Top 10 Heady Glass Makers That Blow Minds And Mind-Boggling Glass

Salt Glass Heady GlassHeady glass is Stuff Stoners Like

Heady glass is hella stuff stoners like. Mat Lee details the top ten best mind-blowing glass blowers in the game.

Oh sweet heady glass. There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and getting your routine started off on the right foot with a glob of some loud ass terp sauce out of some clean, well functioning, heady glass. From heady glass dab rigs to heady glass bongs, the heady culture is some stuff stoners like. It’s how my day starts, and, if you’re into that sort of lifestyle, I highly suggest getting educated on the whole heady glass scene.

WTF is heady glass?

So what is heady glass? You’ll hear this term tossed around to mean different things in different circles, depending on the region. But one thing they all have in common, is that the term heady glass is in reference to some intricate, awe inspiring, hand made functional glass art. You might be familiar with the term heady stash, or head stash. This is in reference to a stash of really exceptional material, whether be weed, or another mind expanding substance. People like to talk about pulling out their head stash to make others feel more important during the sesh. Don’t believe me? Try it out next time you are having a sesh. Make sure you sell it with confidence and make it believable. That’s the heady glass definition.

Why is heady glass so special?

So what would make a piece of glass go from normal every day boring boro to being placed on the top shelf of some heady kids glass collection? Again, that’s going to vary, but I’ve been around my fair share of dope glass and heady collectors, so these guidelines are put together based on that experience and knowledge. What makes something super heady? Everything from facets to opals to UV reactive and glow in the dark glass to crazy functioning scientifically sealed recyclers and incyclers. If the name of the glass artist doesn’t make the piece heady, the work they do on the piece definitely will.

The headiest heady glass makers

Now that we have a better understanding of what heady glass is, it’s important to understand how valuable this stuff is. Some stoners pay thousands of dollars for heady glass. Some even look at heady glass as an investment. Buy cheap, sell high.You can find heady glass for sale all over the web, but be careful there’s  a ton of cheap junk out there. It’s always best to buy directly from the artist if possible.

heady glass master joe pTop 10 Heady Glass Makers

Anyhow who are the top 10 heady glass makers around? This list is going to vary person to person, or group to group. It’s art, so it’s going to be a relative experience. Sure we can all agree that this painting or that sculpture have certain artistic properties to them, but if you ask 1000 people who their favorite artist is, you’ll get 900 different answers and maybe 100 similar ones. Who knows, I’m not very good at numbers myself, but what I do know is this. Who better to ask about heady glass and heady glass makers than my friend and glass mentor who first got me started collecting the headies. Mr. Oregonized Concentrates himself.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen a post I tossed out to my followers regarding who their top 5 would be. I was curious how closely or not this lined up with what my friend and I had come up with. The results will blow your mind, and I’ll put them at the end of this article.

My friend Blaek aka B_Hold_glass on IG stopped by for a sesh, so I had a chance to chat with him about heady glass, what makes glass heady to him, and who his top five are. Check out the video below.

The anonimity of blowing glass dab rigs

I find it fascinating that a particular glass artist doesn’t have to necessarily be a household name, or someone with tens of thousands of followers to be considered heady. The work speaks for itself, and as with most art, the experience and emotions that are conjured up when one gazes into the depths of the glass are completely relative. What one person might find heady, another may not. Like most things in life, it all depends on the individual.

Salt Glass Heady Glass MasterHeady glass doesn’t always have to be a device for smoking weed or dabs. There’s heady pendants, heady marbles, even heady glass goblets and flutes for drinking fancy liquid stuff out of. If it’s made of glass, there’s a glass blower out there somewhere that can make a version of it, only heady as fuck.

Who are these beasts of boro spending more hours than not staring into the flame, melting glass and forming it into something more. Fusing imagination, passion and pain with borosilicate glass for some, is the most rewarding therapy in the world? Who makes up the list of the top heady glass makers on the planet? As I said previous, everyone is going to have their own list. This is my list. There are many like it, but this one is mine. I will talk about my list, then we will discuss the top five from my network of Instagram friends. These are listed in alphabetical order:

heady glass by banjo

Inter-dimensional, biomechanical deities with some of the craziest intricate detail you’ll see in the functional heady glass world. Banjo has made a name for himself ever since he was a young banjo playing psychonaut bouncing around with the rainbow family.

