How to Clean Dab Rig 101 Keep Your Dab Rigs, e nail, Heady Glass Shiny

cleaning dab rig 101How to clean dab rig 101

Wanna know how to clean a dab rig? Of course you do and you came to the right place. For every name brand dab bong or heady glass dab rig cleaner, there’s a just as effective, under the counter solution. See what I did there? Of course you did, because you’re all super smart stoners who can appreciate a little jokey joke every now and again.

Show of hands, who here likes to dab marijuana? Sure that’s silly, because you don’t dab marijuana hopefully. You dab the cannabinoid extract that comes from putting marijuana through some sort of closed loop (Hopefully) hydrocarbon extraction or something similar. There’s so much wax buildup in these wax rigs. Someone should make a business out of getting all the dabs back out of that shit.

But for real, I’ve been at some spots smoking out of a dab bong and dabbing out of a heady glass oil rig, and have actually had to be like whoa bruh. You need to clean that shizz. If you have more relcaim in your dab rig than dabs in your head stash, it might be time to check yourself before some nasty parasite wrecks yourself, and the selves of your friends. Concentrate you guys, on these concentrate rigs and keeping them somewhat clean.

Dirty dab rigs suck

Granted, a flower bong that hasn’t been cleaned, in my opinion, is so much worse than a dab rig that has some stale ass water in it. Although that will also depend on what has been dabbed out of said rig. If there’s some nasty poop soup going down hot, then that water isn’t going to taste nearly as nice as the water in one of my rigs. That’s right, people come from miles around to sample the water in my rigs, because the dabs I dab are that loud.

So how do you clean a dab rig? More importantly than simply telling you how to clean a dab rig, I’m going to give you the knowledge to allow you to free yourself from cleaning a dab rig all the time. The key to this trick? Have multiple dab rigs. You really only need two in order to make this work properly. But if you only have one oil rig or oil rig bong, you’ll still be thankful to receive this gift of knowledge.

how to clean a rigRecliam oil rig oil

Wanna know how to clean dab rig and come out with more hash oil? In a perfect world, we all have a recycler rig or wax rig for each day of the week. That way we’re never using any one dab rig all the time. The reclaim builds up the more you dab out of an oil rig glass piece. You’ll notice the wax rig likes to build up reclaim at the cold spots. This is because the cannabinoids and whatever else happens to be in your dab generally like to recondense at colder temperatures.

Not cold like in your freezer, although that certainly will do the trick. I’m talking about anything colder than the nail itself. Let’s say you’re taking a perfectly timed dab on a nail that’s around 600 degrees F. That means the further away from the nail you go, the lower the temperature will be. Once you get to around 190 F and lower, the cannabinoids will start to recondense. The bigger the glob, the more reclaim will inevitably build up in your rig. I always get a ton of reclaim build up in my e nail recycler rig. An e nail, if you didn’t know, stands for electric nail, which I’ve reviewed here and here if you are curious. There’s nothing like waking up in the morning, turning on the tunes and taking a big fat enail dab out of a heady ass clean rig.

Healthy heady glass is SSL

Depending on your dab rig, using a heat gun to melt the reclaim out might be a better way than sitting there and letting it soak in Isopropyl alcohol overnight. When you heat reclaim, or any dab extract for that matter, the viscosity will become lower, thus allowing it to flow more freely.

You can do this without hurting your heady glass oil rig and get the majority of the reclaim out. The rest, assuming you can reach it, can be gently swabbed out with a qtip. Once you have the majority of the large chunks of reclaim out of there, letting the Isopropyl alcohol do it’s thing will be much less painful.

If you don’t want to use a heat gun, then just letting the rig soak in Isopropyl alcohol will eventually do the trick. Just make sure you are using 99% isopropyl alcohol. The less water in it, the better, plus you can save all that alcohol oil mixture, evaporate the alcohol out of it, and do something fun all the reclaim you got from your reclaim.

How to clean dab rig 101How to Clean Dab 101 is done…

Keep one of your oil rigs in use, while one is soaking, and you shouldn’t ever have to bother with brand name cleaners again. If you have some super nasty reclaim that just doesn’t want to come out with a soak, you can try warming up the alcohol. Just be careful how you go about doing this if you insist on using warm alcohol, because as we all know, alcohol tends to be flammable.

Salt will add some grit to the cleaning solution, although some people say it leaves a white residue behind in the rig. Probably not the best choice for a super heady recycler rig or something, but for most daily drivers it should be fine. Keep up on it and you shouldn’t have a problem. Dab on dabbers!

Speaking of dabber, if you want a quick way to clean your glass dabber, simply heat it up and wipe it clean. Although you can also use alcohol for this too. Those little alcohol pads work wonders for cleaning a nice glass dabber.

By Mat Lee

We hate dirty dab rigs almost as much as we hate Coldplay and cold sake so tell us your best kept secrets on how to clean dab rig in the comments section below.

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