How CBD Oil Could Help With Your Blood Pressure

How CBD Oil Could Help With Your Blood PressureIf you are suffering from high blood pressure or a disturbed heart rate, CBD can get things back to normal (Journal of Clinical Investigation). This study has brought the 1970s, research back into the spotlight which also propagated similar capability of cannabis plants.

CBD Oil and Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a usual suspect in the United Sates where a third of adult population is suffering from hypertension. The condition is known for disturbing the cardiovascular system and blood vessels in particular.

It is highly surprising as well as alarming that the percentage of under-diagnosed patients is quite high (Journal of American Medical Association). You need to frequently visit the healthcare practitioner to get yourself checked for possible symptoms of cold stress, high blood pressure, mental stress, and systolic blood pressure.

Experts suggest that lifestyle matters a lot to define the level of blood pressure in your body. The factors, which contribute to high blood pressure are…

  • Stress
  • Tobacco (Smoking)
  • Alcohol
  • Physical inactivity

Cannabidiol oil is a potentially helpful, natural cure for this condition. In the past, marijuana’s effects on blood pressure were not propagated for various legal reasons. On the other hand, the THC stigma – being a psychoactive compound – kept the scientists from considering the brighter side. It led to the suppression of the cannabinoids, including CBD.

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How Can CBD Help Hypertension Treatment?

Continuous use of CBD oil reduces hypertension, and regulates the blood pressure by maintaining its level. In the past, the focus was on cannabis rather than CBD. Recent studies are more inclined towards finding the impact of CBD as a potentially helpful compound. Now, scientists believe that psychoactive property is not responsible for regulating the blood pressure. This is why, CBD – in absence of THC – can serve the cause.

Endocannabinoid system performs multiple functions and regulating blood pressure is one of these functions. The system also controls the working of emotions inside the body. And we already know that CBD helps this complex system to perform better.

According to an interesting study (University of Nottingham, England, June 2017) CBD is capable of lowering the resting systolic blood pressure by approximately 6mmHg. The results also supported CBD’s capability to regulate blood pressure, before and after a stressful condition. The study also tested CBD in cold conditions and the results once again justified CBD’s potential. The researchers further concluded that CBD can lower the risk of stroke. The conclusion of the study states

“CBD can reduce resting blood pressure, and regulates it in response to stress – especially cold stress and post-test periods – and secures the cardiovascular system from direct effects of exposure to stress”.

The focus on the relationship between CBD oil and blood pressure is much more than it has been ever before. Encouraging results are coming out with the passage of every year and we can anticipate CBO oil replacing various blood pressure medicines, which comes with their side effects.

CBD Oil Help Blood PressureStress and Blood Pressure

There is a close link between stress and blood pressure. If your body is able to control stress by releasing hormones, the blood pressure remains under control. If the body is suffering from different problems and hormones don’t work properly, or there is no proper secretion of hormones, your body is vulnerable to high blood pressure.

CBD can overcome stress by helping the endocannabinoid system and it also helps the body to deal with anxiety. Serotonin receptors work with cannabidiol and ensure more release of serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for balancing the mood. If it behaves irregularly, overcoming anxiety and depression becomes a tough ask for the body and the brain. Depression and prolonged anxiety are the results.

Proper Sleep Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Things are interlinked and strongly connected in endocannabinoid system. Serotonin helps proper sleep and minimizes sleep disorder. CBD, by helping serotonin, actually supports sleep system and addresses sleep disorder. Sleep disorder and depression are connected. If someone is suffering from sleep apnea, CBD can reduce the risk of hypertension by regulating the sleep cycle.

As CBD helps mood, it further leads to better utilization of energy level. Remember, physical inactivity is one of the major causes behind high blood pressure. Moreover, better energy level helps the body to perform better under stress.

Inflammation and BP – A Lethal Combination!

