Da Vinci Vaporizer Giveaway

davinci vaporizerDa Vinci Vaporizer Giveaway


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3. Leave a comment below telling us why you want to win this vape—that’s it. You’re done.

We have one DaVinci Ascent vape pen to kick down to one lucky stoner. We’ll pick a random winner at 4:20 pm West Coast time on Friday June 19. We’ll also mail you some SSL STICKERS.

davinci vaporizer
The new Da Vinci vaporizer features an all-glass vapor path and ceramic bowl.

About the new Da Vinci Vaporizer
The new Ascent vaporizer features an all-glass air path and a ceramic bowl to deliver tasty hits whether you’re vaping oil or flowers. The Ascent vaporizer is available in 4 different finishes—stealth, burl wood, carbon fiber, and skulls—and will run you about $250 bucks. You can customize your new Da Vinci vaporizer for an extra $50. All in all, what you’ll get is:

1 Fully Assembled DaVinci Ascent Portable Vaporizer

1 User Manual

1 Extra Glass Straw Set

1 Screen Set – Contains 3 Screens & 1 Extra Metal Pick

2 Glass Oil Jars

1 Ascent Charger

1 Black Velvet Carrying Case

1 Ascent Sticker

1 DaVinci Social Card

For more information about the Ascent Vaporizer visit davincivaporizer.com. Good luck winning the vape and special danks to the DaVinci Vape dudes. Puff…puff…pass.

56 Responses to “Da Vinci Vaporizer Giveaway”

  1. cheryl cook

    That vaporizer is DOPE and I’d love to smoke out of a high quality piece like that!

  2. Kolby Daum

    I need this vaporizer because it wout be more efficient and easier to essentially smoke my weed.. I need it because i cannot get one as their are no smoke shops around to buy from.

  3. Mikey Alcala

    I need and want this vape because last night I was introduced to it, and there’s nothing else like it! My new favorite high. Everyone needs to try it! Good luck everyone! Happy high! 😀

  4. Andrew Vlad

    My brother used to have one of these and we’d vape anywhere i would always give him a ride for a bowl.

  5. Melissa Rivera

    I would love to win one of these, would be good for my lungs and would get alot of use!

  6. Tyler Valentine

    I would love to win the Da Vinci Vape because then I could get high as fuck. No better reason than that.

  7. Pat Cook

    I’m in Colorado with access to lots of goodies to put in there.

  8. Travis Jordan

    I’m in medical need and insurance cut backs won’t even get me my new wheel chair or all my medical supplies I’m a amputee and paraplegic from waist down so I should get it because I need it for truly medicinal purposes and otherwise on my fixed income of 800$ a month would never be able to afford thank you for the chance to even think about ever getting one hopefully if it isn’t me it’s someone like me who has serious medical probs

  9. Laurel Heaton

    Tyler valentine looks like ther is a better reason travis I would like to fill ou t a comment on your behalf for your years of suffering and lack of government aid and support you deserve to get a few hand outs from our big businesses out there they should support injured patients that need these things before selling them for profit to whomever has the money so I submit this in travis Jordan’s name for he is more deserving than I and certainly and of these other selfish people

  10. emily

    I seem to be having terrible luck at these giveaways, but I’m not going to give up. I really need a vaporizer like crazy. I don’t have one and my lungs are very unhappy. I love the styling of the Da Vinci and from what I hear it is a great product! crossing fingers! liked and liked.

  11. Matt

    After some quick reading on the Da Vinci I would expect it to be leaps and bounds over my current vape. It’s small, seems portable enough, reviewers rave about the build quality. I hope this would help me vaping my cannabis to treat my epilepsy. After quitting cigarettes last year, I would like to actually claim I am “Smoke free”. Thanks again for the great giveaway SSL and keep up the great posts and reviews.

  12. Mario Brtan

    Here where I live there are almost no vaporizers, and I cant buy it even if there was because no money :/ !

  13. LaCrisha Liens

    well I know this really amazing fella that deserves an Amazing gift..appreciate the chance @ this great giveaway….Thanks

  14. Susan

    My doctor informed me “If you’re not vaping, you’re not doing it right!”. Help a girl out here. I’ve been doing it wrong for decades.

  15. Marge

    I want to give it to my older friend who has lung issues but needs to toke. been saving to get her one but on low income disability is not easy lol thank you for a chance to win.

