Cloud Electro Portable e-nail Review

Cloud V Electro e-nailCloud Electro portable e-nail review

Dig the ever popular Cloud Pen? Well if you love dabs, but don’t quite like using a blowtorch, you might really like the Cloud Electro portable e-nail from Cloud vapes.The Electro is lightweight, solid, feels pretty well-constructed and looks like something you’d see on the International Space Station.

Once the Electro secured on the included base station it’s sturdy enough to stand up right on it’s own. Plus it heats up hella fast. You’ll be HIGH enough to orbit the sun in no time. Actually this thing’s so dope you might let your old vape pen or old dab rig collect some dust.

Our Cloud Electro Kit included:

  • Cloud Electro battery
  • Side arm aqua bubbler attachment
  • Charging base, cable and adapter
  • Cloud V dabber
  • 2 Titanium nails (12mm)
  • Owner’s Manual
Cloud V Electro Enail
The Cloud V Electro Enail comes with 2 Ti nails

With the side arm aqua bubbler attached the Cloud Electro stands about 11 inches tall. The bubbler is nice—thick glass a few perks and attaches snugly to the base. It looks like the thing’s top heavy and will fall over. After a few days of solid use that hasn’t been a problem. We filled out Electro bubbler with some Piece Water, it’s this thick, flavorless liquid that’s made from mineral, fruit and veggie extracts. It increases filtration and keeps your glass way cleaner than water. Not sure about you, but we’d rather be hitting out piece than cleaning it.

Like we said, the Electro e-nail heats up hella fast. We’re talking about fifteen seconds. You can thank the  6000mAh battery for that shit. Fifteen seconds is quick—that’s not much longer than the time it takes to heat a nail with a torch. The Electro came with two 12mm titanium nails with a nice wide dish. And you can heat it to two different temperatures. The blue setting delivers  800F worth of heat while the red setting caps off at 1000F—plenty hot to vape extracts from full melt hash, to BHO, to shatter, to rosin—whatever cannabis concentrate you want to throw at it, man.

How’s the Cloud Electro work?

Drop on the bubbler and press the power button three times to turn on the Electro. As the nail heats up the light will blink. Once the light stops flashing and stays lit you’re ready to vape. Like we said it takes about 15 seconds for the nail to heat up. To change from one temperature setting to another simply press and hold the power button for 4 seconds—easy peasy.

Cloud V Electro
The Cloud V Electro heats up to 800 or 1000 degrees F in 15 seconds

Cloud V Electro overall

The Cloud V Electro comes with a full 1 year and retails for about $250. We’ve taken at least 45 dabs with this thing and so far it’s been working perfectly. We dabbed some Sunset Sherbert live resin Sugar Wax (being related to the ever popular Girl Scout Cookies this stuff might just be our favorite of all weed strains right now) and some THC Bomb crumble and it tasted awesome. We even dropped some straight Lemon Kush terpenes on some of that sugar wax and dabbed it on the Electro? The taste? Scrumptious. Looking for a portable dab rig that doesn’t require a torch? Check out the Electro from Cloud V and tell ‘em Stuff Stoners Like sent ya.

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  1. Furkan Gülle

    Awesome review! I wasn’t sure about the new portable enail but I’m definitely going to pick up an Electro now.

  2. JD

    I got this a while back…..the portability is what sold me. The titanium nail makes a huge difference, no torch is needed, which is always a good thing. Overall, I highly recommend the cloud electro.

  3. Allan Brite

    This product defines the true meaning of convenience in dabbing! Because of its portable and no torch needed features, we can bring and use it whenever and wherever. The amount is too affordable compared to the quality that it could offer. Therefore, user’s satisfaction is guaranteed.

  4. Snoop DabbyDab

    I was looking to get a new rig and had a few different ones I was looking at and this review really helped me make my decision and go with the Electro.

  5. JC

    Has anyone figured out how to reliably remove cleaning liquids from the top chamber? I love it but it is a bitch to clean

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