DEA Asks Feds to Grow More Marijuana

Medicinal cannabis farmed by the governmentNot only does the Federal Government grow marijuana, for the second year in a row the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) instructed them to grow more. It’s true the same agency that officially states marijuana has no medical value is looking for more medical weed. Why? Research.

“The agency has become aware that research and product development involving cannabidiol [CBD] is increasing beyond that previously anticipated,” reports who continue:

Interest in CBD-rich strains of marijuana has skyrocketed as media coverage featuring children who use weed to treat severe epilepsy has spurred a growing number of states to pass laws allowing for limited access. As a result DEA Administrator Michele Lenohart says that since first signing off on a plan for the feds to produce 125,000 grams of marijuana in 2015, they now say the feds should produce 400,000 grams of marijuana this year. That’s more than three times what they initially anticipated. Last August, DEA significantly increased the feds’ 2014 marijuana quota from 21,000 grams to 650,000 grams.

The University of Mississippi grows medical pot for the government’s Compassionate Investigational New Drug program, or Compassionate IND—a federal-run program that allows a limited number of patients to this government-grown weed. It’s administered by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and unfortunately was closed to new entrants many years ago. Currently, there are four surviving patients in the program.

The fact that the feds grow medical marijuana and distribute it while terrorizing state-law-abiding citizens for doing the same thing is as ludicrous as marijuana being dismissed as having no medical value. It’s about time federal marijuana prohibition goes away.

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