The Dugout Pipe is Stuff Stoners Like

dugout pipesThe dugout pipe is classic SSL

The dugout pipe is classic stuff stoners like. They’re perfect for peeps just starting to smoke, experienced smokers and anyone in between. Dugout one hitters are basically wooden boxes that hold your weed and a one hitter pipe. They’re super convenient and awesome for stashing everything you need to get stoned on the road. Added bonus? They’re also stealthy and help you keep track of your equipment after you’re baked.
You’ll often hear these things called a one hitter dugout. They have two compartments—the larger one is for your weed. You can probably stash about a full eighth of weed in the dugout box. The more slender compartment is for the the one hitter pipe sometimes referred to as a bat.

Choosing a dugout pipe

There are a lot of different dugout pipes on the market. In fact there’s a dugout pipe for just about every price range—from cheap as shit to way too costly. Anyhow when choosing your dugout pipe there are two features that are clutch. One is a cleaning tool. You’ll thank us when you’re ready to get stoned and your dug out pipe is all clogged. The other crucial feature is a spring-loaded chamber for the dugout pipe compartment. This means that when you twist the cap open the dugout  pipe will pop up. Why’s this feature so important? Without the spring your li’l bat could get stuck. If that happens the only real way to get it out, unless you can pluck it out with your fingers or tweezers, is to turn the one hitter box upside down and shake until the bat finally comes out. Also out comes all your weed. Seriously the last thing you want to do is spill all your weed before you get stoned.

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We recommend the DÜGOUT Box by WÜD. It’s only $5.49 on Amazon and features everything you need, man. Specs? It’s made in the USA from mahogany and features a swivel top that you can adjust with the included allen wrench. It also features the ever-important spring loaded storage compartment as well as a cleaning tool aka a poker.

We also dig the made in Humboldt County California “Original & World Famous” Zombie Survival Kit for Smokers. Basically it’s a dugout with a great name that’s zombie crush proof—a great feature in a dugout pipe.

Using a dugout pipe

To open your dugout pipe just twist off the top. Now you can add your weed. Make sure it’s nicely ground. Use a weed grinder if you’ve got one. If not we’ve got some directions on how to make a homemade weed grinder. Make sure the weed’s evenly ground. Be careful to not grind the weed into a fine powder. The use a paper or something as a funnel to add the weed to the large compartment in the dugout box.

dug out pipe ceramic
We recommend using a ceramic cigarette over anything metal

Dugout pipe packing

To pack your dugout pipe simply insert the tip into the weed compartment. That’s it, dude. That’s all you have to do. Bits of weed should fill the cavity—at least enough for one hit. Get why they call this thing a one hitter dugout now? What’s cool about the dugout and one hitter is that you never even have to touch your weed to pack it.

Dugout pipes are typically metal and look like a cigarette. Sometimes they’re made of brass and look like a billy club. You can find cigarette-looking dugout pipes that are made of porcelain or ceramic as well. We recommend something like the Formax420 Reusable Ceramic Cigarette because smoking through metal just isn’t very healthy.

Dugout pipe cleaning

To clean your dugout one hitter you’ll need a paper clip, a q-tip, some isopropyl alcohol—the stronger the solution the better—and some elbow grease. Use the paperclip to pull out any weed bits. Once the one hitter pipe is as clean as possible use the q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean out all the resin. Now use hot water to rinse out the dugout pipe letting it air dry before using it again or inserting it back into the dugout box. You don’t want any mold or mildew in there. You can also let the dugout pipe soak overnight in the iso and then hit it with some hot water. You don’t have to turn on the stove, hot tap water is fine.

Stoners dig the dugout pipe because it’s convenient, easy-to-use and very stealthy. Not to mention that the dug out pipe is perfect for keeping all your shit in one place while you get stoned.

Ever use a one hitter box or dugout pipe? What did ya think of it? Have any tips or tricks? Let us know in the comments section below.

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