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Oh boy today is NWD or New Weed Day for us over here at the Stuff Stoners Like offices. Our new buds from fumé sent along some weed for us to review. And live we’ve said before nothing’s cooler than having a box of weed delivered right to your door. It’s what makes writing about weed totally worthwhile—especially when it’s fire.

fumé is from the Napa Valley area of Northern California which is known world-wide for their amazing wine grapes. The brand say that sustainability is their lifeblood and are into planting trees for future generations.

“We are committed to cultivating our cannabis responsibly and minimizing our impact on the environment,” explains Eric Sklar, Co-Founder + CEO, who has been an environmental advocate in California for decades.

“I feel deeply that our first goal in life should be to leave the planet we have been gifted in a better condition when we depart it, then when we arrived. This means living with a light footprint, growing sustainably, and repairing the damage we have already done. Planting trees for future generations is just one more way to do our duty to our children and their children.”

They’ve partnered with One Tree Planted, to help with the reforestation efforts in California, and The Last Prisoner Project, to make sure that every cannabis prisoner is released, welcomed home, and supported by their community.

Unfortunately the Last Prisoner Project has been in the spotlight for nefarious reasons lately. Politico recently reported that the money they get from brands like fumé, who have nothing but good intentions, is not being put to its best use. From the article:

“Interviews with more than a dozen cannabis industry insiders and social justice advocates revealed widespread anger toward LPP. Many claimed that the organization failed to follow through on commitments to support preexisting groups while doing relatively little on its own to reduce the level of incarceration. They described an organization that is good at promoting itself, collecting celebrity endorsements and raising money from the multi-billion dollar marijuana industry, but less willing to put in the hard work required to help get people out of prison.”

Anyhow—enough about the LPP drama let’s get to the weed. So what was in the box that fumé sent? Well the first thing we tested was an eighth of “hand selected” flour. We love flower and this stuff didn’t disappoint. The flavor? Double Chem OG, an Indica that clocked in with 27% THC. Double Chem OG is a potent cross of OG Chemdawg X Double OG Sour strains.

It looked pretty great. It had a nice amount of crystals covering the forest green colored surface. The trim was pretty nice as well and the buds were all about the size of maybe half of your thumb. They were sticky and solid to the touch. And the all had that classic spicy chemical flavor with a savory and skunky woody exhale. It smelled just as spicy with hints of mother Earth, skunk, and Pinesol.

We also tested out a fumé handcrafted pre-roll that was packaged nicely in a crimson box. This doober weighted a full gram and was filled with the popular and super tasty Mango Kush strain which is a spicy Sativa.

Here’s the thing. Mangos and marijuana really go well together. The fruit enhances the high for many people, so maybe slice up a fresh ripe mango the next time you have a smoke sesh with freinds and test out this theory. The taste of Mango Kush, not surprisingly, is similar to mangos and Kush, with notes of pine and other tropical fruits like banana and pineapple as well.

The joint was cone-shaped with a long tip, rolled super well, and burnt quite smoothly. It came in a test tube with a cork. We love to res-use these things for joints that we take on the road. It also came with a little bit of hemp wick to help lighting it. Hemp wicks are pretty cool, why waste all your lighter fuel, right? Plus when you use them to smoke a bowl you don’t have to worry about inhaling any lighter fumes. It also came with a wooden tip—definitely stuff stoners like for sure.

We also scored a nice green-colored box filled with five 0.7 gram handcrafted pre-rolls. Add that up and you’ve got another eight of fine fumé herb. These doobers were also really nicely rolled and came in corked test tubes as well. And the box also housed two more wood tips as well as more hemp wick.

The strain for ’em all? Dank Fruit that clocked in with 27.20% THC. They tasted pretty awesome with a nice and smooth exhale. Wiz Khalifa said to always keep one rolled, keeping 5 rolled? That’s five times better.

We’re big fans of California weed, fumé included. If they continue cranking out bud that is this dope it won’t be long before the Napa Valley is less known for producing high-quality wines and better known for crafting fine cannabis. Is fumé stuff stoners like? Hell yeah.

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