All Moms Medicating With Marijuana

Today is Mother’s Day, a damn Hallmark Holiday, but nonetheless a day to remember and acknowledge all those who have mothered and continue to do so every fucking day.

Specifically, we should give huge praise and encouragement to all those mothers who choose to medicate with marijuana. Yes, it deserves repeating, THANK YOU TO ALL MOMS MEDICATING WITH MARIJUANA. We here at Stuff Stoners Like understand the plight of motherhood and would like to take this day to say to all the mom’s out there, it is OK to medicate. It is your right to medicate. Doctors recommended you medicate. Do not feel guilty for medicating. It is perfectly acceptable to go to a GP, describe symptoms of depression and anxiety, walk out with Zoloft and Valium and be comfortable walking down the street with your prescription in your purse.

This isn’t always the case with marijuana. Even as tides change still there’s a stigma attached to cannabis and socially it isn’t acceptable to talk about your recommendation in most circles. Breaking down barriers since the 60s, the fucking Stones shined a light on all those illicit Mother’s Little Helpers housewives were abusing to get through their day! Nowadays they’d surely agree…it’s time to put down those harmful crutches; XanaX, Valium, Vicodin, chardonnay…for the candy…the medicine…the HERB…the HEALING of the NATION…that Mother nature created just for you, mom. Note to Mom’s today:

It’s ok to medicate and you are not a bad mom if you are attending to your children and giving love to either yourself or your children. Medicate without guilt or fear of being caught. It’s your right to choose your medication and take it accordingly.

It’s your right as a human to use all of MOTHER nature’s remedies! Marijuana…it is a beautiful thing and it should be embraced.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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