Exctractioneering 5150ies On the Rocks Review

Exctractioneering 5150ies On the Rocks Review

So while up in Ashland, Oregon, we picked up this new cured cannabis extract from our buds at Extractioneering. It’s called, “5150ies on the Rocks.” And it was released in limited batches in select Oregon dispensaries not too long ago. 

What the hell is “5150ies on the Rocks,” you ask? Great question—it’s sauce mixed with THCa Diamonds. It’s made from Extractioneering’s in-house invention called High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts (HTFSE’s). They create it using 100% properly cured cannabis—no frozen live resins at all. And it comes in consistent, small-batch, strain-specific grams. 

“5150ies OTR provides “a larger dabable diamond size combined with the effect, flavor, and experience of a cured carbonated liquid HTFSE oleoresin,” says Dr. Daniel Hayden Ph.D., Plant Molecular Physiologist, and Chief Scientific Officer at Extractioneering.

HTFSE is a carbonated cured liquid cannabis resin constructed through a scientific process engineered to preserve virgin profile complexity over distilled single cannabinoid purity. CO2 preserves the molecular architecture of the resin acting as a buffer and cosolvent during butane extraction. 

After butane is completely removed, CO2 slowly releases allowing each resin molecule to achieve discrete bioavailability. CO2 protects the delicate ends of the molecules and allows the extract to effervesce during vaporization which imparts flavor and experience. These full maturity extracts are vaporized at far lower temperatures in comparison to both Live Resin and solventless products resulting in more pleasant vaporization.

Blue Cookies strain

Mojitos and Bluee Cookies
The Extractioneering team sent along some Mojitos and Blue Cookies for us to sample. The packaging is really colorful as you can see—it kind of like a super psychedelic version of a box of Nerds candy. Anyhow, what’s really cool is that you can discover a ton about the product on the back of the box. Here they’ve listed the percentage THC, CBD, and several other cannabinoids in the sauce and diamonds mix as well as the top six terpenes. They also added a cool little flavor profile accompanied with colorful illustrations. If that’s not enough information you can scan the QR code on the bottom of the box and pull up the lab reports. Pretty rad, right?

So the flavor profile of the Mojitos product featured mint, lime, hard candy, and wine. The Blue Cookies contained spice, blueberries, honey, and wine. Now, this isn’t just the result of some guy sniffing the stuff and saying to himself, “I smell a hint of red pepper spice, mixed with local orange blossom honey, coupled with a buttery Chardonnay.” This profile is calculated straight from the terpene profile found in each specific weed strain.

Judging buy looks are aroma alone, both these dabs are completely amazing. Nothing is more beautiful than THCA diamonds—except when they’re floating around in some thick, rich, velvety, and oh-so-stinky sauce.

Because of reading the flavor profile, it wasn’t possible to not smell the blueberries and honey in the Blue Cookies strain. However, there was a little bit of skunk in there that gave it a nice musky aroma. Same thing with the Mojitos. Because of the name and the flavor profile—all we could smell was mint, lime, and candy. Although there was just a slight bit of Earth and skunkyness added to the mix as well.

The flavor? Magnificent. And because these both registered above the 80% THC mark—they were potent AF. The Blue Cookies came in with 80.32% and the Mojitos? A whopping 84.36%

So tasty Blue Cookies strain

In conclusion
This is a really solid product. Not only is it tasty and potent—it’s transparent. What do we mean by that? Well, they list a ton of information about the product, who grew it, where, the cannabinoid and terpene profile, include lab specs, etc. There’s definitely something cool about that, right? It builds trust and stuff. And the product itself is super top-notch all the way around from looks to aroma, to taste to potency—100% stuff stoners like. Our only criticism is that it’s only available in Oregon and for a limited time.

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