How To Blow Smoke Rings – A Step-by-Step Guide

Here's how to blow smoke rings step one.

So you want to know how to blow smoke rings, eh? Well depending on who you ask learning how to blow smoke rings is either a piece of cake or difficult AF. It’s not rocket surgery but those stoners who are really good at producing the perfect smoke ring, you know the kind that gracefully dances across a room, seem to also do this stuff as performance art. Watching these talented folks blowing smoke rings after hitting a hookah is like full on entertainment—certainly a lot more entertaining than watching something like baseball. Instagram and YouTube are full of awesome smoke rings and videos on how to create them. So we watched way to many that we’d like to admit. And did some research to put together this information-packed, expertly processed, step-by-step guide on how to blow o’s below. You’re welcome and good luck.

Like we said smoke rings, vape rings or O’s are as much fun to look at as they are fun to create. Well they’re actually more fun to create—especially when using weed smoke to create them. Yep, there’s nothing more gratifying than taking a huge bong hit then blowing out a bunch of big phat pillowy smoke rings that impress your stoned buds.

Before we get all hot and heavy into this awesome practice let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The term blowing smoke rings is really misleading. That’s because you’re not really blowing ‘em at all. It’s really kind of the opposite. You’re popping smoke rings right out of your throat, actually. So clear your mind of blowing. And also before we get into explaining exactly how to blow smoke rings let’s first talk a little bit about where you should blow your smoke rings. Just like in selling highly-expensive real estate—location is everything when it comes to blowing smoke rings like a champ.

Think about all the impressive smoke rings videos you’ve seen on Youtube or Instagram over the years. Or think about the last time you watched a friend nail a really nice one right in front of you.  Were these people blowing these things in a wide open field? Were they in the streets of San Francisco on a windy day? No, dude. Of course not. Successful smoke rings are if not always created indoors they’re made without any wind or air disturbance of any kind. That’s because wind, or a fan, or any air movement is going to screw up your precious smoke rings.

Not only will wind blow the thing all to hell it could also change the temperature of the smoke. Both of these things, changing direction and temperature, are bad when it comes to creating fat ass smoke rings. You’ll notice that really expert smoke ring blowers will use their hands to push and pull smoke rings like magic—this can’t be done anywhere but a room full of still air. So avoid a light summer breeze or any room with airflow when pulling off this popular parlor trick if possible.

Here's a lesson in how to blow o's.

Along with the right setting you’ll also need the right smoke. The more dense the smoke the better. Light, delicate, airy smoke isn’t very good for producing big billowing o’s. A light vapor makes it difficult to not only form a ring but also keep it together once it’s formed and out there floating in the ether. So a blunt would be better than a joint when it comes to creating an impressive smoke ring. A vaporizer works well for producing thick vapor that’s dense enough to create impressive smoke rings. So if you’ve got one go right ahead and utilize it.

The circular ring shape of smoke is basically created with your lips and your tongue. Your mouth is what forms the perimeter of the smoke disk and it’s your tongue that makes the hollow part of the circle. For some reason donuts just came to mind. Mmmm. Anyhow like learning the guitar, or ballet, or how to gut a fish with a pocket knife practice makes perfect. You’re not going to learn how to blow smoke rings by just reading about them online. Imagine if you could just read a book and automagically learn how to swim? Well that type of shit just doesn’t happen. So if you want learn how to blow smoke rings you’ll have to practice your technique. And may we suggest practicing learning how to blow smoke rings with weed? It’s good for your health and lots of fun.

How to blow smoke rings step-by-step

  1. First you’ll want to take a big hit. Inhale the smoke into your throat, not into your lungs or just in your mouth. This could take some practice because it’s not the technique you’d employ while enjoying weed, but since it’s weed, practicing with it is pure enjoyment. Make sure that you have enough air in your lungs to pop out the smoke rings and enough smoke, or vapor if you prefer vaping, to form the smoke rings themselves.
  2. Open your mouth slowly so that you don’t move the air unnecessary and accidentally disturb the smoke. Form a wide and lose O with your mouth. Also form your lips into a large O shape as well. The bigger the O the better—you can’t blow bomb-ass smoke rings by making squishy fishy or kissy faces. You’ve got to get that jaw open wide. But don’t break your jaw though. Stay comfortable. After all this is a cannabis trick—don’t stress out, man, leave some room for movement. You may look a bit goofy at this point but in just a second as you puff out an impressive ring of smoke you’ll be looking pretty cool. Next stick out your lips a bit sort of like you are going to say “booooty”. As you’re doing this you’ll want to keep your tongue flat against the bottom of your mouth and towards the back of your throat.
  3. Curl the tip of your tongue down as you pull it far back into your mouth. Push a small amount of smoke out of your throat and cradle it with your tongue then pop it out of your mouth quickly. Think of this technique as like a quick cough or quick sigh or like making a very fast and choppy choking sound. You’re trying to pop out a small bit of smoke with short quick bursts. The ring should come from your throat and not your lungs. Think of a sharp, percussive motion from deep within your diaphragm. It’s a motion a lot like whacking a drum rather than a full continuous streaming exhale. The best description we can give you is like you’re making a choking, guttural sound, kind of like gargling, to pop out the air and smoke. You’re not using your vocal cords rather just bursting out a bit of air using your lower throat area. Also try not to move your jaw or your lips as you’re doing this because that could disrupt the O formation and change the smoke trajectory. Once you master this part of the technique you’re basically there, dude. So keep practicing.

