Gorilla Glue Marijuana Strain Review

Gorilla Glue Weed Strain Marijuana Strain Review

Gorilla Glue is a popular marijuana strain that has gained a lot of attention for its potent effects and unique flavor. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at what makes Gorilla Glue so special and what you need to know about this strain.

Overall, Gorilla Glue is a powerful strain that can provide a range of benefits to users. Whether you’re looking for pain relief, relaxation, or just a unique smoking experience, Gorilla Glue is definitely worth a try. Just remember to consume it responsibly and check your local laws before doing so.

Marijuana Strain Name: Gorilla Glue
Review by: Mat Lee
Score: 8/10
Growers Outlet located at 613 Montana Ave #2 South Bend, Washington 360-875-8189
Farm: Top Shelf
Harvest Date: 9/28/15
Type: 80 / 20 (Indica)
Content: THC 26.27% | CBD .06% | CBG 1.15%
Sample Size: 3.5 grams

Gorilla Glue
Gorilla Glue is an Indica Dominant cross of Sour Dubb and Chem Sister

Genetics: Sour Dubb X Chem Sister
The internet lore surrounding Gorilla Glue says that it was one of those accidental strains, happening when Josey Whales had some Chem Sis plants he was growing turned into hermaphrodites and pollinated his Sour Dubb. Tired of getting seeds everywhere, he tossed them out, but his friend Marrdog still had some seeds. He grew them out and kept the #4 phenotype. Thus Gorilla Glue #4 was born. Or so the legend says.
From Josey Whales on Seedfinder.eu:

Gorilla Glue
Gorilla Glue is an Indica Dominant cross of Sour Dubb and Chem Sister

“A few years ago i was growing sour dubb and chem sister and some others, the chem sis threw a couple nanners and hit the sour dubb, i held those seeds for a year or so and finally popped 5 of them, they were ok, really had one nice pheno but i lost it in a security scare, the other 4 pheno’s all hermed on me and totally seeded my whole stadium run, i was pissed, i got rid of all of it to a friend, marrdog. he kept a lot of the seeds and about a year later we had a joint grow going and he popped i believe it was 6 of those seeds, i was really concerned that they would herm and didn’t have much hope for them, they were all female, we ended up with pheno’s 1 2 4 and one we called the runt, all were outstanding, the clear winner though was the gg 4. so thanks to marrdog and lady luck.”

Gorilla Glue Marijuana
Thanks to Marrdog and a little lady luck there’s Gorilla Glue

Appearance and Feel: Damn this shit is sticky as fuck. Wow. But then again, with a strain testing out at over 25%, that’s to be expected. Gorilla Glue is no joke, it will glue your fingers together, and to anything they touch after handling it. The buds are nice and tight with a fantastic calyx to leaf ratio, and totally covered in trichomes. The pistils are a light brown color over a lighter green calyx.

Gorilla Glue Marijuana Strain
Gorilla Glue is spicy, kushy, pungent and earthy right out of the bag

Smell: Spicy, kushy, pungent and earthy right out of the bag. Very smelly. My girlfriend says it smells like dirt, and my new weed smoking friend who’s visiting from Florida says it smells like A1 sauce. I don’t know what to believe anymore. It’s definitely earthy, and definitely pungent. Possibly even a little sour, but that could just be in my head.

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Gorilla Glue Weed Strain is SSL
Gorilla Glue is sticky as fuck

Flavor: The Gorilla Glue has that taste of pure fire. Raw, unadulterated fire. It tingles the nose and has a slight minty aftertaste. This shit tastes real nice. Tons of tasty terpenes. There’s a diesel taste in a joint that has an almost creamy smoke to it.

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Gorilla Glue Medical Marijuana
Gorilla Glue has that taste of pure fire. Raw, unadulterated fire.

High: The high is heavy, and for a strain testing at 26% THC newer smokers should definitely take this one slow. Bonghits pack full expansion, and if you take a big enough one, you’ll see stars.

Make sure you have a place to sit, as you might be needing a little dirt to plant your dick into. That goes for you too ladies. I speak of the metaphorical dick here, which we all have.

