High Sex Anyone? Statistics Suggest Weed and Sex Go Together

How to have High SexHave you ever had high sex, and I am not talking about the mile high club kinda high sex? I am talking about the marijuana inhaling kinda high sex that doesn’t involve an airplane. Some may think there isn’t any other kind of sex than high sex. Most of us stoners think high sex is just sex, we don’t define it as high sex, because we are usually pretty high and if sex comes along, it will most likely fall into the high sex category.

The chances are if you are reading this post the answer to the high sex question is yes or hell yes. Or just maybe you are new to the high sex game and are thinking about adding getting high to your sexual repertoire? Maybe you need a little tutorial on the history and origin of high sex? Just like most everything else today we as a human race are not doing anything that hasn’t already been done before.

High sex has been around as long as there has been a way to get high. Marijuana has been used as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years all over the world. Throughout history the herb has been heightening female sex drive and sensual awareness, increasing erections, improving orgasm, relaxing the body and relieving pain. It’s no secret couples around the world, young and old, black, white, brown and yellow have all been packing bowls, watching TV, and having high sex for centuries, and it wasn’t even legal. Point being, people historically love their weed and people historically really love sex and when you combine weed with sex people get happy. Since the time of the caveman people have been having high sex and smoking weed. Why? Because weed makes us feel good. Sex makes us feel good. Therefore the easy conclusion is weed and sex together will make you feel ‘more better’ as the Jamaicans would say.

Yesterday was California’s first legalized weed Valentine’s Day and you know people everywhere were banging away having high sex like soldiers returning to home from war. Maybe not quite the same as the soldier reference, but a lot of high sex nevertheless. 29 states say its legal to get your high sex on so the number of people having it has got to be astronomical and unprecedented. And, we wouldn’t be surprised if the result is a birth rate surge in the states with legalized weed. I am telling you lots and lots of people are buying weed at a rate nobody could foresee.

Although the high sex statistics aren’t currently available the anecdotal evidence is in. I was at my not so favorite dispensary in Oakland two days ago and the entire operation was empty of cannabis cartridges. Not one cartridge could be spared. I have been frequenting this dispensary that everybody goes to in Oakland for over 7 years and not once was I turned away at the counter because of a shortage in supply. I can’t remember the last time anger surfaced so fierce and fast. My face became flushed with fever and I had a strong desire to punch the ever so adorable budtender. Safe to say tens of thousands of people in the bay area have cartridges and were having high sex on Valentine’s Day to cause such a shortage and tempt me to violence. It was an unprecedented unfortunate event, and I hope it never happens again. Which begs the very important question on everybody’s mind. What is the best weed strain when having sex anyways?

Best weed strain for sex

Say what? You want to know what is the best weed strain for sex? Just like everything else involved with sex, you only want what works for you boo. The best of anything question can only be answered with a tainted subjective perspective anyways. Everybody is different and reactions to the herb vary. Sour Diesel may make you feel energized and connected, but it could induce a paranoid, frenetic reaction in your partner.

When choosing the right strain for you and your stoned one remember the sativa hybrids will generally induce a creative, energetic, cerebral high. And, the indicas will give you a more physical, tension relieving experience. Personally, I am partial to any strain with the letters kush in its name and my knees go weak with the scent of purps and diesel.

If you want to enhance you and/or your partner’s sexual encounter get stoned with the strain you each love the most. You probably know what it is for you, the trick is making sure you have the right gear for your partner. Communicate with your partner about her or his cannabis desires and don’t be shy. Keep in mind some people prefer the flower high and think it is a stronger more intense feeling compared to a vape pen. Although, most everybody loves the vape and the freedom they unleash. It’s kinda hard to actually have sex while holding a bong and/or pipe, but it’s pretty easy taking a hit from a  pen. Just be careful not to sit or lay on the battery when naked. Could be hazardous to your health.

Weed and sex

Do weed and sex really go together like peas and corn? Or, like Mick and Keith? Or, like McCartney and Lennon, if you are a Beatles fan? Dr. Michael Eisenberg, a urologist at Stanford University Medical Center, says YES. Weed and sex do go together well, maybe not as well as peas and corn and the rock and roll greats, but the evidence suggests marijuana definitely enhances the sexual encounter and increases sexual activity.

Dr. Eisenberg is the senior author on a study published last year in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, titled, “Association Between Marijuana Use and Sexual Frequency in the United States: A Population-Based Study”.

The study found evidence that suggests those who choose to inhale the herb tend to have more sex. Whether or not if the increase in sexual activity is cause related couldn’t be defined. The doctor stated, “What we found was compared to never-users, those who reported daily use had about 20 percent more sex. So over the course of a year, they’re having sex maybe 20 more times.”

