Hawaii Finds Banking Solution for Marijuana Dispensaries, Product Shortage Continues

NEW--twitter STONER HOROSCOPE templateWhile many other states struggle to find a banking solution for the federally illegal substance known as marijuana, Hawaii has managed to figure it out. However the aloha state is still working on supplying 18,000 medical marijuana patients with their medicine of choice. And to do so the state has joined forces with a Colorado Credit Union to bring cashless transactions to the only two dispensaries open for business throughout the entire state.

Aloha Green Holdings and the Maui Wellness Group said Safe Harbor Private Banking, a division of Partner Colorado Credit Union, will offer financial services to the state’s eight medical marijuana dispensaries. CanPay, a debit payment company, will allow customers to make payments using an app on their smart phones. The goal is to provide a safe and fully compliant banking program.

Maui Wellness Group has stated, “We are currently researching a number of cashless purchase options for our patients. Cashless transactions will enhance peace of mind for our staff, patients and the public. Stay tuned! We will announce details at a later date.”

Unfortunately, paying for the weed will probably be easier than obtaining it. Maui Wellness is currently also telling their patients product availability is uncertain at this time. The dispensary asks patients to call and confirm what is in stock before making an appointment. All sales are currently by appointment only until further notice.

According to Maui Wellness Group ongoing delays are due to the DOH’s delays. As previously reported, the Director of the DOH, Christian Whelen, basically said the ball is in the labs’ court and the DOH needs data proving that they’re capable of detecting pesticides in samples. “I can’t predict when the labs are going to submit those data packages to me. They tell me soon. I can’t predict when they will do that.” He continued to put the blame on the labs by stating, “We’re doing the best we can to help them try to move their status forward.”

So, if you are a medical marijuana patient in Hawaii you will soon be able to pay for your medicine with ease, but probably won’t be able to get the strain, amount, or derivative of choice.

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