Emerald Cup 2016 Results Are In

Emerald Cup 2016 Results are inEmerald Cup 2016 Winners

Emerald Cup 2016 results are in and the winning strain—among the 650 flowers entered in the 13th year of the annual Sonoma County event—is Zkittles. It was grown by a pair of Humboldt County cultivators known affectionately as the Dookie Brothers. So no wonder this shit’s described as tasting like “Skittles from the vending machine at a high school football game.”

We heard that 30,000 people attended the sold out Emerald Cup this week. Why? Because, originally founded by Tim Blake in 2003, this is California’s most cherished cannabis competition. Sure these weed events are becoming more common, chaotic and corporate each day. But this one has always maintained its credibility. In fact it’s always been our favorite—and we’ve even spoken at High Times Cannabis Cups. Those things are inspired by California’s outdoor weed celebrations like this one. Anyhow the Emerald Cup not only celebrates the finest in Northern California weed, it’s a local tradition that’s been going on for decades. Back in the day it used to be held secretly at remote family ranches in Humboldt County. Plus its focus is on paying homage to the most important peeps in the industry—the cannabis growers and breeders. Without their decades of hard work and law-breaking there wouldn’t even be a marijuana industry.

The Dookie Brothers grew the top strain, Zkittles, at the 2016 Emerald Cup

For instance the winning grower, Jason “Dookie,” has more than a couple decades worth of grow experience. After winning best flowers at the Cup he told us that he’s been growing for 25 years. He also said that he’s only entered one other event aside from this one.

“This was only our second event. It’s all kind of surreal,” he laughed.

On Sunday we ran into our buds from Maui’s Sticky Finger Seeds who have been collecting and breeding killer cannabis genetics for over 45 years all up in Hawaii. These guys are onto something big—combining old school landrace sativas—think Maui Wowie—with Indica genetics that are completely mold resistant. Maui is constantly raining so it’s a perfect testing ground for surfacing mold and mildew resistant strains, says their main-man, Will. Below is a li’l video of our bud, Ua blessing the Sticky Fingers booth at the Emerald Cup. This guy rips on the ukulele with a voice that’s like Brad from Sublime.

We did a little strain hunting with the Sticky Fingers crew, Will and Harper. We hit up a few of our fave cannabis seeds companies including BushyOldGrower aka BOG Seeds. This mom and pop op began in 2000 and is comprised of two high school sweethearts who love cannabis. Together they’ve been growing weed since the early 70s. And they were some of the first people to ever grow weed indoors. They wrote about it in a book titled, Bonanza of Green. It’s one of our faves. So are their genetics like Sour Bubble and of course BOGglegum. We also hit up the DVG aka Dungeons Vault Genetics dudes. They’ve got a lock on the famous Gorilla Glue #4 genetics and so many other dank varieties. We also really dug the magic beans over at Humboldt CSI—Cannabis Sativa Investigators. Their Mendo Purple Cheddar smelled off the hook and looks dark and dank AF. We had to take home a few seeds but somehow lost ’em. Fuck.

Emerald Cup 2016 Harper of Sticky Finger Seeds sampling Rosin
Emerald Cup 2016 Harper of Sticky Finger Seeds sampling Pez- Bros Rosin

One thing that’s cool about the Emerald Cup is their focus on purity. So you won’t find any solvent-saturated concentrates here, man. What you will find is lots of killer rosin. Rosin, like hash, is a concentrate but instead of being sifted it’s heat pressed. Above is a pic of our bud Harper from Sticky Finger seeds sampling some Pez-Bro rosin. Sure people were smoking joints all over the Emerald Cup, but if you really want to taste a strain and quickly feel it’s effects, a dab of rosin is the way to go. That device he’s using is a Nectar Collector, basically a glass straw with a heating element at the end. On the right is rosin available for sale.