In an interview with High Times back in October 2016 he said, “There were artists around probably doing a thousand-dollar piece a week, and I believed I could probably figure out how to do that. I saw it as a way to support my child. I left college never thinking I would be an artist—I just left to go be a hippie. I really didn’t have any anticipation of doing anything but playing banjo and eating LSD and doing mushrooms, smoking pot, living in the woods. Then, suddenly, you’re having a kid; you gotta do something. I saw these guys blowing glass. That looked like an easy way to make money.”

It can definitely pay the bills, especially if you are creating art of this caliber. A quick glimpse through his Instagram account will show you exactly why Banjo is on our top five heady glass blower list.

heady glass by contrabassoElijah Copeland aka Contrabasso Glass has been creating glass art since 2000. His work is completely mesmerizing at first glance and utterly hypnotic the more you gaze at it. I love getting lost in his line work. The Hypercycler collab he did with Bishop is epic as fuck, and one day perhaps I’ll be heady enough to have one in my private collection. Definitely take a look through his IG feed and his website and you’ll see some massively dope and heady glass art.

Heady glass by cowboy-glassChris Kerner aka Cowboy Glass makes some super heady glass art. Couple that with the Facet Mamma’s super sly facet game, and you get some next level heady glass rigs for sale. Cowboy has a wicked cool style, and as you can see from his Instagram feed, loves doing collabs with people. You can find his work all over the internet, and in heady glass shops around the country. One day I’ll have a cool heady Cowboy sherlock in my collection. But until then, drool with me at all this heady ass stuff stoners like.

Harold Cooney
Heady Glass by harold-cooney

Have you ever considered paying $300 or more for a marble? What if it was a super heady marble with some of the most intricate line work you’ve ever seen? If you are still shaking your head, you might just not fully grasp how much time and energy goes into creating beautiful works of art like this.

His pendants are dope. His minitubes are dope. Everything this guy melts is dope. I first heard about Harold Cooney from another glassblower named Mike Philpot. They did a collab together and it’s something I’ve been drooling over ever since. You can check out the collab here.

Darby Holm
heady glass by darby-holm

Darby has been on the torch since the mid 90’s, and is one of those glass artists who continues to evolve and grow, continually pushing himself and the game onward and upward. From his collabs with the brilliant Buck Glass to his sick fucking rayguns, Darby continues to blow minds with every show piece he creates. Be sure to follow him on IG to see more cool functional glass art and some bad ass glass ray guns.

Of course there are countless more glass blowers that I would definitely consider heady, but as far as a top five list currently, these are the people who’s work I’m drooling over. Really though, who am I kidding? I drool over most glass I see that looks dope on Instagram. Let’s see what the good people on my IG feed had to say. Their top five, in alphabetical order is as follows.

Heady Glass by eusheen
Born into the gypsy lifestyle, Eusheen Goines makes some badass glass art. The redisculator is one that comes to mind. Definitely another top ranking heady glass blower.

Heady Glass by krunk

Arik Krunk has been cranking out the glass heaters since the early 90’s. One scroll through his instagram feed and it’s easy to see why the people love Krunk.

Joe P.
Heady Glass by joe-p
Joe Peters makes some exceptionally dope and unique glass art. I honestly don’t know where to even begin here, so just go check out his feed and see the dopeness for yourself.
Heady Glass by salt-glass
Master of the eye, and a ton of other cool stuff. Salt Glass is always pushing the game, and the people love him for it. The eyes have it yo.

Scoz Glass
Heady Glass by scoz-glass

Scott Tribble aka Scoz is best known for his Scoz Dragons. But as you can see from his feed, if you aren’t already familiar with his work, he does more than dragons. The people love Scoz, and for damn good reason.

We also can’t forget about great glass artists like the Philpots, Hamm’s Waterworks, Goliath, Brent Martindale, Buck, Dosa, Jeff Williams, Jeff Patterson, Blueberry 503, Punty, Jack Storms, Bob Snodgrass, and so many others. The list would go on ad infinitum if I were to list them all. Please don’t email me saying that this list sucks or is incomplete. I am fully aware, and like I said earlier, this is my personal list, and I’m sure your list will vary. One thing we can all agree on, heady glass is stuff stoners like.

By Mat Lee

Have we missed any glass blowers that you think should be on this list? Don’t worry, man, we can make more lists, just let us know who they are in the comments section below and we’ll check ’em out and consider ’em for the next feature.

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