Glass House Farms Purple Gelato Strain Review

Purple Gelato Strain
Score: 8/10
Farm: Glasshouse Farms, Santa Barbara
Type: Indica dominant hybrid
Cannabinoids: THCA 27.39% CBD: 0.06%
Sample Size: 3.5 grams

Purple Gelato is a sometimes-purple, purple-tasting phenotype of the modern blockbuster Gelato, which forms the genetic backbone of the “ice-cream” named strains that are so beloved. This particular batch, hand-selected by the Glass House Farms cultivation team for meeting its highest standard of quality, has thrived on the sunlight and warm air of summer, producing flower that offers a rich, creamy berry and grape flavor, and comfortable, relaxing, yet not sleepy, effects.

From their latest press release: “Grower’s Choice fuses science and nature with the art of cannabis cultivation, technology, genetics and fortunate weather conditions to produce the finest flower-powered under the California sun,” said Glass House Group President and Chief Cannabis Officer Graham Farrar. “These limited batches of our greenhouse-grown flower are not only best-in-class, but also embody our belief about what top-tier cannabis is. We’re proud to share Grower’s Choice with our family, our friends, and now you, our customers. We will continue to unveil additional Grower’s Choice editions only when our technical skills and nature’s gifts come together to produce flower that ticks every box, just like we believe that these batches do.”

Damn this looks like some pretty descent fire. Really nice trim job. Tight, rock-hard nugs that we always appreciate from outdoor-grown California weed. There’s a pretty fat trichome’d out look to these nugs as well. Sure, it’s purple weed, which is our all-time favorite, but is it Stuff Stoners Like? Let’s find out.

We always like to give our nugs the full-on sommelier treatment. First, we take lots and lots of big sniffs right out of the jar. This gives us that, well, right out of the jar aroma. We caught some nice grape aroma right off the bat. There’s that backdrop of berry in there as well as some Earthy aroma too.

Next, we like to bust up the nugs using our fingers and take some even bigger sniffs. This allows us to get a feel for those terpenes that come alive once you bust ‘em open. We got some even deeper grape smells—think Jolly Joes candy. Love that shit.

We rolled some of these nugs up in a pretty small joint. We also took some hits off a clean bong. The flavor was pretty choice, we have to admit. Those grape scents translated into some nice grapey flavors as well. There was also that hint of berry in there too. 

After a few bong hits and a joint we were pretty high. Actually, we were much more stoned than high. This Purple Gelato delivered a really nice, clear headed, and slightly laid-back stone.

If you want to find a few new ways to enjoy your couch—this is a great strain to check out. Because It definitely goes well with things like Pink Floyd, Netflix, or ice cream sandwiches.

If you like purple-lookin’ and grape-tastin’ weed you’ll dig this stuff, man. Plus it comes at a pretty good price, we hear.

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