  16. Tim G

    I need this to help control my epilepsy. Life would be much easier for me if could go a week with out a seizure and using a vaporizer would help out alot.

  17. Arthur Burnett

    I wanna be like the Warriors A winner !

  18. erin

    i wanna win this to help my depression!

  19. Arthur Burnett


  20. eric

    My Cuz is interested in one what better way to tryit then a master ppiece like this thing

  21. Tania

    I have chronic migraines n it will help lots.

  22. tara lara

    Never used a vape been trying to get one for a while and would really love to win this.

  23. Diego

    I need the best of vapor, i need the ascent! thanks guys!

  24. Eiregard

    This would be awesome to use, bet it makes the bud taste really good.

  25. richard bullington

    i wont to get stoned with susan

  26. Sammy

    I think I should win the vaporizer because my brother and I both suffer from Lyme Diseas and I love to vape! Vapes are great for on the go and inconspicuous medication!! I would love to win this and share it with my friends and loved ones! Would so appreciate it

  27. Alex

    This would be so helpful for me. I’m a veteran living out of Georgia and this would help me medicate without having to look suspicious.

  28. Lisa

    I need this because I need something super discreet! I take edibles for pain, but they don’t kick in fast enough so I have to take a toke to ease the pain until they do. This would be perfect!!!

  29. Dan

    It has an awesome design!

  30. Jake

    It’s better for my health

  31. Paul

    It is super awesome

  32. George

    This looks like it gives great vapor, and people say it is one of the best

  33. Stewart E

    It is a premium vape that would work really well. Hope to win! Thanks for the chance!

  34. Robert

    It looks cool and seems convenient

  35. Thomas

    This could save my lungs for sure!

  36. Lou

    It has a different look than other vapes, which makes it unique

  37. Jeff

    It is really nice and of good quality

  38. Eric

    This gets great reviews, so it probably works really well. Thanks.

  39. Roger

    This would be great for me, as it could really help with the cough that I have. It would definitely be more healthy.

  40. Mike

    I think this would offer good vapor.

  41. Ben

    It would be healthier.

  42. Jerry Fodey

    I would love to win this bad ass vape, I would most definitely put it to great use 😉
    Thanx for the chance 🙂

  43. Cory

    I’d love to win this vape so I can start smoking in a cleaner more sophisticated style. I’d love to be able to everyone about Stuff Stoners Like and Divinci capes hooking me up and to go check them out!

  44. Anonymous

    I need a Vape pen for travel and disc golfing. With the current rigs I have it makes it hard to medicate on the go.

  45. Brittany Cameron

    I would love to win this. As a woman living with HIV I am on a strict budget and simply cannot afford to buy a vape for myself. Would be so helpful. Thanks for the opportunity.

  46. Radé Radovich

    well in a nutshell……my life is a tragedy…….my physical & mental health is crumbling to pieces……..and to be perfectly honest…….i could REALLY use a win in my life……..and i deserve a big treat like this wonderful vaporizer………
    sure it wont fix my problems if i won………but it would make me feel better if i got a win for a change……….so why the hell not?
    never hurts to try……

  47. Kelly Sutton

    I would love to win the vape because I’m active in the medical cannabis community, both online and offline, and also because I gave up cigarette smoking after 35 years on November 1, 2014–so getting “smoke-free” would be awesome… can’t afford to buy one right now, sadly. Thanks for the opportunity to win! 🙂

  48. Brett Petrie

    I love love to take great vapor puff from your awesome product.

  49. Kali khaos

    id love to win one of these

  50. Jim Kimes

    I have been trying to save money to get a vaporizer. This would really make my day! Thanks for the offer and good luck to all. PpP

  51. David brooks

    A minute late? I need this. Please

  52. Anthony Santare

    Why should i win the worlds greatest vape? Because instead of smoking, im spending my 4:20 writing this comment showing my love to you guys!!!!!

  53. Harley

    I want to win this because it would be an awesome 2 year anniversary gift to my husband and well me of course xD. It would be amazing to own a vaprizor that wasn’t cheap and falls apart.

  54. Angela Pember

    I would like to win. Would love to try a new vape.

  55. Brian

    I would love to medicate with this bad boy! My best friend has one and he swears by it! I have used it with him a few times and I think its one of the best vapes on the market and I would love to own it!!!

  56. Mushi

    You should pick me because Sammy Davis Jr would pick me.

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