Gorilla Glue Medical Weed
For a strain testing at 26% THC newer smokers should definitely take this one slow

Overall: Now this is more like it. I wasn’t all that impressed with the Top Shelf Lemon OG, but their Gorilla Glue is on point. It has a great taste, smell and high that we cannasseurs look for in our cannabis.
I write this time and time again, but people need to understand it’s not just about THC content. Of course it helps, but there’s so much more to it. This shit right here has it all, and for that I’m giving it an eight. The Gorilla Glue from Top Shelf is definitely stuff stoners like.

For SSL, I’m Mat Lee.

45 Responses to “Gorilla Glue Marijuana Strain Review”

  1. Phil

    i just popped two I got from elve 8 I hope they are just as good cant wait wanted to get Bruce banner but can’t find in mi have a green day

  2. j

    How can a cross of 2 sativas be an indica dominant hybrid

  3. Ypsi

    Got bb3 in mi look at despencery in sag….flint area has great genetics…try gg4 bluecheese hybrid its in pount also

  4. Phil

    Thank you i will try dispensary I have g/g they are only 4weeks old

  5. Evo

    I have the bruce banner in michigan. The thumb to be exact. She isn’t as easy to find as most but definitely can get her!
    I have gorilla glue 4 also!
    Along with the real deal Ohio cut sensi dom pheno deathstar. One of my personal favorites!
    All 3 are fantastic.
    I have some other really nice strains too. Been gathering elites for a while now, sourcing the strongest cuts.

  6. Pat

    I have gorilla #4 out side grow . dont on if thay are short or bushey? Near to known whare to put them. Thanks

  7. Angelina

    Does it make you hungry at all? I have no appetite and some strains don’t give me the munchies.

  8. Bigger

    Evo from march 2016? How similar is glue and Death Star ?

  9. Phil

    I do not know. I never had death star .but my gg/4 think are gg/4&cookies .they have a cookies smell

  10. Sylvia

    Just tried!!!! Oh yeah!!! True new smokers and timers should take it VERY SlOw

  11. kkh

    As J above said…this is not an Indica. You have it listed as a cross between 2 Sativas, and basically every other site about weed calls it a “Sativa-dom hybrid”. Which really sucks since I bought some on your recommendation, and I CAN’T SMOKE SATIVAS! I also, as you know, can’t return weed. Thanks.

  12. Phil

    I never herd of anyone who could smoke but not smoke a sativa That just sounds F/U have green day

  13. kkh

    Well, now you have. Sativas make my heart race and make me paranoid. They make me feel horrible. And I know MANY people who feel this way, including a couple of people who work at the dispensary I go to.

  14. kaz

    The glue is one of my favorites, from the buds to the smoke it’s intense. The taste and high combo is one of the best. Looking forward to this weekend.

  15. Big bud

    I feel the same way about most sativas kkk but glue is something all together its own thing. Just try it.
    You wont regret it if its the real gg#4.

  16. kkh

    I did try it. It is a very potent strain, and I can see how people would like it. But I buy MMJ for pain relief and for sleep. I am not a huge fan of how weed makes me feel, and really do only use it medicinally. After smoking GG, I laid there in bed for about an hour and a half, not being able to turn off my brain and go to sleep. It was completely counterproductive for me, and I gave the rest of what I had away. Telling the people who count on your reviews that something is “Indica dominant” when it is actually SATIVA dominant is BS.

  17. hammerhead

    There are no real regular GG#4 seeds people.. GG#4 IS A CLONE ONLY STRAIN. You can only get GG#4 S1 this is a female seed line. . If anyone is telling you they have GG#4 in regular seeds there fake.. This info is easy to find on ICM

  18. Zip luxury

    Kkh is correct this is sativa there’s no hybrid about it it comes from too sativa based clones so do your math and figure it out you’re not going to get an Indica from sativa and for you you said you’ve never heard of someone that can’t smoke sativa have you ever heard of somebody that can’t smoke Indica have you ever heard of something to marijuana. Because I’m allergic to fuck in sativa and if I smoke and I get a headache so fuck you you dumb fucking idiot

  19. Phil

    There is no need to throw around some f bombs I can smoke any flower and you can’t ha / ha I love the highbryds!


    The Real Deathstar is Sour Dominant and smells like burnt rubber Skunk then there is a Fake Deathstar that is kind of Fruity!

