More Deadly than Weed: The Death of Michael Jackson

More Deadly than Weed: The Death of Michael Jackson


In today’s edition of More Deadly than Weed, we’re going to look at death itself. This might get a little weird, meta, whatever you want to call it, so hold on and read carefully. In this crazy modern world we all share the illusion of reality in, there are certain beings who excel in what they do, almost to the point of god like status among the unwashed masses. When dealing with beings of this stature, it’s like when I go, I’m taking you with me. But not in that way. When they go, people want to follow.

Michael Jackson was one such being. Say what you will about MJ, but in his prime, the man could sing and dance like no other. I still remember watching the old Moonwalker movie in VHS my dad brought back from one of his concerts back in the day. It was so awesome back then to me, it was like Michael Jackson and Transformers all in one.

michael-jacksons-moonwalkerIf you watch old footage of his concerts, you can see what I’m talking about all over the faces of his fans. In these people’s brains, they have gotten so much pleasure center laser light show magic happening whenever this man does his thing, that the thought of him not being part of the breathing population makes them not want to be either.

Back in 2009, Gary Taylor, the head of the world’s biggest Michael Jackson online fan club,, stated that 12 Michael Jackson fans have reportedly commit suicide. Why? Because some people in this world have better coping mechanisms than others, and when your  god dies so to speak, some people no longer feel like living in a new godless world.

From the article on Gigwise, Gary says, “I know there has been an increase (in deaths), I now believe the figure is 12. It is a serious situation that these people are going through but Michael Jackson would never want this. He would want them to live. They can’t accept it, they feel in some sort of different reality.”

I mean fuck, you know it’s bad when the always sane and level headed Rev. Jesse Jackson says he’s concerned for the mental well being of Michael Jackson’s fans. I mean for real. If this nut case expresses any sort of consideration for mental well being, you better get your head checked for sure. It’s like crazy telling crazy you’re crazy.

fans-overlook-2That blows my dick off all over the place, as I’m sure it does yours as well. These people have elevated another human being to such a crazy high level of celestial adulation, that when that very mortal being ends up taking their last plane flight, their brains can’t make a stable connection that rationalizes a life worth living. It’s really quite something.

When another human being can have such a profound affect on another like that. I’m always amazed. I guess in a weird way, I’m a little jealous. I have never felt that before. I don’t know what it’s like to feel that strongly about another person. To be so caught up in someone else, especially someone else you have never even met, is alien. I understand completely how emotions get evoked through music and all that, but fuck you guys, I’m not killing myself because Eyedea is gone ya know? I’m not slitting wrists because Biggie and Pac are gone.

I’ve always compared it to dogs. A girl I dated quite a while ago had this awesome American Staffordshire Terrier, and whenever people would come over to the house to visit, that dog would get so fucking excited. I mean excited to the point of shaking excited. I always used to think gee, that must be nice right?

Bau-House-Dog-Cafe-Seoul-3I’ve never gotten anywhere near that excited over another human being coming to see me. EVER. I mean sure it’s cool when friends come over to kick it, or when you first start dating a girl and you are in that love moment, or when the weed guy swings by. But it’s never anywhere near the level of what these people feel for the King of Pop, or what this silly dog felt for every single person that ever came over to visit.

That’s going to do it for this session of More Deadly than Weed.

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