Inflammation is another threat for the patients suffering from high blood pressure. Women with (CRP) participated in a study. C – reactive protein is actually an inflammation marker. The results showed that these women are facing greater risk of a stroke or heart attack. The link between cardiac diseases and inflammation has already been a major point of discussion for medical experts. Professor Paul M. Ridker (Harvard Medical School) reveals in a news release…

“Blood pressure and CRP interaction increases the chances of worse cardiovascular outcomes. Blood pressure patients with low CRP, face lesser risk of cardiovascular outcomes as compared to those with high CRP level”.

It’s not clear whether high blood pressure can play a role in supporting inflammation. Does inflammation cause high blood pressure? The question is still under discussion. But one thing is clear that there is a strong link between the two and the combination can trigger lethal outcomes.

CBD features anti-inflammatory properties and this is what encourages the researchers to focus on CBD products. A study done on rats revealed that CBD reduced inflammation and chronic pain (Journal of Experimental Medicine).

CBD also has an impact on oxidative stress, hence preventing inflammation. Dr. Ananya Manda is of the view that oxidative stress is the result of an imbalanced production of free radicals in the body and the body finds it hard to detoxify the effects with the help of antioxidants.

Atherosclerosis is the result of oxidative stress. One major risk of oxidative stress is the increase in the chances of heart attack, heart failure, and disorder of blood vessels. It can further cause severe damage to organs. Even the therapeutic remedies often lead to complex consequences. Endocannabinoid system may have the potential to restore the natural balance and this is why CBD can play a vital role to control oxidative stress.

Can CBD Reduce Vascular Tension?

Some studies talk about CBD’s potential to reduce vascular tension by eliminating the risk of artery blockage. CBD lets the blood vessels relax and it has been demonstrated through a study on mice. CBD not only improves the flow of blood towards the brain, but it also minimizes the intensity of damage done by a stroke.

CBD oil does help controlling hypertension, but on the other hand, some cannabinoids are not as good as CBD. Studies reveal that certain cannabinoids increase the blood pressure for some time in particular, and possibly for long term.

Please, Note!  

If somebody uses THC, then the blood pressure may rise when reducing the intake. These are actually withdrawal symptoms. You need to visit your doctor and check your blood pressure frequently. CBD is different from THC. CBD is not addictive, it doesn’t carry psychoactive properties, it doesn’t take you on a “high” and most importantly, the World Health Organization considers CBD as “NOT DANGEROUS”.

CBD Oil Blood PressureBefore Using CBD Oil

Don’t hide anything from your doctor. If you are willing to try CBD oil in order to control your blood pressure, you need to first discuss it with your doctor. Talk openly about your intentions and let your doctor guide you because he/she is the best person in this regard.

Your doctor knows your condition better than anybody else in this world. Even the selection of the product is subject to doctor’s advice. There are scores of companies selling CBD online but you can’t trust anybody without proper information.

Things to Remember

  • Never make your decision based on price, especially when it comes to buying CBD oil
  • Look for high CBD content. There are companies which just use marginal amount of CBD just to get their product registered.
  • Don’t trust the advertisers promoting CBD as cure-all, because this is not true at all. Various aspects are still under discussion and the research has not concluded most of the things till now. Never follow the rumors. Yes, CBD oil is a promising thing, but don’t treat it as the ultimate Messiah.
  • Look for the THC concentration. CBD oil, generally, doesn’t contain THC, which is a good sign. THC takes you on a high and this is an addictive compound. More importantly, most of the countries don’t allow the possession and consumption of THC in any form.
  • Go through state laws because you need to follow the terms and conditions. Different states/countries treat CBD differently. It is your duty to check if a product is permissible in your region or not. Online advertisers are willing to sell anything to anybody. You need to see what’s right and what’s wrong.

Yes, scientists are hopeful about CBD oil and blood pressure treatment, and studies are showing encouraging results! Still, the best thing is to regularly visit your doctor, discuss everything and take his/her opinion before making any decision.

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