  21. Doc Hickory

    Has anyone heard that the feminized GG#4 has about 50/50 chance of going hermaphordite, and where can I get the GG#4 seeds, need sent to Alaska

  22. lost on earth

    i live in the flint area and have mmj license. my caregiver is a michigan cannabis cup award winner. i have been smoking on a very regular basis for over 45 years and usually the product consumed was high quality/strength for the time/era when it was used. currently, organic gg#4 (tested 26 to 30 percent) is keeping me from having to start using strong opioids for an old military injury. never have i encountered such a strong and pleasant strain. from what i have been able to ascertain from on the web and my caregiver even though the parent strains were sativa heavy, there was/is indica in the mix. ask any geneticist about recessive genes and how they can appear anywhere along the family tree. my suspicion is that the indicas got together in this strain and took over from the sativas.
    i seldom get the munchies on this strain, it’s great for inducing sleep, it works well on skeletal and deep muscular pain, and i do not recommend this strain for beginners or party-goers. it is likely that the person smoking gg#4 at a party will be the person who wakes up with sharpie printing on their forehead.

  23. kkh

    Yes, I have no doubt that there is some Indica in the mix. Very few strains are 100% Indica or Sativa anymore. Basically everything is a “hybrid”. But this being called an “Indica dominant” is just plain wrong. This is a Sativa dominant strain, which means it is a hybrid but leaning towards the Sativa side.

  24. lost on earth

    yes, the strain may be classified as sativa-dominant because of the amount of sativa ancestors in the strain’s genealogy, but there is also several strong strains of indica in that genealogy. as i said about recessive genes, they can appear anywhere in the genealogy after they are introduced into it. i am averaging 28g/month of organic gg#4 and what i experience is most certainly heavily indica influenced. as far as i am concerned, gg#4 is a mutant-freak-of-nature where the recessive genes took over and i hope she’s permanently here to stay.

  25. kkh

    And what I’ve experienced is most definitely NOT “indica heaviness”. In fact most of the Indicas I smoke help me sleep; Blueberry, OG Kush, Grandaddy Purple, etc. The night I smoked GG, based off of this article’s recommendation, I laid there for HOURS, mind racing, not being able to sleep, just like what happens to me when I smoke Sativas. “…as I said about recessive genes…” I’m not a moron and have actually studied genetics, and I get it about “recessive genes”. But sorry, this is NOT an “Indica dominant” strain. In fact, look at basically every article on GG on the internet, and they all say “Sativa Dominant” strain. Too each their own I suppose. But no, this is Sativa Dom, just like everyone else says it is, just like the way it made me and others feel. Like they have smoked a SATIVA.

  26. kkh

    Maybe, Lost on Earth, the stuff you are getting in Michigan has more Indica in it than the stuff here in Colorado and California and the rest of the Western US, but no, the stuff out here is in no way “Indica dominant”.

  27. Tracy Tiffey

    Use gg for depression and insomnia!!
    This is not a daytime medicine !
    Had no choice but to start a gg of my own !
    Week 4 in flower– white pistils galore !!!!

  28. kkh

    GG GIVES me insomnia and is most definitely a “daytime” medicine for me.

  29. Anonymous

    that was a mind f***

  30. Anonymous

    I have a gorilla glue plant that is definitely an indica indicas are bushes sativas are trees and I’ve definitely got bush

  31. lost on earth

    i have never said that gg#4 is “indica-dominant”. if you look elsewhere on the interweb, you can see that the vast majority of the strains in gg#4’s family tree are sativa, however, there are several “strong” strains of indica that were introduced into the tree. since these strains haven’t appeared since their initial introduction into the tree, it is to be assumed that their “introduced genes” are recessive. recessive genes can reappear anywhere along the tree. if, and when, they reappear they are still not dominant. so gg#4 could have what are “sativa-dominant” parents and still have the recessive genes as the “active genes” in that strain.
    the gg#4 i am using turns people into couch potatoes, kills muscular and skeletal pain, does not induce the munchies (actually depresses appetite), and doesn’t induce the “giggles”. i have never encountered a sativa that has all of those effects. since the parents have been labelled sativa, i understand that gg#4 would be labelled sativa, but the short, bushy “christmas trees” that i see where my buds come from sure don’t act or look sativa. “sativa-dominant” – probably; “sativa effects” – nope. sure would love to see a “dna test”. the grower/caregiver i get my medicine from is highly respected (actually considered to be one of the best) in michigan and has “wins” at the michigan cannabis cup.