Emerald Cup 2016 Dark HeartAbove is our bud Dan who owns and operates Dark Heart Nursery, the biggest provider of cuttings in the Bay and masters of branding. He’s proudly showing off some of the DHN’s tissue cultured clones at the 2016 Emerald Cup. These guys are pioneering a whole new way to produce and distribute pot plants. Earlier in the year we helped them name their new tissue culture product, Lablets.

Ngaio Bealum Emerald Cup 2016
Ngaio Bealum Emerald Cup 2016

We also ran into one of our fave peeps on the planet, comic extraordinaire and element #103 on the Periodic Table of STUFF STONERS LIKE, Ngaio Bealum, who was a judge at the Emerald Cup. He was a finalist on the 1st Last Comic Standing—by the way. We’ll let ya know next time he’s playing in town so you can check him out. He’s F-ing highlarious.

In the end there were 1,200 total entries in the Emerald Cup 2016. It all looked awesome. We were able sample some of the goods backstage and at various booths. So tasty. Anyhow here is the full list of Emerald Cup 2016 winners…

Emerald Cup 2016 Winners

Place: Entrant: County: Strain: Clone/Seed: Sativa/Indica:


Dookie Brothers Humboldt Zkittles Clone Hybrid


Greenshock Farms Mendocino Purple CandyCane Clone 50/50


3rd Gen/Terp Hogz/Dying Breed Mendocino Strain #8 Clone Sativa


Gold County Cannabis/EFF Yuba Jack Clone Sativa


Silver Dragon Farm Mendocino Golden Dragon Seed Indica


Holistic Farms El Dorado Fossil Fuel #7 Seed Sativa


High Mountain Holistic/Emerald Family Farms Humboldt Durban Poison Clone Sativa


Cut Creek Farms Humboldt Banana Split #7 Seed 50/50


Bay Area Kush Masters/BAKM Nevada Gorilla Glu Clone 50/50


Sunnabis Humboldt Mango OG Clone Indica


Happy Day Farms Mendocino Great Success Seed Hybrid


Essenciere Nevada Black Lime Reversed #36 Seed Indica


Bon Vivant Mendocino Chocolate Hashberry Clone Hybrid


PUSH Farms/Caviar Puff USA High Country Genetics “Candy Apple” Seed Sativa


Esensia Mendocino Lime Juice Clone Sativa Dom


Humboldt Heirlooms Humboldt Zephyr Seed 60% Sativa


Sunnabis Humboldt XJ-13 Seed Indica


Dookie Brothers/King Dookie Humboldt Zkittles Clone Hybrid


Derek’s Anderson Valley Organics Mendocino In The Pines Clone Sativa


Freeborn Seletions/Aficionado/Mean Gene from Mendocino 50/50 Lime 51 Seed 50/50


Sunboldt Grown Humboldt Redwood Summer Seed N/A


Aficionado Estates Humboldt Grown/Mendocino Dried & Cured Mandarin Lime Clone Indica


RxC San Diego 50/50 Sour OG Seed 50/50


NorCal Cannabis Company Indica Blue Dynamite Male created by Next Generations Seeds x Lavender #2 Seed Indica 
CBD: Ranking Name: Product:


First Molecular Farms, LLC Rainbow Gummeez
Second Chalawa Farms CBD Nordle
Third Abatin Wellness Center Tropical Punch


First Legion of Bloom Terra Pen RE:Zen 1:1 Vape Pen
Second Camel The Ringo’s Cure Dry Sift/Ringo’s Gift #1
Third PURE CBD from Tea House Collective Cannatonic CO2 Oil


First Treatwell Treatwell CBD-A Tincture – Ringo 2012
Second Treatwell Treatwell 20:1 Tincture – Ringo 2012


First Molecular Farm Strawberry Cough (Type 1) x Rainbow CBD (Type 3)
Second Humboldt Harvest Pain Relief Balm 2:1
Third Legion of Bloom Zana: Ayurveda + CBD Transdermal Roll-On
HighRoad Farms Fire & Ice Liniment