He also found women who consumed marijuana daily had sex 7.1 times a month, on average; for men, it was 6.9 times. Women who didn’t use marijuana at all had sex 6 times a month, on average, while men who didn’t use marijuana had sex an average of 5.6 times a month.

Eisenberg said, “It was pretty much every group we studied, this pattern persisted,” he says. The more marijuana people smoked, the more they seemed to be having sex.

Although Eisenberg’s study suggests a correlation between marijuana and sex not all experts agree with his assessment. Mitch Earleywine, a psychologist at the University at Albany who has also studied cannabis and sex but wasn’t involved in Eisenberg’s work sees things a bit differently.

Earleywine stated,  “In some surveys, we saw that people [who used cannabis] did have sex more, but it seemed to be mediated by this personality type that’s willing to try new things or look for thrills,”. In other words, it seems that people who like to smoke weed may have other character traits that lead them to be more sexual.

Nevertheless, Eisenberg’s research demonstrated a direct correlation between marijuana and sexual behavior in rats, suggesting it may work for humans too.  He said, “It’s possible it makes men or women more interested in sex,” In one study, researchers found they were able to induce sexual behavior by injecting a cannabinoid, the class of psychoactive compounds in marijuana, into rats.

Eisenberg, urologist, says he often receives the question about whether or not weed with inhibit sex drive. He answers, “One question my patients always have is will smoking marijuana frequently negatively impact my sexual function?” Eisenberg says. “We don’t want people to smoke to improve sexual function, but it probably doesn’t hurt things.”

Most people who have had sex while high on weed would most likely agree with Dr. Eisenberg, “it probably doesn’t hurt things”.

Sex while high on weed

If you have ever had sex while high on weed you know the sex is elevated to a different level both physically and mentally. Some things in life are true no matter what space and time you occupy in history. The correlation between sex and weed is one of those things. Sex and marijuana are meant to be enjoyed together, it is part of our DNA, we are physically designed to feel pleasure when you mix the two together.

According to The Sexy History of Marijuana it’s all thanks to the cannabinoid receptors implanted in our brain. If you didn’t already know, we all have cannabinoid receptors in our brain, nervous system and sexual organs. Sex and marijuana both heighten sensitivity, increase circulation, reduce pain and promote pleasure and cause dopamine and oxytocin to flood the brain.

Both sex and weed also affect neurochemistry, hormonal systems and the temporal lobe. This is why they both work so well together, kinda like peanut butter and chocolate. Sex heightens the effect of marijuana and marijuana heightens the experience of sex and orgasm. How perfect a combination? One might beg the question, “why would people have sex WITHOUT marijuana” based on this information?

Culture magazine agrees and says the more marijuana the ‘more better’ the pleasure, as the Jamaicans would say.    (Feb 2015) . In fact Culture tells us, “Popularity is growing for sensual THC-rich products, which are known to heighten intensity of orgasms and more.” More and more women are using cannabis sexual lube. It acts as a vasodilator which increases blood flow. Research has found the bioavailability of sublingual, anal and vaginal use of marijuana to be 65% because of the direct absorption. The bioavailability of smoked, vaped or eaten marijuana is 10-27%.

Culture goes on to explain that Cannabis can enhance the sexual experience because of a heightened state of arousal caused by oxytocin which is stimulated when cannabis is consumed. Recent products in California and Colorado claim cannabis infused lube to be the female viagra or what some like to call, vajagra.

In short, high sex may have been around longer than mankind itself and the best weed strain for sex is your favorite weed strain. The strain that makes you feel like sharing your body and your mind is the one you want. Unless of course you are planning a hans solo move and just want some alone time and need a quick release. If a quick release is needed go with a sativa hybrid like sour diesel and save the indica for some couple time.

Sex while high on weed has been proven to be more better. The evidence is out there. Our bodies come equipped with cannabinoid receptors poised and ready for cannabis. What an extraordinary gift the universe has given us. And now that is available for every Tom, Dick and Harry with a driver’s license saying they are 21, it is a gift consenting adults can enjoy anytime, anywhere. Experts at SSL believe birth rates will spike and a potential high sex baby boom is in the making. We could all be in trouble come this November if protection is not taken, just saying to all sexually active stoner girls and boys of consenting age. We all know having sex while high on weed feels good, but if you don’t take precautions you could end up with a bundle of human joy in nine months. And, unfortunately, your days and nights of high sex will then be OVER. Point being, whether you are a seasoned stoner or a ‘recreational’ user weed and sex work sometimes better than originally intended.

Have you ever had sex when high? What do you think about stoned sex? Tell us about having sex while high in the comments below? Have you ever conceived children while high?

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Stoned and Stuff is a writer, project manager and mother of 2 boys living in California. She his a frequent contributor to SSL.

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