  32. kkh

    Ok, whatever you say. I just know how sativas make me feel, which is not good. The GG makes me feel like every other sativa I have smoked, which is not good. It’s not that big of a deal tho, there are so many great indica strains out there, I certainly don’t feel like I’m “missing out” or anything. Only that I wasted the money on 1/8 because of mis-information. I gave the GG to a friend. No big. At this point it was MONTHS ago.

  33. lost on earth

    by the way, what makes me suspicious that the recessive genes (indica) “took over” while remaining recessive is that the seeds came from a hermaphrodite. in my growing experience, hermaphrodites “throw the normal rules of lineage out the window”. too bad that kkh and i can’t exchange samples. the only way that can happen is if kkh is in michigan.

  34. lost on earth

    kkh, what strain of indica has worked best for you? i am always interested in sampling indica strains that might be better medicine for me. haven’t found any better than “my” gg#4, but always looking. you sound like you are quite intelligent and far beyond a “typical stoner”.

  35. Michigan medical grower

    I live in the Detroit area and I pulled 1 seed out of am oz of some amazing gg#4 and I immediately started growing it and it’s definitely a female so I’m very happy about that . It definatly has alot of indica genes in it because the plant is short and bushy , and I mean bushy …it’s definitely more suited for a ScrOG setup so that’s what I’ll be doing once I flip to flower . This girl stinks like fire in veg lol and looking at the new leaves you can definitely see a ton of trichomes and the leaves look frosted…this is such a treat to grow this strain…it’s truly beautiful and a good way to tell if it’s really gg4 is by the twisty leaves …some of the leaves will twist while growing and then the correct themselves before turning into fan leaves. It also has been shooting out 9 pointed leaves which also just add to its beauty.. I just transplanted from a 5 to a 10 gallon pot and I’m giving her a few more weeks of beg and then I’ll flipvto flower. I have been extremely involved with everything in this grow more than any others as this is my first grow using led grow lights. I am so excited for flowering. Anyone growing gg 4 should plan for the stretch once flipping to 12/12 . I have read and been told by many growers that the first 3 weeks of flower this strain really likes to stretch. I have heard even up to a 50%-75% stretch so don’t let em get too tall in veg and definitely top at least once and train it alot or top a few times. And as I’ve said before its a bush and definitely a prime candidate for a ScrOG setup to maximize yield and help support the tops .

  36. quartzj

    Thanks for all the great info. I’m growing GG indoor in a climatic area of California that is 100 degrees almost all summer and am getting good results. Like knowing the genetics as I’m new at this. My first post on a web site connected to mj….

  37. Tanonymous

    It gives me a headache. But after I eat, I feel better. Fat, but better.

  38. Eli907

    I got Gorilla Glue #12, and it smells good! Earthy, pungent, piney. Very sticky and dense buds. My personal favorites are BlueBerry and Blue Dream, but this Gorilla Glue #12 has its own ways of being in my top favorite strains. Definitely a Sativa, makes me super stoned like in the good old days when I first started smoking, paranoid, anxious, tripping out, and pure euphoria. I love Indicas mainly BlueBerry for my insomnia, and Hybrid like Blue Dream for day time use. But when I want to get paranoid and pure euphoria, I smoke Gorilla Glue #12. Where is the Sensi Star? I miss getting some Sensi Star, that has its own attributes too for my personal favorites. Also some John Doe, my most favorite strain is John Doe, but it is so hard to find John Doe! If anyone has every tried John Doe, you will love it.
    1. BlueBerry (the smell, taste, and high all in one top favorite)
    2. Blue Dream (the smell is so good, i will smoke it all alone without inviting friends)
    3. John Doe (may my cousin rest in peace, we smoked some John Doe before he commited suicide)
    4. Gorilla Glue #12 (can’t stop sniffing the buds all day, smell so good!)
    5. Sensi Star (has its own unique smell, love the aroma when smoking it)
    Sorry OG Kush, you are out of my top 5 now, but still a favorite in my top 10.
    6. OG Kush (still a favorite, will smoke you any day)
    7. Strawberry Cough (mmmm a personal favorite)
    8. Pineapple (not express or kush, just pineapple)
    9. Grape J Kush (can smell the aroma smoke few houses away, got the neighbors calling saying they smell good toke)
    10. Hashberry (very rare to find, so awesome to smoke and unique high)

  39. Highheaded


  40. CosmicCharlie

    Gorilla Glue #4 is Chocolate Diesel x (Chem’s Sister x Sour Dubble)

  41. Joe Blow

    Found 3 seeds in a o but bad state ):

  42. Stoner Stuff

    Sends them to us?