As you get more comfortable performing this pot parlour trick you can improve the look of your smoke rings by curling your lips just as they’re leaving your mouth. The more your curl them and the faster your do it the father and faster the smoke rings will travel upon exhale. Below we’ll talk about how you can use this technique to great benefit. However keep in mind that the timing of lip curling is crucial as curling your lips too soon will restrict the smoke ring and keep it from expanding to its fullest potential. That would be a shame. As you get better you can start moving that jaw and those lips to add some extra tricks to your smoke ring trickery as we’ll cover below. But first let’s talk about other, more simpler ways to blow smoke rings if you’re still having trouble with ‘em.

How to Make Smoke Rings Easy Method 1

If you’ve tried all the steps above and completely failed don’t worry, man. You’re not doomed. Not all hope is lost. We can still teach you how to blow smoke rings. There’s a nearly fool-proof method that involves using your finger to tap the side of your mouth rather than using your throat to pop ‘em out. Some people call this cheating but that’s kind of ridiculous because in the end you’re still creating an impressive smoke ring. You may or may not have already seen this technique employed on the interwebs or at a party. You don’t need a whole lot of practice with this one. We’ve seen a few people pull off this method on their first few tries.

Just like in the lesson above you’ll want to open your jaw and mouth really wide and form that O shape with your mouth and lips after you’ve taken a really big hit of weed. The weed smoke doesn’t need to go into your lungs just into your mouth. Now start by gently, slowly and steadily pushing the smoke towards your lips with your tongue using short breaths. As you’re doing this tap or flick your cheek to pop out the smoke ring. The more taps you employ the more rings you’ll deliver.

Once you’ve mastered this technique, which is great for learning how to shape your mouth and lips and use your jaw, you’re ready to move on to the steps above. Once you’ve mastered all these steps it’s time to up your game and learn some advanced smoke ring blowing techniques. But first we’ve got one more quick and easy lesson on how to blow o’s

Here's the final step in learning how to make smoke rings.

Smoke Rings Easy Method 2

Another easy way to blow smoke rings is to employ what’s called the tongue-push method. This one, like the method above, is for those who have yet to master pushing the smoke rings out from the throat. With this technique you’re basically just using your tongue to push the smoke ring right out of your mouth. Smoke rings are easy to make using this method but they aren’t super large.

Start by making an upside down “U” shape with your tongue. Basically curl it back towards your throat while letting the tip rest on the bottom of your mouth. Next, using the flat surface of your tongue you’ll want to quickly pop the smoke rings out of your mouth by dragging the tip of your tongue across the bottom of your mouth. You’ll want to keep that upside down “U” intact as your doing this. Pretty easty, right? Now if you’re daring it’s time to talk about more advance smoke ring blowing techniques.

Tips to Blowing Smoke Rings

Increase smoke rings speed and distance
If you want to increase the speed and distance of your smoke rings you’ll need to learn how to quickly push the smoke out of your mouth using your tongue along with a rapid jut of your jaw. You’ll basically angle your jaw just slightly upward and forward and while making a slight jutting motion pop out the smoke ring. Learning this technique takes time as does mastering it. The trick is in the jaw and getting the timing right with your tongue and jaw movements. However once you have it all down you’ll be able to blow huge rings that travel all the way across a room drifting elegantly undisturbed impressing the hell out of everyone.

Add a backspin to the smoke rings
Instead of pushing your jaw forward for this cool technique you’ll want to push your jaw upwards. This will add the backspin to the smoke ring while also helping keep it together. As you feel the smoke moving beyond your lips push your tongue forward and make a sudden upward jutting motion with your jaw right as the smoke is leaving your mouth. You’ll want to keep your tongue at the bottom of your mouth but use its broad middle section to move the smoke out of your mouth (like a conveyor belt) and then bring up your lower jaw slightly but rapidly. Now while curling your lips inward slightly but rapidly.pop out the smoke and add the backspin.

How are smoke rings created

We’re not trying to confuse the typical stoner looking to learn how to simply blow smoke rings with complex talk about “vortices” and “fluid dynamics,” but we thought we’d add a few things about how they’re created since we did all the research and everything.

Now keep in mind that weed smoke is a collection of tiny solid, liquid, and gas particles. So according to the site inverse when someone blows a smoke ring, “they’re creating a central point of pressure that moves forward, pushing the denser visible parts of the smoke outward to form the circle. Momentum continues to pull everything forward until other air interrupts the flow or the temperature of the smoke moves close enough to room temperature that the ring itself dissolves.”

Anyhow that’s basically how to do smoke rings that’ll impress the masses or at least your stoned friends. Now grab yourself a bag of weed and your favorite piece of paraphernalia and get to practicing if you want to become a smoke ring champ. Also if you’ve got a special technique or feel like we missed something about how to blow rings of smoke then please by all means leave us a comment in the comment section below.

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