How Many Grams in an Eighth of Weed?

eighth of weed
How many grams are in an eighth? An eighth of weed weighs 3.5 grams.

How many grams in an eighth?

Learning how to buy weed has its challenges. Aside from all the crazy strain names like Green Crack, God’s Pussy or Trainwreck newbie stoners face a lot of confusing weed terms especially when it comes to measurement. Dime of weed, gram of weed, dub of weed, loud weed, etc. Loud weed? What the fuck is that? Basically really good weed. Thought we’d toss that in there to see if you were paying attention. Anyhow let’s decipher some weed terms and figure it all out so you don’t embarrass yourself buying weed.

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How many grams are in an eighth? An eighth of weed weighs 3.5 grams. So if you buy eight bags of weed all with an eighth of weed in ‘em (3.5 grams) you’ll have an ounce of weed. Well that’s what your dealer wants you to think.

How many grams are in an ounce of weed? Don’t say 28. That would be short. An ounce actually weighs 28.349523125 grams. It doesn’t matter if you’re weighing loud weed, or loud water melons when it comes down to it—an ounce of weed isn’t 28 grams. It’s more. In fact it’s .349 grams more.

gram of weed
A gram of weed will run you about $12 nowadays

How to buy weed for the 1st time

When it comes to buying weed you probably don’t want to come across as a newb. In a marijuana dispensary that might not be a bad thing. Patient bud tenders are there, getting paid, to explain the difference between an eighth of weed and a gram of weed. The get paid the same amount no matter how long you take to decide. But if you live in a place without dispensaries and you’re facing a dealer who ain’t got all damn day you might want to brush up on your weed terms—especially when it comes to measuring it out. That way you don’t get ripped off and your new dealer won’t think you’re a fool.

One reason learning how to buy weed is so confusing is that weed is bought and sold using both standard and metric units. That’s not right. You can pick up a gram of weed, but you don’t often buy weed in kilograms. If you’ve got a lot of weed it’s usually measured out in pounds. Confused. Don’t worry about it. We’ll break it down for ya.

How much does a gram of weed cost?

How much is a gram of weed? The price of a gram of weed depends on a lot of different variables. Where you’re buying it for starters. If it’s on the streets in a not-so-weed-friendly area, you’ll probably pay a premium for a gram of marijuana. If you’re looking to buy a gram of weed, particularly some loud and hella popular weed, something like the tasty Cherry Pie strain or the potent Pineapple Express strain at a recreational shop, in weed-saturated Colorado for instance, it’ll probably be a lot cheaper. Cheaper still if that loud weed is considered medical marijuana. That’s because medical pot isn’t taxed at the same exorbitant amount that commercial cannabis is tax. How much does a gram of weed cost in general? Depending on quality a gram of weed will run you anywhere between 10 to 15 bucks. To summarize: how much is a gram of weed? So on average 1 gram of weed cost about $12.

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somewhere between 35 and 60 bucks—depending on location and quality.
An eight of weed will run between 35 and 60 bucks—depending on location and quality

How much is an 8th of weed?

How much is an 8th of weed? Like as in price? Oh that depends on several things. Like we said above. Where you’re getting your eighth of weed, how good it is, etc. That loud weed, aka dank weed, costs a lot more than shitty weed. You get what you pay for, dude. Anyhow what’s a ballpark figure for an eighth of weed? Oh somewhere between 35 and 60 bucks—depending on location and quality.

How much is a dime of weed?

How much is a dime of weed? A dime of weed will set you back ten bucks. That’s it. No matter the weight a dime of weed is ten bucks. How much does a dime of weed weigh? That depends on where ya get it and the quality. See above. Typically a dime of weed, or a dime bag, will contain about a gram of weed. And a gram of weed is about enough for a single joint.

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loud weed
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What’s a dub of weed?

Rather than being about weight, like a dime of weed, a dub of weed is also named after the amount of money it costs to buy it. So a dub of weed, or a double dime of weed, is twenty bucks. Again a dub of weed is not about weight. It’s about price. How much does a dub of weed weigh? Depending on the quality you’ll find much more than a gram of weed in a dub sack—hopefully closer to 2 or 3 grams. Enough to roll at least a couple joints.

How many joints are in an ounce of weed?

Just for fun. How many joints are in an ounce of weed? Let’s say the average joint is the size of a cigarette—for sake of making shit easy. Sure you’ve seen Chong roll a joint from a pound of weed if not more, but let’s just agree a joint and cigarette weight the same amount. According to Google one cigarette weighs about 0.7 grams. That works out to roughly 40.49929 cigarettes per ounce. So we can safely say that you can roll about 40 joints with an ounce of weed.

Now how much will that cost? Meh. Who cares? Let’s go smoke a bowl…

34 Responses to “How Many Grams in an Eighth of Weed?”

  1. Rebecca

    I live in “weed saturated Colorado” and it’s amazing. The dispensaries are generally clumped together in areas that welcome the business. Generally you either live near half a dozen shops or nowhere near any shops.
    If you’re still reading because you play with the idea of moving here for the quality of life legal marijuana can buy you should know you still get tested for pot to get and keep most jobs.
    Living here is like living in a world where things really are the way they should be. Colorado isn’t perfect, but it’s enlightened and as beautiful as people say.

  2. Dave

    I bought 10 grams for like $100 is that a fair deal? it’s not top shelf chronic but is quite stronger than reggie.

