Zombie Stomp Strain Review

Zombie Stomp Strain Review
By Mat Lee

zombie stomp strainI have never heard of this strain, Zombie Stomp, and from what I could find on the internet, there isn’t really much known about it. One thing I do know, it’s very earthy. It also has a very mellow taste and heady high.

I’m sure Mr Doobees has some darker leaf strains, but this one is a noticeably dark shade of green. It provides a forest green backdrop to it’s ginger hairs, topped with a light dusting of crystals. It’s herb like this that makes me want to invest in a nice magnifying rig for the camera. It’ll definitely have to happen sometime in the near future.

zombie stomp strainThe fun thing about this review, is that my girlfriend is here now, so we had a little extra help with the video. If you listen to my comedy show The Jamhole, you’ll be familiar with BJ. She is a fantastic test subject, being epileptic and someone who doesn’t really smoke weed all that much. It’s always interesting to see what her reaction is.

I’m very impressed at how she handled the Zombie Stomp. Either BJ is getting a little tolerance hanging around me, or the Zombie Stomp is a gentle beast. Of course if you take more than a couple of light bong hits it’ll get you to the deeper end of the Faded Scale, but as a sipping herb to share amongst friends, it’s sativa shows through in the clear headed, heady high that provokes and feeds satisfying conversation.

zombie stomp strainI want to remind you about our new column, Ask Dabby! Send in your dab and extract related questions, and our resident extract scientist Dabby will answer them!

If you have a strain you would like me to review from a I-502 shop here in Washington, hit me up in the comments. For Stuff Stoners Like, I’m Mat Lee.

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