How Long Does Weed Stay In Your Hair

how long does weed stay in your hairThe hair test is not SSL

How long does weed stay in your hair for a hair test? Well the quick answer is going to suck. That’s because marijuana seems to cling to your hair a lot longer than it does to any other body part—from pee, to blood, to spit. Your hair doesn’t have a way to cleanse or purify itself like your body so weed just seems to stick in there forever.

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Unlike more traditional ones such as urine, blood and saliva tests, they cannot prove if an individual has used the drug recently. They are also more expensive than most other tests, which is why employers rarely use this form of drug testing.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to shave yourself bald to pass your next drug test. Plus the hair test is fairly uncommon because it’s really expensive. So don’t worry if you’ve got a job interview that requires hair follicle drug testing. We’ve got your covered. We’ll explain what works and what definitely doesn’t when it comes to fooling a marijuana hair test.

How long does marijuana stay in your hair

How long does weed stay in your hair? Well, you’re gonna be bummed. So let’s start with the stoners. We warned ya. How long odes weed stay in your hair if you smoke it ery day. Well weed’ll stay in your urine for a month or more if you’re a serious stoner. It’ll remain in blood for only a week after your last smoke session. And a saliva drug test? That only shows that you’ve smoked weed in the last day or so. But what about hair? How long does weed stay in your hair if you smoke weed all the time? Like we said—marijuana will stay in your hair forever.

Basically the stuff drug testers are testing for THC COOH, a metabolite of THC. This particular metabolite is created when the THC present in your blood passes through your liver. It’s then stored in your body’s fat cells. Just like losing weight losing those metabolites isn’t an easy feat—it involves exercise and dieting like any other detoxing program. Just so you know How long does weed stay in your hair for a drug test? The quick answer? FOREVER! But you can pass a hair test if you have the right product and directions.How long does weed stay in your hair for a drug test? The quick answer? FOREVER! But you can pass a hair test if you have the right product and directions.

Anyhow because the marijuana metabolites in your body actually bind to your hair structure if you’ve smoked weed a couple times in the last three months you’re most likely going to fail your hair drug test, man. Sure there are ways to pass a hair sample test (we’ll cover them below) but basically weed is going to stay in your hair forever if you’re a moderate to heavy user.

How long does weed stay In your hair if you’re new to this whole weed thing? Well if you just started smoking weed for the first time in your life—it’s probably going to take more than once before you’ll test positive. Anyhow for newbs it could take up to a week to ten days for the weed to show up in their hair. That’s why a hair drug test can’t determine whether or not you’ve got stoned recently. So you might dodge a bullet if you just started smoking weed.

However for the most of us—if you’ve smoked weed in the last three months it’s going to show in your hair. Why three months? Well that’s because hair drug testers only user about an inch and a half of your hair to detect drug use and it takes about three months for your hair to grow that inch and a half. That’s why three months is the standard answer when stoners ask how long does marijuana stay in your hair or how long does THC stay in your hair. Anyhow you should know that the longer your hair the longer back in time drug testers can detect drug use. So if you’ve been smoking weed for a long time and you’ve got some really long hair—well then your hair will definitely represent how long you’ve been down with the herb.

how long does weed stay in your body hairHair follicle testing body hair?

how long does weed stay in your hair on your body? Well hair drug testers can’t detect marijuana metabolites in even your body hair. So if you’re bald drug testers are going to use hair under or on your arms, chest, legs—even your beard—to determine if you’ve got drugs in your system. You know what hair drug testers won’t be using? Pubic hair.

Hair grows on your body at the same rate no matter where it’s located. What’s different about body hair as opposed to the hair that sprouts from your face and head is that body hair stops growing at a certain length. New hair then pushes the old hair out of place. Anyhow the moral of the story here is that body hair will rat out your pot—smoking just as fast as the hair in your head.

Hair test accuracy

The hair sample drug test is super accurate, dude. They can detect as little as a single nanograms per millilitre. When it comes to other tests like blood, saliva and pee they typically look for 20ng/ml to 50ng/ml. Major stoners aren’t going to hide the massive accumulation of THC metabolites in their hair, however newbs could get away with it.

The biggest flaw to the hair drug test is that it can’t detect current impairment. So you can rule out any sort of hair drug test if you’re caught on the job while on drugs. The hair drug test is basically administered to test you character—as in are you the type of person who likes to smoke weed?

how long does weed stay in your hairHow to pass a hair test

When it comes to how to pass hair drug test you basically have two choices. The first is the most obvious—shave. Drug testers can’t test what isn’t there, right? You’re going to want to first stop smoking weed. Second grab a pair of clippers and get rid of all that THC covered hair that’s covering your entire head and body. It’s all gotta go if you’re looking to score a job and the only thing standing between you and that paycheck is looking like an Olympic swimmer. Now all that new hair that grows back will be completely weed free as long as you stay weed free—you’re welcome.

Because those metabolites literally bong to your hair shaft regular shampoo isn’t going to remove it. Acidic substances like vinegar and lemon juice aren’t strong enough and harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach will do nothing but damage your hair, skin and body. Just image if you get some bleach all up in your eyes and go blind or something? No job is worth your eyesight, right?

However there are medical grade shampoos like Clear Choice’s Hair Follicle Shampoo that will remove all the marijuana metabolites from your hair without damaging it. We know the owners of the company and totally recommend it. There specially formulated detox shampoo contain a type of acid that won’t damage your hair or your scalp. They were first developed to do exactly what you’re hoping to do—remove drugs from hair. This was basically to help surgery patients or those who needed to remove prescriptions drug toxins from the body. Lucky for you—a HIGHLY effective, medical grade hair detoxification shampoo  is available from TestNegative. So if you shave off your body hair and use one of these things you’ll be fine.

One thing you should consider, however, is purchasing a home hair follicle drug test kits like Hair Confirm, or Psychemedics PDT90. That way you can treat your hair using one of these two methods and test to see if it worked. If it didn’t? Try washing your hair a few more times then test it again. Testing yourself before you actually get a hair drug test is the only way to really know if you’ll pass. Why leave shit up to chance? For more information check out our info packed posts on the topic: Beat a Hair Drug Test by DIY Detoxing and How to Pass a Hair Drug Test.

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