to make caviar weed

Making caviar weed is really pretty simple. You can source all the ingredients from a delivery service or local dispensary. If you grow weed you might have everything you need already. If you live in a place where weed haters prevail well then good luck. Think about moving.

If you’re going the DIY route you should know that the trickiest component to create is the hash oil. Growing weed ain’t easy, but it doesn’t necessarily involve using explosive chemicals. So if you can purchase BHO or honey oil locally that’s always better than risking your life. And if you grow your own weed well then you’ll know if it contains pesticides or fertilizers or any other sort of contaminants as well. Keep in mind that the better the starting material the better your end product. So the higher quality weed you use as the base of your caviar ball itself or the oil or kief the better your end product will be. Same goes for the erl and kief that you choose to use.

If you can’t purchase quality hash oil then you can make it yourself. We recommend purchasing something like The Source by ExtractCraft. This thing is a self-contained or closed loop system that can sit on your countertop. It utilizes heat and vacuum pressure to create some high quality cannabis concentrates. What’s cool is that it reclaims about 90 percent or more of the solvent you use to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material. We like to run ours using Everclear and start with home-grown, well-flushed, organic buds. We don’t recommend that you use a pvc pipe or glass pipe and butane to blast your own BHO. It’s really dangerous and should be left to professionals. You’ve probably seen the stories and horrible photos of people who have been badly burned while trying to make this hash oil. Butane, hexane or whatever you choose to use is super flammable. Iit takes is just a tiny little spark from static electricity or something and your life is either over or forever changed.

Making weed caviar step-by-step (quick overview)

  1. Grab some bud
  2. Roll it in hash oil
  3. Coat it in kief

Anyhow enough lecturing. Here’s how to assemble your caviar. Take your best quality bud and either drop it into some hash oil and roll it in the goo. You could also use a dropper or dab stick to disperse the oil but your goals is to coat it completely. The longer you leave it in the oil the longer that oil will work its way into every nook and cranny of that bud. We’re not talking about leaving that shit in there for months—overnight a couple hour should suffice.

Now take that little nugget of beauty and roll it into some kief. What’s kief? It’s those shiny little crystals that cling to cannabis buds. Once this stuff is pressed together it’s called hash. You’re not looking for that to use in this application. You don’t necessarily have to go out and purchase kief or make it yourself if you have a grinder with a kief catcher. If you don’t well then you’ll probably have to source this ingredient or make it yourself using bubble bags or a series of screens. The better kief is the stuff that contains the least amount of plant matter. So the more pure the better. If you’re making it yourself with bubble bags or sifting it through a series of screen it’s going to take some time but in the end it’ll make your cannabis caviar all the better.

Okay so just roll that sticky little caviar nug in some kief until it’s all completely covered like you’re breading some chicken fingers. Set it off to the side for a spell and allow it to firm up. And you’re done. It’s that simple. Stop, drop, roll and you’ve got yourself one of the stonies little nuggets of love one can create—caviar weed. You’re welcome.

To enjoy caviar weed all you’ve got to do is treat it just like any other marijuana bud. Bust it up and smoke it in a bowl or a bong. Use a hemp wick you stoner. There’s no need to inhale any butane after coming this far. Grind that shit up in your grinder and roll a joint. What’s great about this technique is that because cannabis caviar is so dense and soaked in oil it takes a long time to burn. So you can turn an ordinary joint into a caviar joint aka something luxurious that’ll work for a group sesh or just a single extended sesh. Add caviar weed to some blunt wraps or a hemp leaf which already increase burn time and you’ve got a serious stogie that’ll take a serious long time to finish. Talk about stuff stoners like—a caviar weed-filled blunt—damn now that’s nice.

Let us know your thoughts on cannabis caviar. Have you ever tried a Gold caviar cone or anything similar? What did you think? Is this whole thing just some lame ol’ fad or stuff for serious cannabis connoisseur? Leave your comments below.

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