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Ditch the incense, candles, and sprays!  The GroovTube can handle all of the odor issues associated with exhaled smoke. These things have a simple, effective “sploof” design that works every time with no prep. Instead of trying to mask that unwanted weed smoke smell GroovTube’s carbon filters first scrub smoke of odors before adding the scent of your choice. And a removable insert cartridges makes swapping scents or replacing spent scent cartridges a breeze. Speaking of cartridges, man, each one provides more than 200+ uses! That’s a lot of smoke sessions, dude.

There are three scents are available in this GroovTube deal: Cinnamon, Peach and Lavender. Each GroovTube set contains:

  • 1 GroovTube
  • 1 GroovTube Scent Cartridge
  • 1 Removable outer wrap

GroovTubeOnly the GroovTube offers patent-pending odor control technology which works simply and effectively every time. So skip the hassle, expense, and mess of incense, sprays, and candles and find your groove!

For refunds, returns and exchanges please contact GroovTube. Products will be mailed upon conclusion of week-long flash sale.

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