Dirtybird Campout Review

By Thom Hunters—I was just outside of Modesto when the drugs began to take hold. I was on a solo mission to discover a few things:
1. What is the Dirtybird Campout?
2. Why is it near Modesto?
3.  Who goes to these things?

All my questions were answered, and new questions were raised as I traversed the vast expanse of nothingness which calls itself Central California. Passing rows and rows of nut trees in the sweltering heat my main question shifted to where are these trees getting their water from? There had to be some aqueduct aquifer action somewhere near here. 

Regardless of the existence of water in the desert, The Dirtybird Campout was something to behold. 3 days of electronic music interspersed with events hosted by camp counselors. Some highlights included tug-o-war, a joint rolling competition and my personal favorite the debates. The topic was do aliens exist (yes, they do) and have they been to Earth (depends on your definition of alien). This simple question  evolved into a lengthy discussion with my friend Hershel and his lovely fiancée which culminated with us enjoying the full moon over some lovely temple hash. 

Claude Vonstroke’s dream is alive and kicking since 2003 and just gets better every year. 3 Days. Over 50 DJS. A metric ton of campground fun events. Camping under the stars and getting weird while you wave those freak flags as high as you can. Being your best self in the woods. If can make it work in your schedule, go. The campout is Stuff Stoners Like.

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