Guide To Getting A Weed Card From Your Couch

New York citizens now have the opportunity to qualify for a medical cannabis card. With this card, you can have instant access to cannabis, which is already well known for its vast importance to human health and well being. Keep reading on how to get a medical marijuana card quickly and easily from THC Physicians.

Ultimate Guide On How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In NY

Step 1: Find a NY health provider and get in touch.
Get in touch with a certified health practitioner registered with the department of HMMP (Health’s Medical Marijuana Program). You can make an appointment or even contact them through an online form. There are a couple of online options you can choose from. Whether you go face-to-face or virtually, you will need to discuss different medical marijuana use aspects with your physician.

For this, bear in mind that you have to be a NY resident, which means you have to show proof. You must also have a qualifying medical condition. Temporary residents who want to get this card can prove residency via their driver’s license or any utility bill. If you get approval from the doctor, you can apply for a certification for medical marijuana use.

Step 2: Register with NY medical marijuana program
Once you are approved, you must register with the dedicated program through the online system. There are two ways you can do this:

  • Ask your physician’s office
  • You can submit applications through the NY state government website

Fast Fact: Getting a medical marijuana card involves discussing your needs with a certified physician and filling out online paperwork.

After submitting all the necessary information and getting approval, it may take 7 to 10 days before your card arrives. 

Step 3: Visit a local dispensary.
After receiving a TRIC (Temporary Registration Identification Card), you can use it with your ID to purchase cannabis from a qualified dispensary. Medical marijuana products are laboratory certified and of high quality, so you can have complete peace of mind regarding safety and excellence.

What costs should I expect?
Once you receive physician certification, you have to set aside $50 for medical marijuana card applications. It is a non-refundable application fee. You can also expect the costs of physician consultation to be up to $299. There are also some online services at around $149.

Penalties for possession without a card
Even if you have this card, it does not mean that you can grow cannabis or hold more than the “prescribed” quantities. The doctor will recommend the exact amount, therapy, and brand, much like a prescription. Particular companies are in charge of growing cannabis and sales. You are legally allowed to have up to two ounces on your person at any time.

The takeaway
In many ways, New York is the most specific in terms of medical marijuana access compared to other states. Doctors in New York state are very strict regarding regulations and quantity – this is medicine, after all!

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