Dr. Oz, Montel Williams Discuss How Marijuana Can Treat Opioid Addiction

Montel and Oz HeroChris Christie and his Commission on Opioid and Drug Abuse better take a look at Dr. Oz’s latest show, “Can medical marijuana help fight the national opioid crisis”. Montel Williams exposes himself and his addiction to opioids to the popular TV host in a way that will leave the viewer feeling empathy for him and the cause. Williams details a gut wrenching battle with chronic pain and MS that eventually led to his addiction on opioids. What the Commission needs to hear is: Montel, Dr. Oz, and several other researchers and scientists believe marijuana is one, if not the only, tool needed to stop the opioid epidemic.

Overcome with emotion and fatigue, Williams’ desperation comes through loud and clear as he tells his nightmare combatting a lifetime of pain. “If I concentrate on my pain, I can’t even sit here. Now, listen, for a fact, I had seven doctors that I chased to get every, single pill there was that you can think of 17 years ago.”

“I, over a period of 18 months, did enough damage that right now, I have to go have a surgery to correct the damage that I did from the opioid abuse. Okay,” Williams continues. “So listen, I had a doctor who said to me, ‘Montel, listen, I’m not gonna write you any more prescriptions. You need to figure this out. I know some people who have MS who, like you, say that this marijuana stuff works.’”

Montel also discusses how legalizing medicinal marijuana is his mission in life. He tells Oz he’s been involved in every state that’s passed legislation to allow patients and doctors to discuss marijuana as an option. Williams is adamant that the opioid crisis is nothing more than a cycle where one addictive substance is swapped out for another.

“Stop the stupid,” Williams pleads. “Ninety-one people a day die from a heroin addiction. There has never been one person in the history of the world who has died from cannabis. Never.”

Dr. Oz then shifts the show to focus on organizing legislation and requests all viewers to visit his website and sign a petition in support of marijuana for chronic pain.

Oz throws a gauntlet down and challenges his colleagues and researchers alike to join in a battle “petitioning the government to study marijuana as a solution for chronic pain,” citing not only the current opioid epidemic but the brain-melting cost associated with treating opioid addiction per year: $78 billion.”

Oz goes on to say, “And right now, we’re spending one-tenth of one percent of this total to support cannabis research,” Oz says. “And now, as the President says, that this is an opioid crisis and it’s a federal emergency right? That’s a good thing in a way because that means it’s the right time to prove, ’cause it’s an extreme moment that can use extreme measures, it’s the right time to prove that marijuana can help with chronic pain.”

Neither Montel or Dr. Oz specifically challenge Chris Christie and his Commission. However, their gauntlet for the ganja can’t escape his view, no matter how removed and slanted it may be.

Montel and Dr. Oz are talking to you Mr. Christie. Listen up. Marijuana needs to be included in any affective arsenal you and your commission come up with. We are facing an unprecedented, prescribed epidemic and we need you to stop ignoring the medicinal needs of the people you have been elected to represent. Seriously. Get your shit together and quit dicking around.

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