First OARA Chocolate OARA Probiotic Cannabis Chocolate – Dark
Second Native Seed Native Seed Lift Bar 1:1
Third La Vida Verde Mediroon CBD
First Newell Taylor DEEP SKIN – Penetrating Topical Oil
Second Whoopi & Maya Lavender Epsom Salts
Third Deborah Caldwell Topicanna Synergy THC(a)
Tinctures: First Russel Honey’s Healing Tincture Royal Purple High THC Tincture
Second Awakened Topicals Raw Cannabis Sublingual
Third HerbaBuena Rock & Roll Uplifting Elixir
4 Susan Cleverdon/Gillian Levy Love Potion #7
5 Whoopi & Maya Relax THC Herbal Tincture
Edibles: First Utopia Farms Macaroon
Second Derby Bakery Peanut Butter Cups
Third MoonMan’s Mistress Pumpkin Pecan Mini Space Cake
4 Beezle’s Creamery Cherry Garcia Ice Cream Bar
5 Buena Leaf Popcorn
6 Whoopi & Maya THC Savor Cacao
7 Fruit Slabs by Munch More Corp. Organic Grape Fruit Strip(fruit leather)
8 Lucky Lemon Cookie Lucky Lemon Cookie
9 Canapa Brands Cocoa Nuts Cannabisinfused chocolate covered nuts
10 Uncle Ronnie’s Inc Roasted Pumpkin Seeds


First 3rd Gen/Terp Hogz/Dying Breed Banana
Second 3rd Gen/Terp Hogz/Dying Breed Z
Third Mr. Bond/Mendo Dope Family Farms Grease Monkey
4 No Info
5 Holistic Farms/Dabiscuits
6 3rd Gen/Terp Hogz/Dying Breed
7 3rd Gen/Terp Hogz/Dying Breed Peach Rings
8 3rd Gen/Terp Hogz/Dying Breed Strain #7
9 No Info
10 Shiloh Massive Zkittles


First 3rd Gen/Terp Hogz/Dying Breed hindu Z
Second 3rd Gen/Terp Hogz/Dying Breed Zum
Third 3rd Gen/Terp Hogz/Dying Breed Oz #3
4 3rd Gen/Terp Hogz/Dying Breed Sap
5 3rd Gen/Terp Hogz/Dying Breed Muffinz
6 3rd Gen/Terp Hogz/Dying Breed Banana
7 3rd Gen/Terp Hogz/Dying Breed Lem
8 3rd Gen/Terp Hogz/Dying Breed Candyland
9 3rd Gen/Terp Hogz/Dying Breed GG4
10 3rd Gen/Terp Hogz/Dying Breed OZ #1

Dry Sieve:

First Dry Sift Jedi Resin Ranch Extraction Berry White
Second Dry Sift Jedi of Resin Ranch Extraction w/ The Humboldt Local of The Mendohideout Platinum Cookies
Third No Info


First Gold Drop Co/Blue River Extracts Cookies & Cream
Second Beezle Honey Lemon G
Third THG/Bamboo Dawg Waltz
4 THG/Bamboo Christmas Breakfast
5 Sonoma Cannabis Company Banjo
6 Gold Drop Co/Blue River Extracts Lemon Tree
7 Legion of Bloom/Brandt Collings Juicy Fruit
8 Bhang Dutch Treat
9 Gold Drop Co/Blue River Extracts Island Girl
10 The Humboldt Cure Nectar Stick Tangie Closin Cart

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  1. Bob Dobalina

    Where are the test results for the ONE team that won all 10 places for Rosin? They aren’t on SC Labs & if you follow the Emerald Cup Facebook account you can read comments from people who claim they saw the Zskittles results posted with high mold count… then it was taken down.
    To say that this event is the least corporate and most pure is indicative of absolutely no research or investigative reporting whatsoever.
    The people want the truth – not to be in the middle of a circle jerk.

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