How to Smoke Weed Properly

Here's how to smoke weed properly. Step one—inhale smoke into your mouth.

How to smoke weed properly is probably something you’ve never considered, right? It’s not like when you first started smoking the herb someone sat down with you and taught you exactly how to inhale weed. It’s important though. It’s not only important to learn how to inhale smoke the right way so that you enjoy smoking but so that you make the most out of your weed. Weed’s expensive, man. And you want to make sure that when you set it on fire that you’re getting the most bang for your buck. So sit get out your weed and get rolling because we’re going to teach you how to smoke a blunt and get the most out of each and every puff.

How to properly inhale weed

There are quite a few different ways that you can smoke weed. So we’ll begin by teaching you all how to inhale weed in general. There are two techniques to consider when taking a hit. The fist is drawing smoke into your mouth. Think about how you’d hit a cigar. You take a few puffs and fill your mouth with the smoke. The second technique is drawing the smoke into your lungs. Sure the smoke will enter your mouth first but it’s not going to stick around there for any length of time—it’s going straight down into your lungs. Now certain methods of smoking involve one or both of these techniques.

Here's how to hit a blunt or joint—step 2.

How to hit a blunt or joint

If you’re smoking a joint, spliff, or blunt you’ll want to employ the first technique above—draw the smoke into your mouth. Again think about how you’d hit a cigar. Puff using your cheeks mainly. This is how to hit a blunt. It’s also how to smoke a joint properly so that it keeps everything burning smooth and evenly. Holding the smoke in your mouth briefly will allow you to better taste it and gauge its flavor profile. It will also allow the smoke to cool slightly. The cooler the smoke the better it is on your lungs, mouth and rest of your body. But we don’t mean hold the smoke all in there for a half hour and shit. Just take a puff and maintain it in there briefly enough to get a nice taste of it.

Next open your mouth and take a nice, deep breath of fresh air pulling the smoke deep into your lungs. That mixture of smoke and fresh air will lead to a smoother, more full and flavorful hit it

How to smoke weed out of a bowl

How to hit a pipe

How do you smoke a pipe? Glad you asked, man. If you’re smoking a pipe without a carb, aka a small hole that allows fresh air, you’ll want to inhale the smoke similarly to how you would hit a blunt. This technique works well for tools like chillum and one hitters.

Now if you’re smoking a pipe that has a carb aka a bowl you’ll want to take a hit and inhale the smoke straight into your lungs. As you’re doing this you can release the carb. This will allow fresh air into the piece helping the smoke enter your lungs as well as a nice mixture of fresh air. This again will help reduce the temperature of the smoke as well as add clean air to the mix. Clean air will result in a better tasting, smoother hit and will also keep irritation and coughing to a minimum. Sure you can use the puff into the mouth technique with a bowl that sports a carb. This will help you taste the weed but you won’t be able to get a really big deep hit as if you could taking it all into your lungs.

This technique of drawing the smoke straight into your lungs also works for smoking out of a bong. You’ll want to fire up the bowl and take a large deep breath straight into your lungs. Release the carb next and continue to inhale the smoke and fresh air mixture. When it comes to a bong we wouldn’t recommend employing the “hold it in your mouth” technique. Bong are commonly large and typically deliver a big hit so you might not get that by just trying to puff a little smoke into your mouth. But don’t let us stop you from experimenting.

How to smoke weed step 3

How long to hold your hit

Learning how to smoke properly also touches on how long to hold in your hit. We’ve smoke bowls with people who tell you that you’ve got to hold the smoke in as long as you can. There’s another lame adage for this one, “you’ve got to let the smoke work”.

We’re talking about smoking weed here, not DMT. If you’re smoking something like DMT—yes, you’ll want to keep the smoke in your lungs for about ten seconds or longer if you can. But when it comes to weed you’ll get it’s full effect almost as fast as it enters your lungs. According to webMD full THC absorption occurs “within milliseconds” after inhalation. That means abortion and it’s affects are virtually instantaneous while smoking.

So we’d say don’t hold smoke in your lungs for more than a second or two. You’ll get the weed’s full benefit and you won’t be keeping in hot smoke any longer than necessary. Depriving the brain of oxygen isn’t a good idea nor is holding in any toxins or burning matter which could be considered carcinogenic anyhow.

When you inhale weed smoke cannabinoids like THC, CBD and CBN enter the mouth pass the throat and then on into the lungs. There small air sacs called alveoli transfer the cannabinoids immediately to the bloodstream through the heart and then onto the brain. However you’ll start to feel the weed effects once THC is absorbed into the lungs. You won’t feel much while the smoke is in your mouth and throat.

Here's how to smoke weed step 4


When smoking you’ll want to pull the smoke into your mouth and deep into your lungs. You don’t want to overfill your lungs because what smokes doesn’t get there is going to be wasted. Like we said, to feel the effects of weed that weed smoke has to hit your lungs. If it stays in your mouth or throat only it’s not really going to do much. So take a slow smooth inhale and try pulling that smoke into your lungs. Once you feel it hit your lungs begin to inhale some fresh air.

A good ratio might be two parts of smoke to one hit of fresh-air. Taking a deep hit in this way will not only allow the smoke to hit your lungs it’ll also mix it with cool fresh air that should reduce irritation and coughing. This goes for smoking joints and blunts as well as bowls and bongs.

How do you smoke a joint? Have any special techniques when it comes to chonging ona blunt or hitting a fat bowl or bong? Give us your thoughts on how to inhale weed properly in the comments section below.

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