Chemdawg Strain Review

chemdawgChemdawg Strain Review

The legendary Chemdawg aka Chemdog or Chem Dog goes by many names—but however you spell it the Chemdawg strain is definitely Stuff Stoners Like…
Chemdawg (Chemdog, Pre 91 Chem Dog, Chemdog weed)
Review by: Mat Lee
Score: 8/10
From: Growers Outlet 613 Montana Ave #2 South Bend, Washington 98045 Phone: 360-875-8189
Farm: Superior Harvest 2870 Ocean Ave Raymond, Washington
Harvest Date: 1/20/16
Type: Indica
Content: THCA 32.46%
Sample Size: 3.5 grams

Chemdawg from Growers Outlet up in Washington

Genetics: The Chemdawg genetics are steeped in history. Chemdawg goes by many names. Chem dawg is sometimes written as Chemdog or Chem dog. Anyhow the Chemdawg strain is another one of those legendary strains stoners talk about over a campfire or in a concert line. Chemdog weed is most likely Dog Bud from Colorado, or maybe Nepalese crossed with Thai as Leafly suggests, in fact Chedawg is among the top 35 weed strains on Lefly. I also read that Chemdog weed is most likely the same plant as Sour Diesel or New York Diesel, but just a different phenotype because of how it’s growing conditions changed. Suffice to say that the Chemdawg genetics are still a bit of a mystery.

There’s a cool post here about trying to unravel the history of the beasty Chemdawg strain. You can also check out an interview on the Adam Dunn show from 4/19/14 where they get to the bottom of all the Chem dog folklore. If you’re a Chemdawg fan, the breeder or the weed, it’s definitely worth a listen.  However when it comes to the true genetics and history of Chemdawg it all depends what site you read or who you talk to. So the label on this weed says Pre 91 Chemdawg. Which, according to legend would make it some of the original Chemdog, not Chemdawg. I had a chance to speak with the grower and he assures me that this Chem dawg is the real deal. After talking to him for a bit I’m definitely convinced on his version of the history of chemdawg genetics.

Chemdawg strain
The Chemdawg strain is another one of those legendary strains stoners talk about

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Appearance and Feels: This Chemdawg strain is some stuff stoners like for sure. Check out the pictures and you’ll see a trichome covered calyx with some real nice trimming done around the leaves. The light green bud is a pretty shade under the dark green leaves that were left. This Chemdawg sample is gorgeous—definitely some beautiful looking buds coming out of Superior Harvest.

So STINKY—Chemdog is the type of weed you want to keep in a jar
So STINKY—Chemdog is the type of weed you want to keep in a jar

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Smell: As soon as you open the jar the pungent and diesel-ish vapor of Chemdawg fills the room. Chemdog is the type of weed you want to keep in a jar if you are worried about that sort of thing. It STINKS! Skunky and fire makes everything brighter.

Spicy and skunky is how the Chemdawg meatball rolls

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Flavor: There’s almost a spice background to this Chem Dog. Spicy and skunky is how this meatball rolls. The smoke is rich and vapory with that diesel taste through and through. They don’t call Chem Dog “Chem” for nothing.

Chemdawg delivers a heady, spacey and stoney high

High: Heady, spacey, and stoney that’s what Chemdawg delivers. I know, I should really find more words to describe how high some of this weed can potentially get you, depending on your optimal level of endocannabinoid operation, of course.

I should mention that whenever cannabis has a THC / THCA of over 25%, it’s always good to have it verified. The grower mentioned this Chemdawg strain has tested at 23%THCA for the last several years. So he’s definitely disappointed that certain labs out there are inflating numbers. But that’s not the case with this tasty Chem Dawg sample right here.

Chemdog is certainly Stuff Stoners Like

Overall: For all the weed I buy at Growers Outlet this Chemdog weed came in a bottle that actually had their branding on it. First time I’ve seen that. It’s been Andrew’s goal there to have some of the best cannabis has to offer and so far has been doing a fantastic job. This Chemdog is proof.

This Chemdawg gets not only the Stuff Stoners Like seal of approval, but also the Growers Outlet seal. It’s most definitely stuff stoners like and I can’t wait to see more cannabis from Superior Harvest.

Have you ever tried Chemdawg or any of the famous Chemdawg varieties like Chemdawg 4, Chemdawg 91, Purple Chemdawg or Chemdawg OG (damn there’s a lot of Chemdawg weed types out there)? Give us your best Chemdawg strain review in the comments section below.

For SSL, I’m Mat Lee.

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