Curer Vaporizer Review

Vaporizers are pretty awesome nowadays. They’re convenient, easy to use, and reliable. Plus you can vape all sorts of different substances from wax, to oil, to shatter, to dry herb. So we were pretty excited to test out the 3-in-1 Curer Vaporizer from LTQ Vapor from Vape4Ever.

The Curer Vaporizer Kit comes with three different coils. There’s a stainless-steel coil, ceramic coil, and quartz coil. Temperatures can be adjusted from 140°F to 600°F. And, the built-in battery allows power adjustment from 5 watts to 35 watts. What’s cool is that there’s a screen to view the temperature and the battery life so you’re not guessing. Plus there are individual buttons to increase and decrease the temp and power.

It has a filter tank that you can fill with water just like your favorite bong. It also has a carb. Basically, it’s a button that you can press to open up a valve to make it easy to inhale all the vapor.

This thing charged really quickly and heated up in a matter of seconds. It’s easy to take a puff and clear out the entire tank by using the carb. Being able to dial in the perfect temp for whatever you’re vaping is a really nice feature.

Be careful, however, because the metal atomizer that you fill with your dry herb or concentrates gets really hot. Luckily there’s a silicone cover that fits over it, but if you’re not paying attention you could burn yourself.

Also, detach the water tank before you tip this thing over to dump out all your spent weed or you might spill bong water all over the place. We made that mistake once or twice.

The Curer vape is just the right size. It’s about the size of an old flip phone so it fits easily in a pocket, purse, bag, glove compartment—whatever. The “duck bill” mouthpiece swivels to close off the valve so it doesn’t leak any bong water. But, be careful we noticed that it leaked slightly.

The atomizers have a swivel lid. So they’re really easy to fill and the kit comes with a cool little scoop that you can use to shovel in your weed or concentrate. It also comes with a brush to keep those atomizers clean. We were able to get 3 to 4 fat seshes in for each battery charge.

Bottom line
The Curer Vaporizer Kit is pretty cool if you’re into vaping dry herb. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the joint or the bong and vape. For vaping concentrates it’s pretty dope as well. It’s portable, convenient and clocks in at around $60. So far we’ve been really digging on it.

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