  43. David Raye

    Recently me and a accomplice dropped by Aroma,s in Denver right off Quebec,all this nonsense about Sativa versus Indica ends right here in this perfect hybrid which truly has both qualities in spades ,he bought flower and I bought a gram of rosin that was as clean and blond as real butter . The flower was way too dry something common in dispensaries but nothing one drop of water in the bag didn’t fix which greatly increased the taste and slowed the burn by the next morning.Dry as it was the high was immediate and strong taking you on a very intense Sativa high,but all the while letting you know couch lock was coming in about a hour,this dispenser listed it as a Indica dominant not as much from bloodline but from plant quality but the stone and high are perfectly right down the middle,taste is great strong but not acrid,earthy yet strong. The rosin was obviously pressed from Kief or sift as it was completely pure with a orange color and most a butter texture . The high was incredibly strong the strongest dabs I have done so far with a ggreat rich taste and Rush’s that went on for extended periods of time the high is all of the best of Sativa with all of the best of Indica at first being overwhelmed by the Sativa buzz but after a hour you are left with a pure and very strong Indica couch lock.This strain is simply the best of both worlds.

  44. Rickz

    Went in the Military just as they began the Anti-Pot piss test in the early 80s. I’d had Panama Red, Kona Gold, Jamaican something or other, mexican green. The Great and the not so great.
    I hadn’t smoked since then. I stayed in the military for the full 20, in Black Programs, those that don’t exist. Saw some wicked shit in exchange for not toking.
    Then when I got out I still used my high clearance as a contractor making excellent bucks. So still no smoking. In addition to being a recovering alcoholic, I couldn’t afford the mind alteration.
    Fast forward to today and my joints are shot. I take anywhere from 90 to 180 mg of morphine a day for my pain. Multiple joints have between 2 and 5 different pains alone.
    When multiple sites go off, some with multiple types of pain at the same damn time, nothing I’ve got can reach out all the way and stop the pain. I’d say about a 1/4 of my days are like that. Multiple pains at once in some joints combined with spasms. Fuck me.
    Fast forward and I’m retired on disability now. Then 3 months ago I came across a family friend who got some pot for me.
    38 years since I’d smoked, and I was a stoner up until I was 22. Some days I woke up and went to bed with a joint, plus what I did during the day. I Always had pot on me and almost never ran out.
    After 38 years I am way out of touch with pot, it’s just a distant memory. But this stuff in May had no seeds, no sticks, pure little buds, broken down some, but cute little things. This pot was held together really tight, it was pretty moist and sticky, I had to use scissors to break the buds down to fit properly in my little pipe.
    The high was intense, strong, I could feel it all over and out to a distance of about two feet. You know what I mean, no need to go into detail on this at all.
    Then I needed a refill and I asked my friend if she could, and she said, “Yes”.
    “Is it the same?”, I asked.
    “Yes”, she replied.
    I asked her if she knew it’s name, but she didn’t. She did say though, that she’d ask when she picked it up.
    I knew it was good stuff, but I wanted to know what it was!
    I got it last night with a Post-It note written on it, “Gorilla Glue #4”.
    I’d done some reading on what was available in lucky parts of the country, the different strains available and the very high quality. I instantly knew I had something very special in my hands.
    Now I know just how special. I’ve decreased how much I load my pipe with. It last longer and I’m not so stupid anymore after I smoke. I couldn’t even speak when I first began smoking this.

  45. Stankygrams

    The GG#4 is without a doubt one of those special strains that will definitely get you super high, super quickly. I’m in Texas and I only paid $45.00 for an 4gram – eighth from rastafarian.green1@gmail.com

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