SourceVapes Nail Review

Source enailSourceVapes Nail Review

Review by: DabMaster Mat Lee

Look what came in the mail today! I’m super excited to review the SourceVapes Nail. This thing has everything you need to go mobile, and I mean everything. Like the Dabado Bolt I reviewed here, it has a bubbler attachment, but that’s where the similarities begin and end.

The 40 watt, 2200 mAh 18650 HGB battery has enough juice to get your dishes good and hot, or keep rips from cartridges coming all week. That’s more battery than most of my first smartphones had in them.

The kit also comes with a Grade 2 Titanium dish, a ceramic dish, and a quartz dish, so you can dab your little heart out tasting all three and figuring out which one you like best. Personally I’m a quartz guy at home, and a TI guy on the go, but it’s cool to have the choice, depending on what you’re in the mood for. The Source Nail also comes with a globe attachment for more mellow rips. But wait, that’s not all!

Source enail
The kit comes with a Grade 2 Titanium dish, a ceramic dish and a quartz dish—so you can dab your little heart out

Unscrew the globe piece from the battery and screw in a 510 cartridge! This is why I like SourceVapes so much. This thing covers all your bases. The days of carrying multiple instruments for multiple dab things are over. If this sounds confusing, check out the video and I’ll show you exactly how it goes together.

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There’s a lot of pieces, and if it’s your first time or you are new to the mobile dab enail thing, it could be a little overwhelming. That being said, SourceVapes has one of the best knowledge base and help desk support sections I’ve seen in awhile. They list the certificate of analysis for the Titanium, proving that it’s Grade 2. They also have recommended specs for temperatures and wattage. For example, after the seven to ten second warm up time for this particular titanium nail, you can expect it to be around 700 degrees F (about 370 for those of us who prefer C) at 25 watts.  That’s some nerdy stuff stoners like for sure. I love it.

If you bump it up to 30 watts, you can expect the temperature to get around 950 degrees F / 510 C. Crank it all the way up to 35 watts, although I’m not quite sure why you would ever need to do that, unless you are using the Source Nail to decarb or something. But if you do, it should hit about 1100 degrees F / 593 C. That is such a high temperature to rip a dab at. I assume that’s there for the “Cough to get off” people.

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As we would expect, when using the ceramic dish, you’ll want to crank the battery all the way up to 40 watts. Even at full blast, it’s going to take 15 seconds to get up to the optimal working temperature of 650 to 750 degrees F / about 370 C. If you give it another ten seconds, you can get the dish up to 800 F / 426 C.

I would imagine if you are a fan of ceramic, a battery isn’t the most ideal way to heat it. Although once ceramic is up to temp, it supposedly holds the heat longer, allowing you to get a couple of dabs out of a warm up. But you will also want to let it cool down longer before putting it away.

Source Vapes enailLet’s talk about the battery for a few. They say this is the most powerful battery they have ever released, and the first and only temperature control (TC) designed specifically for concentrates. This thing is pretty cool. If you run it in TC mode, you can tell it what sort of atomizer you’re using, and it will calibrate accordingly. When run in variable wattage mode, you can have control over how much juice the atomizer gets. For the full instructions, click here.

I like to use the lowest setting with batteries like this with 510 cartridges. I’ve seen a lot of people have a lot of problems with cartridges and adjustable batteries. If you use too much juice, you’ll burn out your cartridge. So you know, be smart.

Source Vapes enailI know I’m going to get comments on the video about hitting it dry and why I didn’t put water in it. I’ll tell you. I feel like it makes them clog faster. Which of course it isn’t that difficult to clean, but when something is this big, I don’t usually find a need to put water in it. Your mileage may vary though. It dishes out some pretty legit rips either way.

The carb cap it comes with is definitely key. Not that the rig needs any help or anything, I just always find a carb cap comes in clutch with these portable rigs nails. I did end up going back and putting water in it for some footage on the review, and honestly it does hit much better. It didn’t seem to make a difference in the Dabado Bolt, but it definitely does here with the SourceVapes Nail.

Source-NailAlso, don’t put too much material in the dishes. They recommend .3 ML, and to be honest I wasn’t really measuring but I might have put a little too much in when I seasoned the TI dish. That’s why it’s always good to have some high percentage Isopropyl alcohol and qtips on hand. When dabbing, things get sticky.

I should also say that when I was recording review footage, I put the globe on and somehow it cracked on me. I sent an email to their support and I expect it to be replaced. You also want to be super careful about unscrewing the dishes. If you screw the cap on too tight, you could risk cracking the ceramic element and completely ruining the atomizer. I somehow managed to break all three of mine after the review.

Source-NailI mentioned that to Source Vapes, and they were excellent about sending me out a replacement. Make sure to register your warranty code, and if you do happen to break something, take pictures of it. They might ask for pictures, and if you’ve already thrown the pieces away, you could be out of luck. Although SourceVapes will probably take care of you, just don’t take advantage of their kindness in those cases.

Those things aside, which it’s hard to say if it was damaged in shipping or if I’m just a beast who broke it. I’m usually pretty good about taking care of techy glass stuff like this, so who knows. What I do know, is that the SourceVapes Nail is bad ass stuff stoners like. I’m looking forward to using it more and reporting back in the comments. Which, is a fantastic place to interact with me and ask any questions you might have. I’m happy to help where I can.

For SSL, I’m Mat Lee.

3 Responses to “SourceVapes Nail Review”

  1. Mike

    This is a peace of garbage. It was designed to break so that you would pay them money. It wont even sit on the table without possibly breaking. The box is broken as well, and the bubblier barely is deep enough to even work. Broke on me before I got to use it. The customer service is TERRIBLE. Their are many other issues. Do NOT buy!

  2. Jared

    I bought one on preorder wait is 2-3 weeks i waited 6 weeks and finally received.
    I ripped the package open very gently opened it up felt like Christmas until i realized there was no battery inside the kit i ordered so i have a pretty expensive e-nail for a paperweight because its useless with no power and now im in the process of getting the battery shipped out who knows how long before ill be able to use and really the most important part!

  3. Mike

    Update: Got a second pme. it was broken as well. The return process was just as much of a pain in the ass as the first one. I ended up wasting money as they wouldn’t pay for return shipping because I already returned a broken product. They tried to fight me on the refund as well, fortunately I had bought it with a credit card and could dispuit the purchase. They really are complete garbage. The person who sells them said its a “simple” problem with a “loose wire”, that it was “No Big Deal”, but loose can cause the battery to expload. Its not a good situation for them.

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