  3. Dave

    .. oh and i bought it from a friend not a dispensery

  4. roberto flores

    an eight is a 50 in da streets u can get 3.5 if u wana get ripped of dumasses

  5. Austin

    Roberto ur wrong ive bought eigths its 3.5 and ive biught them in “the streets”

  6. Kaitlyn

    I got an ounce for 70 and that’d pretty great cause the quality was amazing.

  7. daniel b

    can i get that O for 70?

  8. Erika

    When I buy 8ths it be 6 to 7 grams

  9. Erika

    For The $40 at that

  10. Pamela

    Yikes, I get 5g. For $40 of some homegrown deliciousness

  11. Tom

    To commenters above, if your getting something like 6-7 grams or 5g like the other person said then your not getting an eighth. 8th is a mathematical term, stands for 1/8 of an ounce obviously. So if when u ask for an eighth u should be getting 3.5 grams. Some dealers are generous & push it up to like 3.75 or something, but anything more & it’s not an eighth. At that point your just buying how ever many grams your getting for whatever price your paying. At $40 for 6-7 grams it’s obviously can’t be top shelf. U can’t get top shelf at that price even in weed saturated states. Unless your buying weight, like a pound or something. Then the discount u get for buying so much might make it somewhere around $5 a gram, which would get u 6-7 grams for $40

  12. Tom

    Or technically if your getting 6-7 grams for $40, it’s closer to your getting a quarter for $40 (obviously if it is 7g’s the. U are getting a quarter). But yeah, not an eighth

  13. Grayson Elder

    $50 is the most anyone should pay for an eight , and that would be in a state where it still criminalized.

  14. Nick

    I’m in Massachusetts and I buy top of the line shit that’s from a guy that grows it not legally I guess but I get like 3 grams for like 40$ a gram around here usually runs in between 10-15 dollars or if someone is trying to rip you off they charge 20 dollars but I wouldn’t pay 20 for a g an eighth is like 45 to 50 dollars but we don’t really use terms like that around here we usually just ask for like a 40 bag or a 60 bag we usually just see what money we have like say I had 100 dollars I would just ask for a 100 bag so ya that’s how we measure weed in Massachusetts we measure it by the amount of money I guess

  15. Michelle

    So I’m new to this. How many joints should I be able to get from an eighth of weed?

  16. Madmatt

    Shit i get an ounce for 70

  17. Ashley

    Everyone saying they get this and that like dude said an eighth of good quality runs any from $50-60 all depends on what ur getting old g, afcan lush, some sour d then yea ur gana pay if ur getting 6-7 gs for $40-50 bucks then ur getting what u pay for which typically isn’t going b good quality so like dude said if you want an eighth of crib you going to pay 50 to 60 which is worth it if it’s good

  18. Rob

    From what I understand it’s $10 a gram. That’s how I look at it because it used to be $5 a month which is $5 a gram but now since loud and all this other shit that came out I just go by the highest price of the most regular you know price for weed and generally what everybody is trying to claim that we did anyway so $10 a gram and 48th which is 3.5 grams it should it should be 35 to 40 bucks now once it becomes a better grade once it gets to that age some dealers do change and take the price of a bit but it’s really no higher than 5060 bucks

  19. Adrian

    I just bought an oz of bubblegum for $260(from a dispensary in L.A. I know i paid full retail price but i reckon ill make about $200 profit off it. Gosh you gotta love weed.

  20. Rober Flores is a poser

    We just said an 8th is 3.5g
    I have a scale and know the grower, and I get my from da streets too and I’ve never seen an 8th cost 50. Unless your a dumbass pooossaaayy

  21. jakes are watching!!

    Dude I am in the shitty of the shitty and that would be nj I pay for top of the line shit. girl cookies and official shit for 35 to 40 an 8th. where I go in ny it would be much more or depending who you know. if you pay 50 to or above your getting ripped. lol specially in places it is legal or more around from legal bud. you get 70 j’s from an ounce your getting ripped.

  22. Robchop

    Anyone help me out find some bud? I’m in new haven

  23. Dominique BOWENS

    I usually buy a 3.5 for $40 and it’s good shit.

  24. Anonymous

    I get $50-$60 for 1/2 Oz 14+grams.
    In Fresno Ca. Medium Quality.

  25. Pimp daddy

    I’m from Chicago a 5 of kush .5 a 20 is a gram an 8th is 3.5 45 to 60 bucks all depending on the quality and if you let yourself get got.k

  26. Jay

    I just paid $35 for an 8th of Og is that good Las Vegas

  27. Babygirl

    I just got an eight of blue dream for 30 bucks straight up in cali baby

  28. BamaBoi

    Come down here I got you a 3.5 fa 50 all day long……No more no less.

  29. BamaBoi

    And it’s gonna be what you want.

  30. Bob

    Looking for oz of blue dream in SAN Antonio TX.
    Who can help?

  31. Jakes a jew

    Where im from, people sling dubs for a gram at 20, and dimes, which noone really buys, for 10 at half a gram.

  32. Mindset

    I’m getting good good shit in Pennsylvania $9 a gram and I’m talking GOOD GOOD not that usual PA garbage.

  33. Ray

    40 for an eighth is what goes for in florida which it passed here we are still waiting for everyone get there shit straight with that…

  34. Dusty

    Right now I can get you a pound of your choice for $1200

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