Curing Cannabis Properly

How to Cure WeedHere’s how to cure weed the right way

So what is curing cannabis and why do you need to do it? Curing cannabis is simply the process of extracting unwanted chlorophyll from your marijuana buds after they have dried. Chlorophyll is a chemical that plays a key role in photosynthesis and is what makes plants green. With uncured bud, the chlorophyll will overpower its flavor and odor and is also very harsh on the lungs, making for an all around bad session. If you want your bud to be as dank as possible you have take the time to properly dry and then cure it. Drying and curing cannabis involves two stages obviously, a dry and curing stage. They both take time and they both require a little bit of participation on your part. But if you want really good weed it’s worth following these steps. So just kick back and let your bud dry then cure it properly. If you don’t you’re only cheating yourself.

Drying & curing marijuana

Think about what happens when you leave freshly cut grass in a lawn bag for a few days. Since grass is pretty much all water and chlorophyll you will find a bag full of wet, stank sludge. If you don’t put the grass in a bag it will just dry up and turn brown and crumbly. You don’t want either one of these things to happen because dry weed sucks almost as much as soggy sludgy weed. That’s why you need to dry and cure your marijuana buds properly. First we’ll teach you how to dry marijuana. Then we’ll move on to curing it. Ready?

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Curing canabis on string in the kitchen
Curing cannabis on string in the kitchen

How to dry weed

Drying cannabis is easy. It just takes space and time. Sure using the microwave may be the fastest way to dry weed but it is definitely not at all the best way to dry weed. Here’s a tip on how to dry weed fast, just use a fan. But keep in mind that faster isn’t better, man. The best tasting bud results from a slow drying process.

The best way dry weed is to trim the large fan leaves from the plants and hang them upside down in a cool dry place with plenty of circulation. You can hang your weed buds on a clothesline or pole or something in a large dark room, a closet or even a large cardboard box. They key is lots of air circulation. Make sure to check your cannabis buds for mold and mildew daily during the drying and curing process. If any parts of plants show signs of mold or mildew toss them right away. Mildew and mold on weed is always a bad thing. Don’t leave infected drying weed (or living weed for that matter) near other drying or growing plants to avoid it from spreading.

Allow the buds to dry until the stems snap and break when bent in half. Next you can finish manicuring the bud by removing the rest of the small crystal filled leaves. Set these sugar leaves aside for making hash, rosin or weed butter later. Remove the buds from their stems and place them loosely into jars. Now you’re on your way to the curing cannabis phase. Pro Tip—Mason jars with the wide lids make great marijuana jars for curing and storage.

Drying weed, especially right after it’s cut, delivers an unmistakable aroma for the first few days. In that time you might want to throw off nosy neighbors by painting your house or staining your fence. Luckily after a few days your plants won’t release such a strong scent.

Here’s how to dry cannabis:


  1. Trim the large fan leaves from the plants.
  2. Cut off the branches with the marijuana buds and hang them upside down in a cool dry place with plenty of circulation.
  3. Allow the buds to dry until the stems snap and break when bent in half.
  4. Lean how to cure cannabis below and don’t cut any corners.

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How to Cure WeedHow to cure weed

Curing weed is simple. You just need the right equipment. And that’s glass. Using glass jars is always the best way to cure weed. Don’t use plastic containers. Funky plastic flavors could leach into your bud and those resin-filled trichomes you took so long to grow will stick to the plastic. Always make sure to always check for mold and mildew each day while curing weed. If you find any—toss it.

Here are the basic steps to curing weed:

  1. Finish manicuring the bud by removing the rest of the small crystal filled leaves. Set the leaves aside for making hash or edibles later.
  2. Put the lids on the jars and store them in a dark place like a drawer for 48 hours.
  3. Stir the buds around and allow them to air out until they dry back up. (usually about 2 hours)
  4. Put the lid back on the jar and return it to the drawer.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 a couple times a day for three weeks or up to a month until the bud remains dry in the jars and there is no longer any trace of any cut grass or ammonia smell.

When you no longer get the cut grass smell the bud has been successfully cured. Only then will you get to experience its full effects including its true aroma and flavor. So that’s how to cure marijuana. Simple, right? Just don’t cut corners. If you are going to take the time to grow your own medicine, you need to come correct and take time to finish the job. You wouldn’t eat unripened fruits and vegetables, right? So don’t smoke uncured buds. If a fine wine takes 20 years to age into perfection, you must wait 20 years to drink it. Otherwise you are cheating yourself.

Have any tips on curing bud or the marijuana curing process in general? Give us your best drying and curing weed tips in the comment section below.

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