Montel Williams Opens CA Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Montel Williams marijuana dispensary Marijuana champion and ex-talk show host Montel Williams often speaks out about the healing power of the herb both from an activist’s perspective as well as a patient’s. Williams uses medical marijuana to relieve his pains associated with multiple sclerosis. Now he’s using his house-hold name not only to boost the awareness of the need for medical marijuana as a whole, but to also up the visibility of the grand opening of a new medical marijuana dispensary, he’s consulting with that just opened in the heart of California; Sacramento.

Abatin, the name of the new dispensary, according to local CBS Sacramento, “looks more like an office for a high end plastic surgeon.” Apparently, the sterile environment is Williams’ hope to “help change perceptions” about medical marijuana patients and make the buying and selling of weed seem more clinical or acceptable or more familiar or something.

“Why are we treating patients who seek out this medication like they’re some lesser member of society?” Williams has said to the press. “We could set a new standard, not just for Sacramento, not just for California, not just for the other 16 states that allow it now and the District of Columbia, but also for the world.”

The world? Damn, those are some pretty fuckin’ lofty goals, Montel-dude, hold your horses, man…according to your press releases…you and the Albatin guys are only looking to open more dispensaries in California…for now.




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  1. WeedJesus

    Whoa. Well, good luck with that Montel.

  2. Dispensary Reviews

    I can only hope that the actual quality of the medicine provided is itself “high-end.”

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