710 Life eNail Review Is It Stuff Stoners Like

710 Life ENail710 Life eNail Review

Recently, the fine people over at 420 Life sent me their 710 Life ENail to review. I have to say, the last time I reviewed an enail was back in August of 2015. I’ve been using the LIT E-nail ever since, but does the 710 Life eNail keep up?

Right off the bat, I like the price point. It’s not as low as the Enails on High Five Vape, but not quite as expensive as the LIT E-nail. I also like the slim form factor, and the nicely wrapped, flat cord for the coil. The 710 Life ENail boasts a 3 times faster heating speed than any other brand. That has me curious, so you know I had to put it to the test.

Let’s keep in mind that my other enail is two years old at this point, so I wasn’t really expecting it to keep up, but it’s good to know that the 710 Life enail gets up to temp in a couple minutes. I would be curious if enails from other companies that were made in the same year as this one get beat just as bad. The 710 Life was able to get the nail up to temp, and I was able to take my dab before the other enail was at 650. Impressive.

710 Life ENail by 420Life.com

They also say on the 420Life.com site that this e-nail is the only AC powered enail one to have a fuse, just in case something happens to the coil or the cord. Personally, after watching a couple of cords smoke and try to catch fire from one particular brand of enail which will remain nameless, the fuse is a fantastic idea. Whether or not 710 Life is the only one to do it, I cannot say for certain, although it doesn’t look like my other enail has the fuse. In it’s defense, as I said, it is a couple of years older.

710 Life ENail

Out of the box the 710 Life enail was set to 710 degrees F. That’s a bit hotter than I like to dab at, especially if I’m dabbing distillate. So I always turn my e-nails down to 650 degrees F. To set the temperature on the 710 Life ENail, simply use the arrow buttons on the temperature control keypad. Once you have your desired temperature set, the numbers on screen will continue to flash for a few seconds. Then the temperature will start to make it’s way toward your setting. That’s it, no other buttons or anything to mess with.

Heating the 710 Life ENail

The enail can function from 50 degrees F to 1200 degrees F. Although they say on the 420life.com site that the coil max temp is 1000 degrees F. All way hotter than you would need to have this set to for a nice dab. Although I have heard that some people like to use that higher max temp as a cleaning cycle for their nail. I’m not a fan of doing this. But if you don’t mind seeing your coil get red hot, it could be a good way to breath a little new, albeit short lived life, from that old crusty quartz.

710 Life ENail

The 710 Life ENail comes with a male / female multiple size grade 2 titanium nail. These are definitely good if you don’t have a nail for your e-nail already, but when people put TI nails in their handmade heady glass rigs, it always makes me nervous. So I opt for the quartz equivalent, at least until the price comes down on the JRed Diamond Knot enail, or I win some sort of coolest stoner of the year award that pays a grip of cash.

For now, I use the affordably priced, and totally awesome quartz enail. You can get a domeless style like the one I have in the video on the 420 Life site for around 35 bucks. For those of you who like the banger style more, they also have an enail banger for the same price. As they say on the site, “Once you upgrade to quartz, you’ll never go back.” That usually holds true, although I have a couple of friends who are die hard titanium fanboys. Don’t we all?

710 Life ENail

Dialing in the enail

While I didn’t get one to review, if it’s the same high quality as the coils they sell, the five foot heater coil extension looks like some handy stuff stoners like. How many times have you been at a spot setting up your e-nail, and needed an extra few feet on the cord? I know I have.

I did notice that unlike my older enail, the 710 Life enail temperature controller doesn’t raise the temperature above what it’s set at. The other one does this under the assumption that even though the coil might be registering 650 degrees F, the nail itself is actually a bit cooler. So it will raise the temperature to like 670 or 680 depending on what material it’s set for. This doesn’t matter once the enail has been on for a while. When I took a dab as soon as the 710 Life said 650, it was definitely hot enough to work. It’s just something I thought I would point out.

Titanium v quartz

I should also say that the LIT is set for titanium, and I’ve been using quartz with it. If you change the settings to a different material, you can really mess up some junk. This also voids the warranty. Not that mine is still covered, but again, just something I thought I would mention.

710 Life ENail

I like how they include rubber feet. This is so you don’t scratch up whatever furniture the enail happens to be sitting on. It also adds another level of grounding to the system, since rubber is a nice insulator. The 150 watt heating element is a nice touch, as is the durable, kevlar sheathed cable. One of the big nerdy things I like about this enail, is that the power cord isn’t attached. They use a desktop computer style power cord. This means that it’s more durable, and unlike some other models. If something happens to the cord, you won’t have to mess around with soldering anything. You can just grab a cord from an old computer, and chances are that will do the trick.

710 Life ENail Overall

Overall, I really like the 710 Life ENail. If you are in the market for one, I definitely recommend it as a good option. They even have some built into Pelican cases, in case you don’t feel like trying to take apart one of their enails and cut slots into your own peli. This is definitely a go to option for the dapper dabber on the go. A peli that has an enail built into it, that also fits a rig, nail, carb cap, and dabber. Clutch? I believe that’s what the younger generation calls it. Savage? Yep, it’s that to. Brutal? Sure. But if you ask me, the 710 Life enail is pure stuff stoners like.

By Mat Lee

Have you tried the 710 Life enail or any product from the 420life brand? Let us know what you thought in the comments section below, man…

5 Responses to “710 Life eNail Review Is It Stuff Stoners Like”

  1. Janice

    i just got mine 2 weeks ago, thanks to this article and a few others that basically said 710 Life is the best……. got mine on 4/20 and lets just say…. it totally changed my view on dabbing. i dont feel like a dope fiend anymore. i feel like a civil person taking a vape break! it so simple a moron could easily take a low temp dab with this unit. i didnt know how to put the coil on the nail and i called at 7:37 pm some girl named Amy stepped my through nail disassembly and how to connect the coil to the nail. it did come with great instructions but i lose focus so fast due to my ADHD. they had no problem helping me, they were patient and treated great!

  2. Mat

    that’s super awesome to hear, I always like it when you guys and girls have the same good experience as I do with a device.

  3. Mob Dole

    I’ve had my 710 life enail for a year and a half. The rubber feet are gone. And the clip that holds the cord in is broken. But stuck closed so thats not too bad. When i purchased the 5ft extension, i had to take the box apart to release the cord. Again no biggie. I was amazed at the clean solders and overall condition. Very little dust had accumulated after a year. I rock this thing everyday like a coffee pot. It rarely gets turned off. Temps set between 650-680 depending on what I’m vaping. Quartz banger. Best bang for your buck. 10/10 would purchase again.

  4. Bob Loblaw

    I picked one up about half a year ago and it’s still going strong; you can’t really use it in a windy spot though if you want a stable temperature. I usually have mine set to 550 (-/+50 depending on mood) via the domeless quartz, 500 is great for live resin sauce – some amazing flavours down there

  5. Former Customer

    They accused me of being a liar after they sent me broken or the wrong replacement items 3 times and then wanted me to pay to ship them back because the owner of the company said he wanted to see them with his own eyes calling me a liar after I took pictures and and emailed them right after I opened them from the post office, and the owner of the company Micahel Lombardi made fun of me saying if you don’t have 5 dollars to ship them back you shouldn’t be making a 400 dollar order, what owner of a company says that to its customers when it was the company’s mistake numerous times, worst customer service in the industry only because of the owner Michael Lombardi.

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