How to Flush Marijuana Plants Grown in Soil

How to Flush Marijuana Plants Grown in SoilHow to Flush Marijuana Plants Grown in Soil

QUESTION: I just switched from hydro growing to using SubCool’s SuperSoil as the base and some roots organic for the rest. I’m used to thoroughly flushing my hydro plants with water right before harvest but don’t know what to do now that i’m in soil. I don’t want to upset the microlife in the root zone or anything.

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weezy: First, propers to SubCool for all he and Mz Jill and their crew have done and are doing with respect to cannabis. If you are growing with Sub’s SuperSoil you really only need to ‘just add water’ although the occasional addition of organic teas, calcium/magnesium/molasses supplements and top dressings can tweak your grow.

How to Flush Marijuana Plants Grown in SoilWe grow organically in soil and we start to flush no less than 10 days to two weeks before harvest. We ‘feed’ the plant only water, hopefully distilled or reverse osmosis but in a pinch, spring water. Depending on the size of your container, you can put it either in a safe place for water to drain (a slop sink or similar) or place the plant in a shallow drainage saucer; water the plant generously until water starts coming out of the bottom of your container. Let it finish draining and dispose of the run off. DO NOT LET YOUR PLANT SIT IN A PUDDLE OF WATER! Pests just love free drinks not to mention you are sure to kick the saucer and have a mess in your room! If you flush with just water for a solid 10-14 days before the chop your properly dried and cured weed will burn very smoothly, bringing out the full flavor of your flower and reinforcing the amazing attributes of cannabis.

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  1. mike b

    Why only use spring water only if you were in a pinch? Whats wrong with spring water?

  2. Yuluf

    Do you flush every day for 2 weeks?

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