Green Crack Weed Review

Green CrackGreen Crack Weed Review

Written by Jay and Uncle Tweezy of UptownGrowLab

We check out the Green Crack Marijuana Strain today. We sourced this cannabis at Herb(n) Elements, in Seattle Washington. It was grown by Sky  High Gardens. The test results show THCA 22.20 % CBD 0.26% THC 1.41% Total potency analysis for this Green Crack came out to 20.88%.

When I cracked opened the container containing this Green Crack weed the first scent of reminded me of and ‘Arnold Palmer’ –ice tea with lemonade. Weird right? The dry toke is old school. Herbal with menthol notes. She smokes very smoothly at first, but then the coughing starts. Sky High Farms rates their Green Crack at the highest level for a sativa.

According to Green Crack’s origins are as follow: ‘As the story goes, this high-quality strain was developed in the 1970s and was originally known as Cush (not to be confused with Kush). Renamed Green Crack, supposedly by Snoop Dogg, it has become a popular favorite with medical patients and recreational users alike. This fruity, sweet strain delivers a strongly uplifting high, both energizing and joyful, while providing pain and stress relief. An excellent combination of benefits, Green Crack is easily used throughout the day with users reporting no lingering fatigue.

Green Crack Kush
Green Crack from Growers Outlet at 613 Montana Ave #2 South Bend, Washington (360) 875-8189

Green Crack Weed is SSL

The smoke off this Green Crack weed had me coughing intensely for what seemed like forever. It seemed to expand in my lungs and explode outward. Smoking Green Crack weed reminds me of smoking weed in Amsterdam in the early 90s when Skunk#1, Northern Lights and White Widow dominated the coffee shop menus. As I smoked the joint and started feeling the effects, I noticed visual perception was heightened and I felt very nice, not speedy or paranoid. The buzz was sustained for a good two hours—my head was thrumming throughout, reminding me of many mornings in the garden with Tweezy firing up the Sour or Chemdawg.

All of our love from The Kitchen! Stay lifted, Jay Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy

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